Arrow S05E21 “Honor Thy Father” Review

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“Honor Thy Father”

Warning Contains Spoilers

This was a jam packed episode that was welcomed after last week’s lackluster hour. Family drama comes to the forefront this week, and we find out that the Queen family has even more secrets.

The episode begins with Oliver receiving a body encased in concrete at the mayor’s office. Immediately Oliver knows it was Adrian Chase (I mean of course it is, Oliver). Quentin and Dinah are tasked with finding out who killed him. That’s when Robert Queen, Oliver’s father, comes up as a suspect. It was exciting to hear his name again, since everything driving Prometheus is about fathers. What better way to continue to brake Oliver than bring up his own daddy issues? He wants the city to know that Oliver isn’t the man they think he is, so Adrian makes it public about Robert’s involvement in the murder.

This whole series has been about Oliver living for his father; trying to be better, so that his father didn’t sacrifice himself for nothing. No matter what Oliver does, his past comes back to haunt him. Felicity was right in saying that maybe it’s time to start living for himself instead of always trying to honor his father. Thea is also here this week, which is needed when family drama comes up. Thea and Oliver are the only ones that understand the house they grew up in.

Thea comes back because Oliver was worried Chase would try to get to her. She hasn’t made much progress in figuring out who she is because she refers to herself as a, “hot mess”. I think, in a way, this whole father situation helped her figure it out a bit more. Her and Oliver watch a surveillance tape of their father having a fight with a man and eventually pushing that man in a tub of cement, confirming Robert killed him. Thea figures out that maybe she became the monster she is because her parents were Robert, Moira, and Malcolm. As much as she tried not to, she became her parents. This was a great revelation because I’ve been thinking this for a while. All the secrets, lies, corruption, murder, and everything that Thea was put through over the years have put a strain on her and contributed to the poor decisions she has made. She has a lot of anger built up inside and the only way she’s been taught to deal with that is either kill or keep it hidden.

Oliver finally gives her the video Robert made for her saying goodbye. If I were her I’d be extremely angry at Oliver for keeping this and I feel like Thea should have been a bit more upset. Instead she found pride in herself and her brother after watching the video with how far they’ve come. They grew because they had each other. I hope Thea sticks around more, but I have a feeling she won’t be back next season.

Rene is given a court date so that he can get his daughter back. This is such great news; however, he has to testify and doesn’t want his daughter to have to hear about their mother being a drug addict and how she died…. so he doesn’t show up to his court date. This made me quite mad, because he basically teased his daughter into thinking that they would get to be together again. Her face at the hearing was heartbreaking. If he can’t show up to a court date, though, how can he ever show up for his daughter? He still has a lot of growing to do.

Celebration is in order because after an epic fight between Olivier and Prometheus, they finally capture him and put him in an ARGUS cell. Oliver even put back on Green Arrow for the occasion; he is officially back. The fight was awesome (the fights on Arrow are always awesome), but the way Oliver captured him was way too easy! He just reveals to him that his father–the one he was on this revenge plot for–wanted to disown him because he was mentally ill. This revelation sends Prometheus to his knees defeated. There has to be something else up his sleeve, no way is this the last of his plan. Nothing is this easy with Adrian Chase; everything is a trap when it comes to him. They shouldn’t be celebrating.

Plus, he has William captive somewhere and no one even knows he does! Felicity couldn’t even find where he was before Adrian took him, and his mother hasn’t contacted Oliver. Adrian also said nothing about William when was captured. This all makes me nervous.

Oliver holds a press conference to confirm the allegations against his father regarding the cement murder. He explains that his father sacrificed himself so Oliver could serve this city and he intends to continue to do so, especially now that Prometheus has been apprehended. I was proud of Oliver in this moment; it’s very hard for him to talk about his past especially in such a public way. I thought he handled the situation very diplomatically!

This episode really brought Arrow back to its humble beginnings. Especially with having the flashbacks be back at Lian Yu–the island Oliver was first marooned at. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a few more familiar faces in the last two episodes of the season. I really enjoyed the fact that Oliver picked up a Deathstroke mask in the flashback, as it pays homage to Arrow’s best season and what season five has been trying to get back to. I’m really excited for Kovar to wreak havoc. We get a tease of him at the end of this episode when he captures Oliver in the flashback thwarting his plans to return home.

We have two episodes left and there are still a few loose ends to wrap up, so I’m anxious to see how this goes. We aren’t done with Prometheus that’s for sure and Kovar’s reign of terror has begun. This week was very true to its episode title “Honor Thy Father” and I really enjoyed the family aspects of the episode. This was definitely one of the best of the season.

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