It’s Official: No Nerd HQ for SDCC 2017

media release, San Diego Comic Con '17, SDCC '17

So while last year the NERD HQ announcement for SDCC came late, this year we got the announcement relatively early–and it wasn’t good. Nerd HQ will not be coming this year. A video was released (as seen below), and it’s clear that Zachary Levi is really heartbroken over the situation. But given how hard it has become for people to put things on, and the sheer money and time that’s needed, it’s not a surprise. Hopefully they can return in 2018. But check out the video below to see what he has to say.

Additionally, Zach did say he is going to try to bring some things for people:

“In the coming weeks, specifically this next coming week, there will be a flurry of announcements regarding various things that will be happening in San Diego during Comic-Con. My hope is that I will be able to provide to you through some of those other things. At least a modicum of what we have been able to bring to you through Nerd HQ. And I hope that for all of you that have planned and will be in San Diego during that time, or if you are still thinking about going, I hope that perhaps these other things or activities or whatever they may be will be satisfying to you and that you will be happy. And that you know that we care and that we will always care.”

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