#Lucifer gets in touch with his feelings in S2E15 Review: Deceptive Little Parasite

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Lucifer: Deceptive Little Parasite

Original air date: May 8th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers




Well, what did we learn this week? First that Scarlett Estevez (Trixie) may possibly be the cutest kid ever—but I think we already knew that. Second, (this one was a biggy for Luci) no one can control their emotions.  Third, Maze taught me a new trick—ear buds. Like her, human emotions before breakfast make me nauseous. Finally, Momma Morningstar is covering up something big, with a tiny band-aid.

Lucifer’s marriage to Candy has been annulled and he are Chloe are trying to get back into a routine of solving murders.  Chloe is still off kilter from the aftermath of her brush with death and Lucifer’s reversal of feelings. More, she is worried about Trixie and how everything has affected her. Fortunately for everyone, the murder this week involves an elite private school that teaches children how to control and positively direct their emotions.

According to Charlotte, the way to get the Flaming sword to “Flame on” is to channel emotions into it. Lucifer loves to deny and ignore his emotions, so cutting through the gates of Heaven might be a little more difficult than first thought. Charlotte tries to elicit different emotions from Luci– anger, arousal and fear don’t seem to be cutting it. The one emotion Lucifer has been running from, pain, ignites the sword, but it is short lived.

What if this is a sign of growth for Lucifer? The therapy might be paying off. Possibly by acknowledging his emotions, dealing with them, Lucifer is becoming more stable and mentally healthy. I’m not saying he is the poster child for mental health, just that there is growth on that front.

Chloe, I think, learned a little about herself this week. I think the message is important to all of us,  especially parents– no one is perfect. Looking in on others from the outside, it seems there are always people more put together, more competent, just more everything. (So maybe I’m projecting a little like Lucifer). The important thing is, we are all just making up “adulting” as we go. For me it is spending a lot of time googling how to do stuff and debating on putting on “real” pants.

To me the best part of the show is that it isn’t just about the Devil and a cop solving crimes, but about family. Family, either by blood or choice, is the heart of the drama. This week, we get to see how the past few weeks affected Trixie. She is scared and worried for her mom, which is  understandable. I like that her character is perceptive, because kids are. Trixie is probably the most realistic kid on television. She is adult enough to worry about her family, but still hides chocolate cake under her bed.

Off topic, but my most favorite moment of the episode is Dan’s face when the Headmaster is crying. This might be my most favorite Dan moment ever.

The whole episode Charlotte was pushing Lucifer to get the Flaming sword flaming. At the end, we see her glowing from a small cut on her wrist, her strength manifested quickly, so I’m guessing a human body can only hold a Goddess for so long.  What does this mean exactly? No one is running Hell right now, that we know of—this could be funny to see. I picture a low level, super stressed Angel. So, if she dies, couldn’t she just hope into another body? Or is this an indication of something else?

Where will all this go? Lucifer doesn’t want to stay in Heaven; he has stated L.A. is the first place that feels like home. (I feel ya Luci, I grew up in Arizona—climate wise, a lot like Hell.) He certainly isn’t repressing warm fuzzies for his mom– he wants to unlock the gates of Heaven, drop her off and leave her there. I wonder if Amenadiel will want to go with his mom or stay. Right now, he is bemoaning the loss of his powers, but will the relationships he’s forged on Earth keep him in the corporeal realm?

The one thing I do know is next week God is coming for a visit. Whether, this is Luci’s dad or not,  it’s sure to be a great episode.

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