The Flash S3E20, Review – I Know Who You Are

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As Iris’ impending death draws closer, team Flash gets nearer to stopping Savitar with clues from the future. For once, Barry’s time travel has not messed up the timeline as terrible as it usually does.

Once Barry returns home with the news of Tracy Brand, the team is revitalized in their fight against Savitar. In a rare smart move, he doesn’t reveal much of the future to the team, aside from Caitlin aligning herself with Savitar. With Cisco and H.R., Barry leads the way to a local college to reach out to Tracy and gently ease into asking her for help. As their luck would have it, she’s in the middle of burning her work and skipping town. Tracy’s work has been laughed at and denied funding, making her feel quite dumb (despite not being so). Before the team can give her a rousing pep talk, Caitlin makes her appearance as Killer Frost and nearly takes her out. Lucky for Tracy, Barry is there to get her out of harm’s way, and Cisco did little to stop Killer Frost from escaping.

It’s H.R. who manages to talk Tracy into staying in Central City, at least long enough to go over her work. With help from Cisco, he listens to her explain her process Tracy is excited, and hopeful, and doesn’t seem to notice how clueless H.R. is. She appears thankful that he is listening to her with such interest. That’s a talent H.R. has, not making people feel so alone when they clearly have a knack for something. While most of this season has been spent poking fun at how useless he is, H.R. has managed to encourage so many people to reach their potential.

After facing an attack from Killer Frost for the second time, Tracy is brought back to Star Labs. At first, she excitedly takes it all in, her work on Speedsters is right there in front of her. Once the moment her future is revealed, the reality hits Tracy hard. The team did it to show her potential, and show her how she can help them defeat Savitar. She’s brilliant, and in the future, she’ll be recognized for it. Understandably, the pressure sends her running from the team’s protection.

Most of team Flash has high emotions due to recent developments. Cisco, for example, is clearly avoiding taking a shot at Killer Frost when the opportunity arises. Julian has confronted him after each showdown, pointing out if Cisco took his shot, they could have brought Caitlin back by now. With more pushing by Julian, Cisco reveals he’s terrified of hurting her– to him, she’s Caitlin, and if he killed her that’d be devastating. I could never have predicted the two would form a friendship, as the argument turns around for the better. Julian is supportive of Cisco and manages to bring him down from his proverbial ledge. Cisco is responsive to Julian’s positivity, and calms down, seemingly more prepared for his next match up with Killer Frost.

Then we have Joe, who is facing the scary reality of hearing “I love you,” from Cecile. There is no doubt the two have grown close, and I’m sure Joe feels the same. Instead of returning the words, Joe uses work as an excuse to run. After talking with Barry over his fears of revealing his family’s secret to Cecile and the potential of putting her life in danger, it seems like it’ll all work out. Barry was nothing but encouraging and wants Cecile to know their family secret. Joe does the opposite of smoothing things over and breaks it off with her, providing no real reason and sending her off.

Almost immediately, his worst fear comes true as Killer Frost walks to his door. She takes Cecile captive, leaving only one warning: that he’ll receive a text message with a location and to bring Tracy there if he wants Cecile alive. While the team has managed to locate Tracy and draw her back with H.R.’s help, trading lives is not how things are done. They have a plan to bring both Cecile and Tracy back alive, and maybe even help Caitlin in the process.

The rescue mission was seemingly foolproof, but Killer Frost was ready for them. Not only did she know what Barry would say word from word, she knew where Cisco was hidden and what their attack would look like. It was thanks to Savitar, but how can he predict the future? There is little time to worry about that with Killer Frost on the offensive. Cisco manages to face off with her this time, no longer bound by his fear of killing her, and knocks her unconscious. He takes a vial of her blood in hopes of developing a cure, just in time as Savitar runs into the playing field and takes her away.

Happy endings don’t happen often, but what is happier than Cecile being saved and Joe admitting he feels the same way? Just as he should have, he opens up to her about his life and his family is overjoyed. As they enjoy their time together, something clicks with Barry, and it hits him all at once. Everything that has been said to him regarding Savitar, he suddenly knows who Savitar is.


While I’m sure everyone saw it coming, I had hoped Savtiar’s identity would have been taken in a different direction. As Barry screams out his revelation, Savitar meets him in the open and reveals that he is right. Walking out of his suit, he confirms he is Barry. Rather, future Barry, and not the future Barry we saw as this one has a scar. I’m not sure why Barry’s appearance was enough to get Killer Frost to trust him and not present Barry, but that will come in time.  Future Barry gives little reason why he is so eager to kill Iris but seems pleased that present Barry has figured it out. So much for happy endings.

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