Riverdale S01E12 “Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder”

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“Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder”

Warning Contains Spoilers

Here we are at the penultimate episode of this breakout hit and it did not disappoint! This episode has so much to unpack; I don’t know where to begin. Maybe I should start with The Coopers– or should I say the Blossoms?

Yes, you read that correctly, the Coopers are actually Blossoms. Apparently the great grandfathers, that started the epic maple syrup feud, were actually brothers. When Cheryl’s great-grandfather murdered Betty’s grandfather that’s when the Cooper name was adopted to separate Betty’s side from the Blossoms. This is why Mr. Cooper was so gung-ho about Polly getting an abortion because the baby is the product of incest! Wow, this was an actual honest shock; I don’t think anyone could have seen this one coming. We kept learning more and more about the feud, I thought we had heard the last of it and then we learn this. The Coopers march over to Thornhill to rescue Polly. Mrs. Blossom even said that there is no other way to be purely Blossom–gross!

Jughead is really struggling with his father’s arrest and his friends betraying him. He tries to run away to stay with his mother, but during a call to tell her he was coming, she told no. I just want to hug Jughead. He keeps getting dealt bad hand after bad hand and Cole Sprouse does such a great job! His father ends up confessing to the murder despite being framed. Jughead visits him to see what’s going on and in a very charged scene his father yells at him to never come back. Skeet Ulrich and Cole Sprouse have such great chemistry!

I also really felt for Cheryl this week. She’s had a lot of up and downs during the season. So I didn’t blame her when she started hitting Jughead. Everyone expected her to just be fine and happy after someone was arrested for Jason’s murder, but it doesn’t bring him back. Betty consoles her after she runs off and it was a nice moment. I love that no matter what goes on with their families, they still find these moments to help each other.

The gang is in full damage control to get evidence that FP has been framed. They try to tell their parents, but they aren’t much help. To be fair, any parent wouldn’t want their children involved in a murder case. Hermione bothered me this week, though. She was so quick to save herself and Veronica than help find justice. Also Hiram is coming home so that should prove interesting. I don’t understand how she can be so excited about that after all he’s done and made her do, but to each its own.

They end up talking to Joaquin and finding out that FP was in charge of taking care of the body. Joaquin didn’t know who killed Jason, however. This was a really sad moment because we find out that Joaquin was involved and he really does care for Kevin, but they can’t be together anymore. They had an emotional goodbye as Joaquin left Riverdale by bus. I don’t think this is the last we see of him– I hope their love lives on!

Before Joaquin leaves, he tells Kevin about Jason’s jacket. Kevin brings it to the gang and they feel like it’s still a dead end. Then Betty aka Nancy Drew jumps in and has Archie put on the jacket and starts rummaging through the pockets. She finds a hole and realizes that something could be hidden in the lining of the jacket. She was right! In the lining is a small USB and on the USB is the reveal we’ve waiting for since day one: who killed Jason Blossom. Last week I said it was probably one of the Blossoms, and I was right. The video was of Mr. Blossom shooting his son in the head and suddenly it is over; Jason’s killer is known. I’m so glad that Betty’s Nancy Drew side came out, we haven’t seen that side of her since the Miss Grundy days.

Betty immediately calls Cheryl to warn her and this is just another example of not letting family drama dictate your life. She didn’t have to warn Cheryl, but she did. When the police came to get Mr. Blossom he’s found hanging in the barn in an apparent suicide. On the ground is a turned over barrel of maple syrup with many bricks of drugs. I saw this coming the moment he was revealed as the killer. He killed his own son; the guilt was too much for him.

FP confessed because Mr. Blossom visited him in jail and threatened Jughead’s life. Jughead tries to get his father out of jail but the Sheriff lists off a bunch of other crimes he committed in relation to the murder so he’s not coming home anytime soon. I’m sure something could still be worked out, we shall see. I just want him and Jughead to be reunited and be happy!

So what happens now? I’ve read and heard from the cast themselves that the finale is very shocking so I wonder what else could happen! We already know the Coopers are Blossoms and that Mr. Blossom killed Jason… what else could there be? I guess we don’t totally know why he killed Jason. All we know is that drugs are involved and he didn’t want Jason to escape. I’m really curious to find out what could possibly make you kill your own son. I’m sad that the season will be over next week, but I’m ready to be shocked again! This episode was very well done and this has been such an amazing first season– I know season two won’t disappoint! I just hope Cheryl and Jughead can catch a break in the season finale. What do you think will be so shocking about the finale?

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