Oh, what a world! What a world! #AgentsofSHIELD S4E20 Review: Farewell, Cruel World!

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Farewell, Cruel World

Original air date: May 2nd, 2017

Warning: Spoilers


Today’s review brought to by the phrase: “Dammit Fitz”, because I said that more than I ever thought I would.

Wow, so all that happened.

Let me first talk about Radcliffe. His redemption was an amazing moment. I think seeing Fitz in the Framework finally opened Radcliffe’s eyes to how warped the framework had become. Radcliffe finally admitted (to himself and the others) that the Framework had skewed his vision and his work.  Seems the framework brings out the hero inside—too bad it kills you for it. Okay, technically Radcliffe died as he was entering the framework, but he shunned the opportunity to live again to save Fitz. The only reason he led Fitz to the backdoor out of the Framework was to return Fitz to the real world and to his real self. It was a rare and beautiful moment of selflessness. I hope we get to see a little more of this Radcliffe before the end of the season.

Fitz briefly returned to the real world (more on that in a bit), but yeah, his is a little worse for wear. He thinks he is a bad man.  I mean, of all those in the Framework, he was the most drastically changed, but like Simmons—I totally blame his dad and Aida. Fitz is very passionate. There is a reason there is the phrase “a thin line between love and hate.” Simmons inspired Fitz to love and to be compassionate while Alistair Fitz and Aida cultivated hate. I kept hoping Simmons would be able to wake Fitz up, but alas she did not. I think that Fitz almost killed Simmons will be a big hurdle for him to overcome. I wonder if this is building up to Fitz being the one that ultimately kills Aida.

Aida. She’s got no strings. She now has free will and an upgraded human body—but one that can teleport? Or at least move between the Framework and the real world. She didn’t seem as interested in destroying the framework, though, as she was in Fitz. She still (or maybe, for the first time) loves Fitz. I do think this season will end with Aida dying and I think her death is going to stir up all sorts of emotions for our agents and for us. She is now going to be experiencing all these emotions, she is going to understand what it means to be human. Will she change? If so, will it be in time and can she too redeem herself?

All but one of our (living) agents are out of the Framework. Mack opted to stay. I knew this was going to be an issue. At first, I wanted Daisy just to push him into the backdoor. But that defeats what some underlying threads of the season—Free will and choice. Mack had to be told the truth, he had to choose for himself to leave or not. Mack, of course chose his daughter. It is a very Mack thing to do. His choice brings up the question: is it a wrong choice? He knows it isn’t the “real world”, but the Framework doesn’t feel fake—so does it matter? If his choice is to live (at least perceivably) a long life with Hope or live in the “real” world without her then I understand his choice. However, he doesn’t remember his life outside the Framework, he doesn’t remember Yo-yo (my heart is breaking for you girl). So, if he was armed with that knowledge would he still make the same choice? I know I said this last week, but could all of this be moot, if we just build Hope a new body? I would like this option and yes, I like my cake and I like eating it too.

We only have two more episodes left this season. My response to that is: AHHHHH!!!!! If internet rumors are true, we are going to see an old friend. Ghost Rider could be making an appearance and this makes me do a little happy dance. I love Robbie Reyes, and would fully support him getting his own show—just throwing it out there. With or without Ghost Rider, the next two episodes are set to be epic.

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