Lucifer is back and he’s got a sweet tooth. #Lucifer S2E14 Review: Candy Morningstar

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Lucifer: Candy Morningstar

Original air date: May 1st, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

It’s been two weeks since Detective Chloe Decker had her near-death poisoning and boy has it been a long two weeks (feels almost like three months). In those two weeks Lucifer ghosted everyone, only to reemerge with an addition to the family. Let’s give a big welcome to Candy Morningstar, Lucifer’s wife (and the best name for an exotic dancer—ever).

At first, it seemed Lucifer went on a bender in Vegas and got himself a rebound bride, but at the end we find out that this part of a much bigger scheme. Candy isn’t really his wife, or an exotic dancer, but a con artist helping Lucifer as retribution for him saving her life. We don’t get that story, but I imagine it could be fun. It might be an entertaining stand-alone episode.  So, we know Lucifer isn’t the forgive and forget kind of guy, we know he is planning something, something big– but what? That remains to be seen.

Lucifer was fairly shaken when he discovered that Chloe was a little miracle baby. He thinks this is his father manipulating him. For me, I had to take a step back and look at this from Lucifer’s perspective. His dad, God, did cast him out of heaven, put him to work in Hell, and you know… has been stand-offish. I can see how this news would make him want to hit the brakes with Chloe. What I don’t think Lucifer is ready to admit or wants to admit is that this knowledge doesn’t make one bit of difference in how he feels for her. I do think however, it makes him question if her feelings are organic or if they were forced by the almighty one.

I loved how this episode showed how people perceive Lucifer. Mama Morningstar (Charlotte) and Amenadiel accepted that Lucifer would marry someone like Candy. Maze is the one that straight up said Lucifer is planning something bigger, and she is right. Lucifer used Candy to get information from his mother.  Okay, so we know Charlotte wants to get back to Heaven and be one big happy family with her children, and we now know that that Azrael’s Blade is really the Flaming Sword.

Brief time out. The Flaming sword, according to the Bible was given to a cherub (or in some versions Uriel) to protect the tree of life in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were cast out.

We know that Azrael’s blade/Flaming Sword can permanently erase a divine being from existence. Charlotte also says it can cut through the gates of Heaven. She got really excited when she saw it flame up, back in the episode, Trip to Stabby Town. I wonder if her getting to Heaven, Flaming Sword in tow, is to reconcile and be one happy family or if she wants to get revenge on God by killing him.

Lucifer says he still hasn’t forgiven his mother for her betrayal, but that he hates his father more. Is that true? Or is he just telling her what she wants to hear? I know from the cast interviews (which if you haven’t watched, check them out, right here ) that Dr. Linda Martin will be getting out of the office more. I wonder in what capacity? I wonder if Lucifer will confide in her and bring her in. It would be a nice way for the audience to figure out what he is up to and to get a peek at some of his feelings (as much as we can) about all that happened.

I also want to say, and Lucifer does this very well, is how characters that you expect to hate each other, end up being friends.  For example, Chloe and Maze. Now we Detective Dan and Lucifer. Dan was more forgiving and understanding of Lucifer than before. Dan in the past episodes stood up to Lucifer and in the last episode saw how much Lucifer cared for Chloe. I think those two things will mean the two will be more than just banter-buddies. Not that I don’t like that, I just think now Dan will give as much as he takes.

On a side note—Tom Ellis singing Eternal Flame—um, awesomesauce. Can we please have a musical episode? All the other DC characters are doing it.

At the end of the episode we see Lucifer and Candy split ways; it will be interesting to see how Lucifer explains Candy’s absence next week, will he say they split ways? Will he pretend to still be married?  I am curious to see how it all plays out. Especially since Timothy Omundson will be joining the cast as God Johnson. Will it really be God? If so, what will his coming to earth signify?

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