Riverdale S01E11 “Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again”

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“Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again”

Warning Contains Spoilers

It’s time for the Homecoming dance and emotions are running high. We are getting closer and closer to finding out who killed Jason. We are so close to the finale of season one, so I’m glad they are getting back to what makes this show addicting: the murder mystery!

The investigation is in full swing with Veronica now helping. She is determined to find out for sure if her father was involved in Jason’s murder. She is so preoccupied that she’s just moving past the moment Archie and her shared last episode. There’s obvious chemistry there, but she doesn’t have time for that. What she does have time for is going behind Betty’s back and still investigating FP when Betty explicitly told her to stop. The night of the dance she and Archie search FP’s trailer to find evidence; they didn’t find anything incriminating. They did find each other’s lips again though, so Veronica isn’t done with Archie yet. He’s just horrible with woman though; just bouncing from one to the other.

Archie’s mom and dad, Mary and Fred, seem to be on great terms for a couple getting divorced. Archie loves having his mom home and wants to show her his music, so he lies about playing a few songs at the dance. When he asks Betty if he can perform, she is wary because his songs are very depressing. Veronica offers to sing with him though and they promise to play a few upbeat covers. They end up performing an awesome rendition of “Kids in America”. The music in this show is awesome!

Mary is very impressed by her son and she misses him terribly. There is just too much history in this town for her to stay. On a visit to Fred’s work she runs into Hermione and they seem to have a pleasant conversation. She even invites her to accompany her and Fred to chaperone the dance. That is such an awkward trio! Just a few episodes ago Fred was angry at Hermione and now this week their walking into the dance hand in hand; the continuity is a little off. I also was hoping for a little more out of the interaction between Mary and Hermione, seeing as Hermione was a mean girl in high school. Maybe there will be more later on. Mary also runs into Alice Cooper in the bathroom and Alice tries to hurt Mary by revealing the Hermione and Fred affair. Mary could not care less about the affair, she knows she left and Fred can do whatever he wants. I love Mary Andrews; she’s feisty and strong! I don’t like, however, that she’s now trying to take Archie to Chicago with her. Her plan is not going to work, but it might put a wrench in her now civil relationship with Fred.

Alice Cooper has been helping out Betty and the gang with Jason’s murder investigation. She is stuck on the killer being FP Jones. No matter how much Betty tells her to stop, she persists. Betty is very clouded by her love for Jughead that she’s not looking at this objectively. Jughead told her FP is innocent so he must be. Alice has been a great asset to the investigation, looking at everything with a new light, but she’s pretty insensitive. She invites FP and Jughead over for dinner before the homecoming dance, but it turns into an interrogation. She only had them over for dinner so that Veronica and Archie could search his trailer. She has her heart in the right place, but man does she go about it the wrong way. Is she trying to lose Betty like she lost Polly?

I felt for Jughead this week once again. His father is keeping a clean house, isn’t drinking and is showing up for work. He is getting his life together and Jughead is so excited about it. FP even brought up the idea of joining Jughead’s mom and his sister Jellybean and actually leaving Riverdale. He feels utterly betrayed by Betty and Archie when he finds out they went searching on his dad’s property behind his back. Betty didn’t know anything about it, but he wouldn’t believe her. He’s thinking now more than ever about moving out of Riverdale. FP getting arrested after the Sheriff finds the gun that killed Jason at his house kind of puts a damper on those plans though. Good news is he was definitely framed because Veronica and Archie tore that place a part earlier and didn’t find anything. So who framed him? I’m actually pretty glad he was framed because he’s too obvious a choice.

I used to think Polly was the killer, but this week she was actively searching for clues at the Blossom house– why would you do that if you were guilty? I’m now back to thinking it was an inside job, meaning one of the Blossom’s did it; most likely Mr. Blossom. We find out that he lies about his hair still being red by Polly discovering his creepy wig collection. The Blossom’s take pride in their red hair so I guess having grey hair is a sign of weakness. Mrs. Blossom is a little shady herself this week. Polly was supposed to go to the dance and represent Jason with Cheryl, but I guess Mrs. Blossom didn’t want that so she put a sleeping pill in the milkshake knocking Polly out for the night, so Cheryl had to go solo. Earlier when they were getting ready they were snooping in Mr. and Mrs. Blossom’s room Cheryl found her Grandmother’s ring. It was the same ring that Jason proposed to Polly with that disappeared when he died. This ties the Blossom’s to Jason’s murder. They also freaked out a bit when they saw it was missing. Cheryl lied saying she flushed it to help the family, but she kept the ring so it must have something to do with Jason’s murder.

Joaquin and Kevin go to the dance together, which is very adorable! Kevin is so happy because he’s never brought a boy to a dance before. They seem to still be setting him up for failure with Joaquin and I don’t want it. Joaquin left quite suddenly from the dance though and that could mean he left to frame FP. I really hope it’s not the case, but it all seems too good to be true. Leave Kevin alone!

We have two episodes left of season one! I heard that we may find out who the killer is by the end of next week’s episode which is so exciting! I really hope it’s as shocking as the cast and producers have been teasing. This season has been such an unexpected thriller and I know it’s only going to continue. Who do you think killed Jason Blossom?


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