Arrow S05E19 “Dangerous Liaisons” Review

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“Dangerous Liaisons”

Warning Contains Spoilers

This week Felicity finally makes her choice: to do what’s necessary instead of what’s right.

Felicity continues to work closely with Helix to find Adrian Chase, but in order to keep receiving intel she must help them fight A.R.G.U.S. Apparently they are currently holding the founder of Helix captive without anyone’s knowledge. Diggle is not very happy with Lyla for keeping this from him and also for not giving the man a fair trial. When she became the head of A.R.G.U.S she swore she would never be like Amanda Waller, but with these decisions she’s making, it seems she’s following in her footsteps. Diggle doesn’t even recognize her. As a soldier he’s all about honor and justice and he feels like she’s throwing all of that out the window. He wasn’t treated fairly when he was arrested earlier in the season and Lyla was completely insensitive to that. I hope they can work this out; Diggle has had enough loss in his life.

Using Helix’s intel, the Team heads to an old arcade to find Adrian Chase, but once again they underestimate him. He had the entire place rigged to take the Team down. It’s honestly comical at this point how much they fail at getting ahead of this guy. They should’ve definitely known that it was a set up; he’s not going to walk into a trap. They seriously need to reassess their strategies.

Alena, Helix member, shows us her true colors this week. She kills an agent by hacking into an elevator–extremely terrifying by the way. She acts like it’s an accident to Felicity, but we all know that wasn’t.  Despite having proven that she can be trusted, Felicity is still only given information on a ‘need to know’ basis. She chose them over Team Arrow in this episode and they still find her a liability. She risks losing the Team this week because she believes in Helix’s cause. However, they just disappeared leaving her only with a tracker to find Adrian Chase. I know that information was invaluable, but Felicity was on their side and it must’ve hurt to not be let in.

When she tells Oliver and company that she plans to help Helix rescue their leader, they are not happy. Oliver does not understand why Felicity is making these choices. I understand! She’s had to sit back and watch as Oliver makes dumb decision after dumb decision. She finally has something that is hers and Oliver doesn’t want her to have it. She has made up her mind though, and goes dark. Oliver and the Team are forced to go up against her.

The Team and Lyla think Helix is going to go to this one location, so they set up and wait for them. Oliver is wearing some weird mask, by the way, because I guess he still can’t bring himself to put in the Green Arrow hood. Why go at all then? Anyways, little do they know that Lyla is actually keeping the leader at a secret location and Helix of course finds that place and goes there, tricking them. I loved that they were able to trick them. They are able to rescue their leader and, with the help of Felicity shutting Oliver out, get away. She does everything to show them she is theirs and they still leave her! I want more dark Felicity! It would’ve been so cool to see her go with them and disappear and then become the real villain of season five; she still could, the season isn’t over.

In the more touching moments of the episode Quentin Lance helps Wild Dog see his daughter again! Wild Dog has been so scared to see Zoe because he hurt her the last time he was in charge. Sweet, caring Quentin Lance, a man who has recently lost his daughter, would give anything to be able to have her back, so of course he would help Wild Dog. I feel so much for Quentin, he’s lost so much, and I think helping another father helps himself. With Thea gone, he really needs someone in his corner, so I’m okay with this new friendship they’ve been developing. At first it was very weird and out of the blue, but it’s growing on me. I’m just really scared for when Black Siren comes back. I really don’t want him to go off the wagon again, so hopefully he can be strong. Black Siren is not Laurel, even if it is played by the same actress and whose real name is also Laurel, it’s not Laurel. Still bitter, party of one!

At the end Felicity and Oliver are having a heart to heart about what Felicity has just done. Meanwhile she is finally tracking where Adrian is. He’s actually right where they are and  trapping Oliver and Felicity inside. I really hope this isn’t a play to get them back together. There was a lot of talk this week about when they loved each other and I’m not having any of it! I hope they can just hash everything out in this high stakes situation and move on still as friends or even enemies.

I quite enjoyed this episode. I love Felicity-centric episodes where she actually gets to show who she is. She has so much depth to her and I love that they are finally showcasing that again. I don’t think Dark Felicity left with Helix; she’s still there and we’ll see more of her through the last four episodes of the season.

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