Alternative fact: Hydra is the best! #AgentsofSHIELD S4E19 Review: All the Madame’s Men

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: All the Madame’s Men

Original air date: April 25th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers

The Patriot was killed after his terrorist attack on Hydra’s Enlightenment camp. Daisy /“Skye” and Agent May were thwarted in their terrorist mission, but Madame Hydra is well and good. This is what Hydra’s mouthpiece Sunil Bakshi wants the Framework residents to believe. (Not all the cameos are of the good guys.)

The very real death of Mace has ignited our agents into becoming who they are supposed to be, and they are rebelling against Aida’s programming. As Anton Ivanov said, “How very human of them.” Like snuggling into a warm blanket, seeing our agents rise to the occasion just felt comfortable and right.

Two things warmed my heart in this episode. First—Love May and Daisy together, love that girl power. I was so happy when Aida was blasted out the window. (Glad that elevator made an appearance.) Second—Coulson!! All I can say is damn Coulson—get down with your agent self! When he asserted himself, when he grew tall and took control, Daisy looked so proud of him. I was so proud of him and at the end, when he said he was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent—I cheered, I cried, I wanted to go sing from roof tops, but the last time I did that the neighbors complained.

Okay, so this is a little thing—maybe Framework doctors work differently—but I am pretty sure if Aida/Madame Hydra was blasted out the window, suffered a back injury and almost died she wouldn’t be just laying on some fluffy pillows—end rant.

My guess Aida could have just gone right back in and be fine, like Simmons, but this was meant to prompt Fitz into action and to get Project Looking Glass completed. It worked, because he did. As Aida said he is the “Romantic” of the group. He has proven before he’s capable of going to great lengths for the woman he loves—just this time the woman he thinks he loves is a conniving AI.

At least this week we learned exactly what project Looking Glass is—it is a souped-up version of the Dr. Morrow’s Darkhold, a matter-creating machine. Aida plans on using it to become human. Cool, I guess. I see why she would want to be, because she wants freedom of choice. Too bad the choice she wants is to kill our beloved S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. I just have a few questions—if she is human will she still have the same mental acumen or will she be you know, be just human intelligence level? Will she be easier to kill? Seems to me flesh and blood would be a lot easier to wipe out versus a supercomputer. Thinking about it, you know she and Ultron would totally make a great power couple—just saying.

Being able to make Aida human made me think (yes, I am still on it) this is a way to bring Ward back! Or Trip or Hope. We know who I would choose. Ugh, can I say I loved the scenes between Ward and Daisy.  Like Mace, Framework Ward is getting to be the hero he wanted to be. I like that we the audience and the agents get to see this side of Ward– maybe this will lead to some closure and help heal some still fresh wounds.

Back to creating humans, another option—Mack getting his daughter back! How awesome would that be? However, if they stop Aida, chances are the machine will be destroyed and not used on anyone. If they could just regenerate bodies then all the danger and drama would be erased—I am sure the writers wouldn’t allow that. We wouldn’t want to watch it.  Well—maybe an exception for this Grant Ward—Please? (I know, I’ll stop.)

By far my favorite scene was Coulson calling out Hydra on the air and his alternative fact jab. I said before what made the framework so scary was how close to the truth of the real world it is. But, and I don’t think it is just wishful thinking, that for every “Hydra”-like force in our world there are S.H.I.E.L.D. forces. Fear is easy, but so is kindness, understanding, education and love. Our S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are fighting against their programming. Becoming who they are meant to be, regrets and all.  We all are capable of remarkable things. We need to remember that when hate is so easy to be consumed by—we too can rebel against our programming, we can evolve, we can adapt, we can change. We are nowhere near reaching the boundaries of our framework.  A great man once said: “A person can do anything when he realizes he’s part of something bigger.”

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