Riverdale S01E10 “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend”

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“Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend”

This week we are reminded that Riverdale still falls under the category of teen drama. This episode took place almost entirely at an epic house party that I wish I could’ve attended in high school. I mean there was confetti!

It’s Jughead’s birthday and he doesn’t want anything to do with it. He’s dating Betty, however, and when she finds out from Archie about his birthday she goes into project mode. Betty means well, but she doesn’t fully understand Jughead. When he says he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday, he really doesn’t. He’s a loner who is content with having a shake at Pop’s with his two best friends or going to see a double feature. Betty wants to get his father and all of her friends involved and have a surprise party. Both Archie and Jughead’s dad–the two people that know Jughead more than anyone–are telling Betty that this party isn’t a good idea, but she persists anyway. This party wasn’t about Jughead, it was about Betty keeping her darkness in check– she was projecting.

If you recall in episode three, Betty showed off her dark side when she tortured a confession out of Chuck, who had been sexually harassing the girls at Riverdale High. He was suspended and kicked off the football team; he returns this week for his revenge. At first he seems like he’s trying to redeem himself by apologizing to Ethel, but Betty can see right through that. The darkness in her tries to come out, she suppresses it by digging her nails into her hands. She is closer to a breakdown with every episode. I also think planning this party for Jughead helps keep her mind off of the fact that her life is falling apart. When she brings out the cake at the small party, she sings “Happy Birthday” in such a creepy way. It was so haunting and I just wanted it to stop; I think that was the feeling of the entire room. The way she slowly sang and didn’t blink, it was weird. At the end of the episode she talks about a darkness that she often feels coming up that she can’t control. I like that’s she’s acknowledging it now.

Jughead just wanted a quiet night and Betty didn’t understand that. My heart broke for him, because people not honoring his wishes is a constant in his life. He listed all these reasons why Betty and him shouldn’t be together, one of which being that he’s only a placeholder for Archie. Ouch! They eventually make up after Jughead defended her honor at the party, but more on that later.

Last week Veronica found out the extent of her father’s criminal activity and was devastated by it. This week she has to testify on her father’s behalf about his character. She refuses on the grounds that they probably wouldn’t want her testimony. Veronica continues to be this incredibly strong young woman just trying to do her best with the hand she’s been dealt. Betty fills her in that Mr. Blossom had a hand in her father, Hiram, going to jail. Her mom warns her not to tell the lawyers seeing as this gives him motive to kill Jason. Veronica reads a letter from her father threatening to ruin Hermione if Veronica doesn’t cooperate and that Hermione is just at fault as he is. What horrible parents: they lie and they threaten her; this isn’t parenting! She ends up testifying and her father sends her a new pearl necklace–I really hope she doesn’t put it on. Don’t go backwards, Veronica!

The party is meant to just be small with only the inner circle: Jughead, Betty, Archie, Veronica, Kevin and apparently Ethel and Kevin’s boyfriend Joaquin (the South Side Serpent). Of course in any high school drama a small party never remains a small party. Especially if Cheryl Blossom hears about it. Earlier Cheryl and Veronica have a dance off to see who’s the real queen bee and it was extremely awkward. Cheryl was obviously the better dancer since she has the hair flips! Everyone knows that’s the best trick! Veronica ends up winning though, not even Cheryl’s minions voted for her, so she seeks revenge and finds a new partner in Chuck. They show up at the party with the rest of the school and turn it into a rager of epic proportions. It doesn’t take much for Archie to agree to grow the party.

We find out why Archie’s mom isn’t around: she wanted to leave Riverdale, Fred wanted to stay, and Archie had to choose. What a horrible choice to have to make! He obviously chose his dad, but that’s messed up. I’m sure it was one of the most difficult decisions he’s had to make and it explains why he has such difficulty with women. His dad leaves for the weekend to sign divorce papers with Archie’s mom and he’s pretty upset about it. Their problems have really messed up Archie though and even when it’s a small party he gets drunk; it only gets worse when the party gets bigger.

Val is at the party and he drunkenly tries to talk to her, but doesn’t take a hint that she wants nothing to do with him. She ends up throwing a drink in his face because he wouldn’t let her leave. He’s pretty much a mess at this party, and drinks himself into a dizzy haze which makes for a cool camera effect. They actually show through his point of view how drunk he’s gotten. KJ does a great job playing drunk, which is a pretty hard thing to accomplish. Archie also drunk dials his father! Rookie mistake, Archie! He tells his dad not to sign the divorce papers so I guess his true feelings come out in his drunken state. His father takes that request and turns it into bringing Archie’s mom home with him the next day–after Archie has finished cleaning the trashed house. His mom is none other than the 80’s teen drama queen herself Molly Ringwald! We didn’t get much out of her other than “Hi Archie”, but I’m super excited to have her apart of the show! I can’t wait to see her interactions with everyone!

Betty is very insistent that Jughead’s father, FP, come to Jughead’s party– and it works. He shows up after the party has already escalated though, and he doesn’t leave when he finds out that he’s the only adult there, so it’s the most awkward thing. This is a party with underage drinking; you are an adult, you shouldn’t let the party continue. FP isn’t the picture of a responsible adult, though, so what are you going to do. He also says something weird to Kevin and Joaquin when they were kissing. He was just watching them and he says, “you could cut the sexual tension with a knife!”. Again you are the only adult at a party full of underage drinkers and you say something like that. The whole time I just kept yelling “Leave the party!” No one else thought it was weird that he was there.

He pulls Joaquin aside to get the intel on the group that he has been gathering, since Joaquin is only dating Kevin for information. That is so sad to me, but I think he actually likes Kevin so hopefully he can rise above FP’s orders. FP finds out that the teens are more in tune with what’s going on in the town than the adults. I’m sure he’ll use that information to get ahead of the adults. I just don’t want sweet Kevin to get hurt in all of this, so I really hope Joaquin isn’t just in this because he has to.

Cheryl decides to spice up the party by playing a game called “Secrets & Sins”, where you reveal a secret about someone or yourself. I loved this part–so did Kevin. Cheryl put on her mean girl costume and tries to regain her queen bee status by breaking everyone down. Dirty laundry is let out and finally everyone knows the secrets that these teens have been hiding, such as Archie’s affair with Miss Grundy. Chuck reveals to everyone about Dark Betty and the dangerous lengths she went to get a confession out of him. He talks about her being crazy and scary causing Jughead to attack him. FP intervenes and kicks Chuck out of the party, telling everyone else the party is over; finally he found his adult pants. Before leaving he has a run in with Alice Cooper who tells him the neighborhood watch isn’t comfortable with him being there and he reminds her she comes from the south side. The plot thickens. I found it interesting that Alice didn’t break up the party, when she obviously knew it was going on, but I guess she’s trying to let her daughter have fun.

After everyone has left, Archie and Veronica are sitting on the couch talking. The talking turns to hooking up and the Archie and Veronica relationship escalates. I’m not surprised this is happening, I felt like they would get together by the end of this season and season two would explore the love triangle again. I just didn’t think it would happen this soon, but there’s only three episodes left. I really hope this doesn’t come between Veronica and Betty, they are the one true pairing of the show! I would be devastated if they were to fight. Hopefully the fact that she’s with Jughead right now will help.

I loved that the teens got to be teens this week. They actually had fun for a moment until life got in the way again. They definitely don’t live normal lives. They also don’t have the most mature of parental units. This murder needs to be solved and the teens know more about what’s going on than any authority in town. Now Veronica is on board to help–even if they find out her father was involved–things should start progressing more. Veronica is extremely strong and smart so they are lucky to have her working too.

There are only three episodes left, so we’ll know who killed Jason very soon. I’m excited to find out, but sad that the season is going to be over soon. My money’s on Polly being the murderer still; it makes the most sense, but we shall see. We have another break next week and then it’s countdown to the shocking finale!

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