Welcome to the Framework we got fun and games. #AgentsofSHIELD S4E17 Review: Identity and Change

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Identity and Change

Original air date: April 11th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

The one thing I can say with certainty is no one is getting out of the framework without needing a lot of therapy. Let’s just jump right in and talk about Fitz. Apparently, without Simmons he is cray-cray. In the Framework, his love for Aida aka Ophelia (Sarkassian I assume to tie in with the comic-books), causes Fitz to kill Agnes. Wow, Fitz has really jumped on the dark side bandwagon. This is a side we really haven’t seen of him and proves that Simmons is not only is his partner, but his conscience. Aida has corrupted that—but how much can she be blamed? I can’t imagine the Framework is so powerful it completely changes who a person really is. (Then again, look at what the cosmic cube did to Captain America.) I think Simmons feels the same way, and once they are out of the framework this is going to put their relationship to the test. Of course, I am assuming they get out of the framework and that there will be (fingers crossed) a fifth season.

The one positive of Fitz killing Agnes is that Radcliffe lost the one thing that was truly important to him in the Framework. Now the question is, will he help destroy it or help the others to escape? The hiccup in destroying the Framework is that it would destroy what is left of himself. Radcliffe is fully aware that he is dead in the real world, so even without Agnes he might not want to end it all permanently.

Last week’s episode ended with Coulson remembering Daisy, but he doesn’t remember much else. I like that Coulson isn’t fully back to who he is in the real world. First, because this is a fun side of Coulson to explore—it reminds me of “fanboy” Coulson from the Avengers movie. Second it gives a “real person” (as in not a highly-trained agent) voice to the action taking place. Which leads to much needed comedic relief to the episode. What I like about this show and the MCU is that there are these deep explorations of characters and rather dark story lines, but we get the moments when we can laugh, take a breath, and get back into the action.

Speaking of action, the scene in the elevator with Daisy fighting the Hydra agents—loved it. I would have loved it more (just because it would have been so awesome) if it had taken place in the same elevator as Captain America’s fight scene in Winter Soldier. Amiright?

This episode made me feel all the feels– if Simmons crying out in pure anguish as Fitz killed Aida wasn’t enough to put my heart through the ringer—there is Hope. Cute little Hope, that is no longer with us in the real world. Mack is still Mack and true to form puts his loved ones first and is fiercely protective. On a side note (I promise this explains a lot about me), I am glad I am not the only one that remembers and loves Chopping Mall! After being used by Hydra to lure Daisy into a trap, Mack goes to S.H.I.E.L.D to make things right. We are getting the gang back together, but when the time comes—will Mack want to leave the Framework? Knowing that Hope will not be there waiting for him.

I love Director Mace’s “Batman” voice in the Framework. He seems braver and more confident—I think he could be the one character that will benefit from his time in the Framework. I do want to see more interactions between him and Grant, just because the two never interacted in the real world. Oh Grant, he is proving to be a strong ally right now and I see this going a couple of ways. First the way I want it to go, he gets to be on the show as a LMD or that he will die saving Daisy completing his redemption/hero story arc. So, for as long as he is on the show I am going to enjoy it.

The episode ends with Radcliffe being tortured by Fitz and Daisy being next. I think that the rest of the group is also going to need to get into Hydra headquarters, because they are going to need Project Looking Glass to get home. At least that is my guess as to where all this is leading. Until then….

One thought on “Welcome to the Framework we got fun and games. #AgentsofSHIELD S4E17 Review: Identity and Change

  • I can’t stand this framework storyline, but I might be in the minority on it. I’m desperate for them to get back out into the real world. It doesn’t hurt that Cyborg Charles Vane is out there too. I’d love a 5th season but those ratings… ouch. If they don’t have a special Marvel/Disney advantage, they’re in real trouble.

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