Arrow S05E18 “Disbanded” Review

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Warning Contains Spoilers

Last episode Oliver was broken down by Prometheus, until there wasn’t much left. He became so broken that he disbanded Team Arrow. This episode we see the aftermath.

Oliver disbanded his team because he doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt. He doesn’t want to fight anymore; he just wants Adrien Chase dead. Since he can’t seem to get that done himself, he enlists the help of his old Bratva friend Anatoly. Anatoly won’t help for free though, so Oliver allows him and his men to steal drugs. This whole thing didn’t seem wise to me, but what choice does Oliver have??

The Team tries to continue without Oliver, but without the lair, their costumes and their technology, there’s not much they can do. They also don’t really have Felicity since she’s off working with Helix to stop Prometheus. They try anyway because the city still needs them–especially with the Bratva now running amuck in Star City. They manage to thwart every attempt made by Bratva to kill Adrien Chase, much to Oliver’s dismay, and it lands Chase in witness protection.

Diggle just doesn’t understand why Oliver is giving up his crusade, and giving up on the city. He has given five years of his life to help Oliver on his journey and now he’s just stopping without any warning. He knows who Oliver is, “the good, the bad and the ugly” and isn’t going anywhere, no matter how much Oliver pushes him away. He wants Oliver to know that he can’t walk away from The Green Arrow and that he can use his alter ego to atone just like Diggle used Spartan. All Oliver has to do is ask for help. This scene felt so much like a breakup scene with all its emotion. They are still one of my favorite relationships on this show; they are the heart of Arrow. Oliver eventually comes to the conclusion that his Team won’t disband and with the Bratva going rogue, he finally asks for help.

Working with Helix, Felicity tries to obtain evidence that Adrian Chase is Prometheus. They think this will be the one thing that he doesn’t see coming. It never ceases to amaze me how much they underestimate this guy, even with all they know and have experienced. They are able to find a video of Prometheus taking off his mask to reveal himself as Adrian Chase, but it’s pixelated. Curtis ends up helping them without really being asked, but they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I wonder if Curtis will start down a dark path now too, since he’s seen the Helix lair and all the power it possesses. Helix also knows what he’s capable of, so they’ll probably want to enlist his help.  I want more scenes between Felicity and Curtis– they have such great comedic chemistry together! There’s only five more episodes in the season so I’m sure Helix will explored more in season six and hopefully Dark Felicity as well!

So with concrete evidence that Adrian Chase is Prometheus and the Team somewhat back together, they finally feel like it’s over and send the evidence to the SCPD. Adrian is a smart guy; he’s been able to win everytime. He has backup plans for his backup plans, so why on earth would they think this time would be any different? The SCPD is on its way to arrest Adrian at the safehouse, thinking they finally have the upperhand. He hears the sirens and my favorite scene is born. The two guards that are watching him stand up to apprehend him and without hesitation he throws his pen right into one of the guard’s eyes and takes down the other one! He then has the time to run away before the police get there, but because he’s insane, he takes the time to stab the guard multiple times, blood splattering everywhere. My favorite shot of this episode and maybe even this season, is Adrian Chase driving past the wailing cop cars with a blood splattered face, smiling to himself; he won again. I never thought he’d take this lying down, because I never underestimate him unlike the Team. There’s five episodes left and he already got what he wants from Oliver, so what will he do next? I’m excited to find out.

Anatoly is extremely angry with Oliver for leaving him in Russia. He had fears of running Bratva into the ground without Oliver, and he’s become ruthless. So I guess we have sort of new villains, which I’m kind of scared about since this is so close to the end of the season. Maybe they will help tie in Kovar to the present, to set him up to be the villain of season six. It could also be that they needed a quick reason to bring Team Arrow back together; I’m kind of mad about that. I really wanted that to be dragged out a bit more. I keep forgetting that Arrow seldom drags anything out. There was a nice shot at the end of all the costumes without The Green Arrow, with Oliver saying he’s not ready to be the Arrow he wants to be just yet, but with everyone’s help he just might find him again. So maybe he is ready to atone.

New episodes return on Wednesday, April 26th so we have another brief hiatus to speculate about Prometheus’s next moves and what the Bratva will do now that they are in Star City. Maybe they’ll team up since they both know quite a lot about Oliver. There are so many questions still left unanswered! We also still have no idea who the Vigilante is, but I read that he/she probably won’t be unmasked until season six. So many villains so little time, I suppose.

I enjoyed this episode, it was a little too angsty at times, but that’s Oliver for you. I’m excited for the progression the season is taking and hope it stays consistent. I want the season to end the way it began: strong.

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