The Walking Dead Episode 716 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life




     Well! Here it is! Finally all three communities came together to begin their war against Negan. The episode itself is a little out of sequence, going back and forth from a full facial shot of Sasha. She is wearing earbuds and singing a song (whose lyrics are very telling). We see what seems to be a flashback to the day that Maggie gets sick and Abraham tells her that they are going out to get her help. Sasha pleads with him not to go and tells him that she dreamt of his death. We see Sasha’s face frequently throughout the episode as it progresses.

Rick’s group began organizing the logistics of how they were going to fight. Jadis brings in her group and they all start taking direction. However, when Michonne takes Farron to the rooftop to get set, Farron “graciously” tells Michonne that she will set up on the other side. This action was enough to set off warning bells that something wasn’t right as I watched. And sure enough, when the Saviors get to Alexandria and Eugene tries to get them to surrender, the group is shocked at the betrayal, but decides to go ahead with their plan to blow up the truck. But when the moment comes and it did not explode, we realize what happened– Jadis is a trader! Jadis’s group turns the guns on Rick, and Negan responds by explaining that he has Sasha in the coffin on the truck.

         Before Negan went to Alexandria, however, he goes over the plan again with Sasha and he says three. Although he doesn’t say what “three” means for our benefit, we can infer that it is the number of people he wants to kill. Sasha begins negotiating with him and says, “one.” He eventually gives in to her and says, “ok, one.” As we saw later on in the negotiation between Negan and Jadis, Negan doesn’t budge, but Sasha was able to get him to come down to what she wanted. Whether it’s because he needs her to go along with his plan, she has a soft spot for her or it was truly what he wanted, he allowed her to negotiate him down. What Negan doesn’t know is that Sasha has been trying to get herself to a point where she comes to terms with herself and Abraham. When she gets to that point, she takes the poison pill that Eugene gave to her (knowing she would turn). Negan was very surprised when he opened the coffin and walker Sasha lunged out at him.

Although it catches him off guard, Negan quickly regroups and goes inside the gates of Alexandria and meets with Jadis. She says, “twelve?” Negan responds with, “ten.” Jadis tries to get him to give her two more (people, guns, we don’t know), but Negan holds firm and Jadis says, “ten.”


       As this showdown with Negan and Jadis is taking place, the two other groups journey to help Rick. The Kingdom, led by King Ezekiel and Carol, eventually meet up with Morgan. He wears Ben’s armour as a reminder of what he has lost and what keeps him going. They eventually persuade him to come with them so that together they can take on Negan and the Saviors. Back at The Hilltop, Maggie and Jesus discuss going to help Rick. They were questioning whether or not they should go, but in the end they decide that Rick may need their help and they head toward Alexandria.

         We do get a second lineup as Negan lines up Rick and Carl and makes them kneel. He tells him that he is going to kill Carl as punishment. Rick tells him that he will kill him. “Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but I will kill you.” Negan gets set to smash Carl in the head with Lucille, and right at the pivotal point, Shiva runs, pounces and attacks, mauling the unfortunate soul. Carl takes this opportunity to rise up and begin shooting members of Jadis’s group and the Saviors. Negan looks dumbfounded, but again quickly regroups as The Hilltop and The Kingdom come charging forward to help Rick and the Alexandrians.   

           The three groups are eventually successful in pushing Negan’s group back for now. However, war has been waged against the Saviors and next season will take us on this journey. For now we wait, able in June, to nibble on the appetizer of Fear the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead season 8 will return in October.

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