The Flash S3E18, Review – Abra Kadabra

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Fresh from the Music Meister’s visit, Barry’s drive to fight is lit, and he is ready to fight the good fight to save Iris from Savitar. Team Flash is right behind him until a talented magician visits Central City and throws them off their path.

During their first meeting during a robbery, Barry quickly discovers Abra Kadabra is from the future and knows a great deal about him. He knows Savitar is his biggest enemy, and that Iris will soon die. That throws Barry’s focus off enough he becomes easily tricked, and Kadabra escapes. Even with the appearance of Gypsy to help him, he was not ready to fight once Iris was mentioned.

Gypsy knows a lot about Kadabra due to a string of robberies that left quite a lot of people dead on her Earth. While she has never been one for team-ups, but it’s mutually beneficial they help each other to capture him. Gypsy is ready to execute him, but Barry has other ideas. ¬†Kadabra is from the future and may know a way to stop Savitar and save Iris. I doubt a villain like Kadabra would be so willing to help, but everyone has a price.

A couple who could have benefitted from a visit from the Music Meister is Cisco and Gypsy. As they grow closer, Gypsy continues to push back on Cisco’s advances. It’s soon revealed her drive to catch Kadabra is because her partner, working and personal, was killed by him. Gypsy insists she doesn’t have feelings for her fallen partner, but that doesn’t change how she has been acting with Cisco. It seems as though she isn’t ready for a relationship, even if she melds well with Cisco.

Then there’s Caitlin and Julian. While Caitlin unquestionably cares for Julian, she doesn’t want their relationship to sour. Where they stand is a difficult subject to approach as Julian is still incredibly hurt. He knows how to keep a professional workplace, as he continues to be a valued member of Team Flash, but everything is strictly professional.

Together, Caitlin and Cisco, bounce their relationship troubles off of each other. Despite their circumstances, Cisco assures Caitlin that Julian will come around in due time. It’s enough to soothe her worries, understanding that Julian still needs to heal. Cisco, for now, has to cool his advances with Gypsy as her focus is on capturing and bringing Kadabra back to her earth to be tried for his crimes. While his feelings are strong, he doesn’t want to ruin any chance they may have together.

Fighting a magician seems much easier than dealing with relationship troubles. Still, Kadabra is giving the team a run for their money. It’s not a matter of strength, but it’s the ability to outwit. With another robbery in progress, the team heads out to take him on, only to find the Kadabra there is a hologram. The real one is in Star Labs and quickly throws Caitlin, Julian, Joe, and Iris to the ground to get where he needs to go. However, Barry is called back by the panic button and captures Kadabra quite smoothly.

Almost immediately he begs for his life: let him go, and he will tell them who Savitar is. The bargain is enough for the team to lock him up rather than handing him over right away. While it’s frustrating for Gypsy, it’s another chance to save Iris. There is no bargaining with Kadabra further than what he has offered, his freedom for Iris’, and no one trusts him enough to take him up on it right away.

In a private moment, Iris and Barry talk about the possibility of following through with Kadabra’s offer. Iris is a hard no; to her he is a criminal, and the lives that have already been lost to him do not outweigh hers. ¬†She has a lot of convincing to do with Barry to make her case that striking a bargain with Kadabra isn’t the way to go. Quietly he relents, but it turns out her energy would have been better spent speaking to her father.

Joe takes it upon himself to go through with Kadabra’s offer, armed with a gun; he’ll let him go as long as he tells him Savitar’s identity. A father’s love for their daughter goes much further than crimes committed on other Earths. However, once the cell is opened, Gypsy is there in an instant to recapture him. It’s enough of a distraction to allow Kadabra’s escape, disappearing to another part of Star Labs where he takes an object from their vault. Before his departure, he causes a large explosion, proving he is not someone who should be underestimated.

The explosion is seemingly harmless to the team, just for a brief moment at least. Once the smoke settles, it’s revealed Caitlin has been gravely injured. With shrapnel deeply embedded in her body, she relies on Julian to remove each piece from her body, guiding him along the way. Caitlin remains awake during her surgery, putting her full faith in Julian. Iris assists him as best she can, leaving Cisco and Barry on the sidelines helpless to watch. The alternative to suffering during surgery is removing her necklace and letting Killer Frost out so she could heal naturally, but Caitlin is adamant she rather die than let her powers save her. Luckily for Caitlin, the surgery is a success, and she is saved without help from Killer Frost!

Relieved Caitlin is stable; the team can now tackle Kadabra. Gypsy realizes everything he has been stealing so far has been to build a time machine to return to the future. Cisco confirms it’s one along the same plans he was making for evil Wells. They need to find him soon. That seems to be the easy part; together they locate Kadabra, and with Barry running as fast as he can, he manages to grab him from the time machine and recapture him.

The goodbye to Kadabra is bittersweet as Barry makes one last attempt to appeal to his humanity in telling them who Savitar is. Kadabra laughs it off, in his time Barry has already been broken by Savitar and he has longed to be the one to do it to him instead. Seeing Barry beg for help is what he wants, and seeing him with tears in his eyes is enough for him to keep the information to himself.

While Caitlin recovers, she and Julian can speak through their feelings and makeup. All Julian needed to be his fears to be heard and for to Caitlin sincerely apologize. I think Cisco may be a little jealous of her good fortune as he laments over the loss of Gypsy from their world. It doesn’t last long as H.R. appears, and has to be caught up on everything he has missed. The air is light and optimistic for just a moment, until Caitlin suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. The trio works on her, trying to get her stable, but nothing works. As she passes in front of them, heart stopping for good, Julian rips off her necklace in a fit of fear. Despite her wishes, he can’t lose her even if Killer Frost will be there instead. While Caitlin’s wounds quickly heal and her heart begins to beat, it’s Killer Frost who stands up, now in control.

I don’t think Kadabra’s appearance in Central City was just another meta on the roster the team had to deal with; he truly wanted to torture Barry before Savitar got to him. It’s playing into the future the team is working hard to prevent, and there seems to be no stopping it. With one of their most valuable members gone, I’m not sure how the team will work without Caitlin by their side.

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