The Walking Dead Episode 715 Something they Need


As we are less than one week away until the extended finale of The Walking Dead, there are some things that need to be examined to fully understand the impact of where the groups stand and how they are going to come to all-out war. The three largest groups, the Alexandrians, The Kingdom, and The Hilltop are gearing up for a  battle. However,  Rick and the Alexandrians are still trying to gain the support and manpower from Oceanside and the dumpster group (which the actress herself playing Jadice dubbed ‘the heapsters’). Rick has his own plans for how he wants things to go down. However, because Negan has captured Sasha and is more than likely going to use her as leverage (and possibly another line-up) against the Alexandrians, Rick’s plans will be squashed.


    When we last left Sasha she tricked Rosita, locking her out of the Sanctuary compound and so she could run off to kill Negan. She was unsuccessful and is captured. When David, one of the Saviors, opens her cell, he immediately begins to sexually assault her. As Negan come in and finds him in the act, we see some of his character come out. Yes, Negan means business about his rules, one of which is that there is no rape. Period. He immediately kills David by stabbing him through the side of his neck and leaves him in the cell with Sasha (knife and all). He gives her options on how she can use the knife. She can use it on him (very unwise), to kill herself (either by knife or when David reanimates) or she can join The Saviors. He then leaves her to think about her choices.

      Later Eugene comes to check on Sasha. He tries to talk her into joining the group. It’s very easy here to get angry with Eugene. He should show loyalty through the very end to his friends who, on many occasions, have saved his life. However, it has always been in his character to take what he believes is the easiest and safest route. He is, by his own definition, a coward, and will find the best way to save his own butt when needed. She tells him that she just can’t live like this and asks him to get her anything that she can use to kill herself, a gun, a knife or even a piece of glass. She is disappointed when he later returns with the poison pill that he made. If we had any question of whether or not she really wanted to kill herself, she answered them here by sighing heavily and closing her eyes in despair. When Negan returns to see Sasha, she tells him that she will join him (although we know that she is lying to him).


        Back at the Hilltop, Maggie firmly takes control by using her skills as a farm girl and showing the group how to grow crops that survive, explaining that crops will need to be tarped in order trap the heat. When one of the group is unsure of his tarping skills, she patiently tells him that he can do it. The whole time Gregory repugnantly watches. When Maggie wants to go outside to get a berry bush that will produce for years, Gregory offers to go with her as protection. Maggie knows that Gregory cannot be trusted and so she lets him come, if only to be able to keep an eye on what he is up to. While she is bent down digging up the bush, Gregory’s stance over her indicates that he is contemplating killing her. He snaps himself out of it fairly quickly and tells her that he is standing guard. Very soon walkers begin coming out of the bushes, and he tells her that he’ll get them, but hesitates and pregnant Maggie takes her spade and begins killing walker after walker. One comes up behind Gregory, surprising him. They fall to the ground and at this point if he doesn’t kill the walker, it will kill him. He finally makes the head stab that releases him from the walker’s grasp. Gregory reveals to Maggie that he has never killed a walker before. He took a little hit to his pride having to admit to the pregnant lady that she saved his life, but Maggie doesn’t gloat. When Gregory gets back to the Hilltop he gets his map out and his liquor and begins plotting his trip to see Simon, possibly to rat that Maggie is there with them. Even though she saved his life, she has stolen too many of his manhood points and is ready to see her go.


       In order for Rick to get the cooperation of the Heapsters, he must acquire more guns. Tara does tell him about Oceanside and they go on a mission to procure them. He allows Tara to try to talk to them first and explain that they could use their help, but one way or another, they will take the guns. Of course, Natania would not willingly help the group. After a herd of walkers comes out of nowhere, Rick and company start killing them left and right, showing Oceanside that they could have let the walkers kill them, but instead chose to help them. Natania still puts up a fight, but her granddaughter, Cyndie, knocks her out, allowing the group to take possession of the guns. The Alexandrians make a compelling case to fight the Saviors and Cyndie and Beatrice want to help.   

     Now that Rick and company have the guns to give to the Heapsters, the can begin making plans on how they intend on attacking. There are still things that haven’t been resolved yet, such as Morgan’s state of mind, Ezekiel coming to terms with needing to fight the Saviors, and Carol coming to a realization that in this world, she cannot get away from killing. So many things still need to come together for the fight to begin. Questions surround whether or not there will be a second line-up with Negan since Sasha came to the Sanctuary, guns blazing.
   One last question is whether or not Dwight’s intentions are true or not. Will he help the Alexandrians or is he still working for Negan? More than likely he is ready to work with rick’s group, but it will definitely take something big for Daryl to trust him after everything he put him through. There will be an extended season finale next Sunday starting at 9:00 p.m. EST on AMC and there we will see what happens. See you then!

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