#TimeAfterTime S1E4 Review: Secrets Stolen

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Time After Time: Secrets Stolen

Original air date: March 19th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

This week we got a little time travel action. We went all the way back to 1980 and Jane did a wonderful job succinctly explaining the 80s—greed is good, Madonna, and hair, lots of hair. The time traveling escapades were prompted by the information gathered at Chad’s apartment (Chad was the creeper killed in the last episode before he could kill H.G. and Jane.) The date they traveled to was found on paper that had the same emblem as the note H.G. wrote to himself. They also discover Chad had been following both H.G. and John since they arrived. Chad had wanted to stop them, but why?

In 1980 Glen Cove, Long Island, H.G. and Jane find themselves at the Anders estate. There is a cute little 3-year-old Vanessa and her somewhat shady father David Anders. The present-day company Vanessa runs is very profitable, but in 1980, it was on the cusp of bankruptcy. “Project Utopia” is what changed that.  Robert Holland (Chad’s father) stole research and information about Project Utopia from his employer. He planned to sell it to David, but when they argued over price, Robert wound up dead.

Present day Vanessa seems to be oblivious of any wrong doing on her father’s part. She previously said that her parents died when she was young—I have a feeling it must do with the information David nabbed. The name of the creator of Project Utopia has yet to be revealed; what we do know is that he has two children: Brooke and Griffin.

That answers the question I had last week as to who Griffin was calling. Griffin and Brooke are working together to get control over the time machine, and Brooke seems to be researching John as a side project. Brooke took John to collect his DNA and study his brain chemistry. She says she has perfected her father’s work and can “fix” John. He isn’t keen on the idea and escapes. From what she says, her father must have been into gene therapy and biochemistry.

Now after the pilot I said Vanessa’s biotech company seemed like the kind of thing that would be in line with The Island of Doctor Moreau. I am revisiting this statement. Brooke’s last name Monroe—very similar to Moreau. I think that is who their father is. What I don’t know is if the research, if Project Utopia, is from the future or from the past.

With a time machine involved the information given to David Anders in 1980, could be technology or information from the future. It might be something created years from now, but brought to the past. Thinking of time travel (in the scope of this show) leads me to something I think the show does very well—explaining why our “real time” is proceeding while people are going back in time. They say it is to keep the fabric of time from ripping apart. It is just a neat plot device to keep people (like me) from questioning why things aren’t just fixed by jumping back to right before a character does something stupid.

The big mystery of this episode is Project Utopia. Besides being a play on H.G. Wells writings, it also hints at the betterment of humankind. Taking the possibilities of gene therapy to the extreme—there could be the elimination of all inherited abnormalities and disease. Re-working brain chemistry could mean eliminating all mental illnesses. I am sure that Project Utopia started with good intentions, but like all stories of creating a “superior” race, I’m sure something gets twisted along the way.

The episode ends with John escaping to 1918 Paris, and Brooke letting John know he has a son– the result of relationship he had with a nurse.  Brooke said he grew up to be a doctor like John. John is looking for his son, but what happens if he finds him? What if he hides him in some other time period? What if John’s son is Brooke and Griffin’s father? I’ll give you some time to ponder this all.

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