The Magicians S2E8 Review: Word as Bond

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Word as Bond

Warning: Spoilers


So when we last left off, we heard there was a complication with the exorcism procedure within Jules. We find out right away what that is–her shade is gone. It was nicked in the magical abortion, so now she is without a soul. Which…damn it, guys. Can’t Jules catch a break? When Jules wakes up she is immediately all bubbly and happy–clearly not weighed down by anything. She is still interested in getting Reynard–and she is thinking more like Martin. She and Kady set about trying to find Dana’s god-child, who will contain enough energy to defeat Reynard. He’s necessary, since Jules no longer has her own god-child to draw upon.


Back in Fillory, Quentin is making a ‘word is bond’ for N!Alice, so she can gain control of his body for some period of time. They finish it, just as Margo calls for him. Eliot hasn’t woken up–his consciousness is stuck in the golem. They keep having magical brownouts, too. Despite all of this, Margo is doing an amazing job holding things together–she tells Quentin to go to Jules, and that she will do her best to hold off the war with the Loriens.


While Kady and Jules are doing research, Quentin comes in on them, wanting to help. Jules isn’t worried about her safety anymore, and after finding out where the kid might be, she leaves the wards of Brakebills–and runs straight into Reynard. He thinks she is still carrying his baby. It’s amazing to see how damn unafraid Jules is in this entire situation–the lack of shade is really unsettling, in some ways. Quentin has followed her, and before anything can happen, he pulls her into Fillory, where he persuades her to stay put while he helps Kady find the child back in the real world.  Once back in Brakebills, however, it’s N!Alice’s turn at controlling Quentin. She goes out, but we don’t see where she goes. Quentin wakes up without any knowledge of what she’s done, and tries to figure it out–he thinks she is trying to find a way to reverse being a niffin–but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s something more than that.


Margo still has to deal with the current war issue, and is doing her best to make decisions on her own. Jules is listening as well, though, and is offering her own suggestions. Apparently there are intelligent trees (Ents, anyone?) that want to throw in their lot with Loria. They have a Dryad ambassador, though, that might be reasoned with. Jules suggests she go talk to him, and Margo with her.

He’s a very attractive Dryad, but he’s also arrogant and sexist, and wants nothing to do with the ‘females’ as he puts it. While it is true that Eliot holds the power, I think it is curious that the Dryad was a man, when they are usually females. Perhaps this one took the form of what would be attractive to Eliot? It doesn’t matter, though, as the trees seem to think the discussion is over. Jules, however, has another plan.  


While Jules works on her plan, Margo goes to plead with Eliot’s still sleeping body. He’s not returning, no matter what they do. She pleads with him, saying that they don’t want her. This season has made me love Margo so much more than I previously did–allowing her to show weakness is one of the best things this show has done.


While this is going on, Jules is still trying to work on the Dryad situation. She captures the royal magician of Loria, and asks him for an invisibility spell–saying she is only in things for herself at this point. It works, though, and she gets a trinket to hide her from Reynard, and the man gets his freedom. She also provides the dryad a box and tells them to give it to his bosses. The box, though, has a bomb in it, and causes the entire forest to be set ablaze. See, kids? This is what happens when you don’t have a soul. I would not recommend.


Back at the castle, Margo is furious with her, and puts her in the dungeon for her trouble, and then goes to check on Eliot. The transfer is completed, but apparently it didn’t work? Fen is freaking out, and Margo is doing her best to be a badass and strong–I love her for it. In typical Eliot fashion, he was apparently just late, and the look on Margo’s face is just beautiful and heartbreaking. This episode was so good for her characterization.


Back in the normal world, Penny heads to the Neitherlands to sees the Librarian. Apparently to get the power back in his hands he’ll have to be a slave to Myakovski, or be a slave to the Librarians. The Librarians are upfront about their terms to get magic back: 1 million years of work. Myakoski? Who knows.


Kady and Quentin continue to do their research and find out that the baby was given to a social worker, but after that there is no more information. Penny comes back from meeting with the Librarians, and notices something is wrong with Quentin–he clearly can sense N!Alice even if he can’t put his finger on it. I’m glad someone is going to sort this out.  Penny is also trying to take care of Kady, too, who wants to push him away, due to her own self loathing.  


While trying to sort out how to find this god-child of Dana’s, N!Alice suggests something called time-sight, and Quentin has to find a way to explain why he knows what that is. It’s hilarious and pathetic all at the same time.


Quentin and Kady head to the hospital where the child was handed over, where they use a magical viewfinder to look into the past. They see the man who picked up the child but his face is scratched out– Dana did it, to protect him. So it’s going to be even harder to find him.


N!Alice takes control of Quentin again, and goes to find some little girl. She is apparently an Angler Beast, and is thousands of years old. Alice plans on killing the creature and when Quentin wakes up–yep, the creature is dead. It still looks like a little girl, though, so of course Quentin has a bit of a freak out. N!Alice is there to quickly explain that it was a monster, so he can calm himself.


Quentin wants to break the word is bond, due to the current situation–he appears to be at the end of his rope, claiming he can’t help anyone.. N!Alice has no sympathy and takes over again, with no remorse for his feelings.


Quentin wakes up in Dublin, of all places. N!Alice uses reverse psychology to get Quentin to go into this weird place, where some niffin monk is in hiding–a man named Friar Joseph. Quentin can’t box him, surprisingly. N!Alice wants to make it so she can’t be boxed; that is what she has been working towards this entire time. We also learn that N!Alice is learning on how to break the bond–and Quentin’s body can’t hold a niffin for every long.

Penny comes back to Kady with some information–the god-child’s name. Apparently Penny signed the Librarian contract. He tells Kady that it’s not her choice to decide if she’s worth Penny’s time or not, and that he loves her, no matter what. It’s a great little speech. After it, though, Quentin returns, and he figures out that N!Alice is inside of him.


So that’s a thing.


I feel this episode was sort of treading water–but at the same time, especially in Quentin and N!Alice storyline, things moved forward. There are only two more episodes left to this season, so with so many things left undone, and no renewal, I feel they have little time to do things.


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