The Magicians S2E7: Plan B

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Plan B

Warning: Spoilers


Well now that Quentin knows that Alice is stuck in his tattoo, she’s going full on harassing him. She wants out of his tattoo and is trying to get him to let her free. Of course this is Niffin!Alice (hereby known as N!Alice) so she’s really malicious–but incredibly truthful. She calls Quentin and her relationship a “garbage fire” and I can’t disagree with her. N!Alice also says this isn’t good for either of them, that everything that made her Alice is gone. Only N!Alice remains–and she’s just fine with that, as long as she can get free.


Kady and Jules go visit the contact that should be able to help Jules with her demon-pregnancy. They use some sort of Asian-magic, and it’s different than any magic we have seen before. Jules is informed that this isn’t an abortion–this is an exorcism. Due to how dangerous the child is, the woman wants one million dollars, in gold bars. Seriously. As the woman says, “Paper money is for drug dealers and idiots.”  After some discussion, Kady and Jules realize there is only one way to get that sort of cash–


–rob a bank.


As they are scoping out a bank, some unseen thing attacks them, and tries to kill Jules. Luckily their weird magic blocking Sloth-friend helps out (you know the person Dana was keeping in the basement. Like Sloth, from Goonies), and manages to take out the invisible bad guy–but is killed in the attempt. It’s a noble way to go for the strange guy, but I really wish they had done more with him before killing him off. Still, his death gives Kady enough time to get Jules to Brakebills, where she’ll be safe. They allow her sanctuary, which is unusual given what she’s done to them–but considering her situation, it’s understandable. She’s told that the fetus has entwined itself with her Shade (the show’s name for a soul, remember?), so extricating it will be difficult.


While Quentin is working on trying to find a ‘fix’ to his N!Alice problem, Kady and Jules walk into the Physical House. Jules goes straight upstairs without talking to him, and to his credit, Quentin follows her. Jules asks him to help rob the bank, and N!Alice is totally into the idea. It will give her something to do, at least!


Kady and Penny run into each other, too. And yep– they really missed each other. Enough to have spontaneous, hot sex in the library together. He also says he’ll help in the bank robbery–so it looks like the group is growing by the second.

Margo and Eliot are in as well, because hey–guess what? Fillory is completely broke,and they need cash, too. So breaking into a bank will pay for the war situation. Which, surprise, they can’t get out of (not that Margo wanted to). Eliot is using his golem, so his body is taking a good sleep with Fen in Fillory. That’s important to remember (I promise).


The bank they choose has magical wards which might make this impossible, except for one thing–Margo’s broken into a bank before. Lucky them!


The invisible thing attacks again, and they find out it was the asian lady’s friend, who think’s it’s better to kill Jules and the baby instead of having a magical abortion done. That means that Jules can’t be part of the bank heist–however, she can still watch it go down courtesy of the ‘Best Bitches Forever’ necklace that Kady wears.


The group get the heist going, and things are going fine– so far. Except Penny gets his foot on the floor and gets trapped…so not so good, in the end. See, the vault was magically set up so that if a traveler touches the floor, he’ll just start suffocating to death. Eliot made a floating belt for Penny, but it gave out and…well. The situation they are in now is the result. The group has to go in to get him out, which creates one of my favorite scenes to date: Eliot using a magic disco ball to get bank guards to dance to 2NE1, one of my favorite K-Pop bands. They are still having difficulty getting through the vault door, which causes Quentin to make a pact with N!Alice: she can have control of his body for 30 minutes a day if she helps him open the door. It works, and all seems well–until Quentin trips the wards, and a scary as hell battle-magic guard comes out to attack them.


Knowing they won’t survive long, Jules risks her own life and heads to the bank, using the rewind machine she repaired to give everyone time to get out. The only casualty is Eliot’s golem.


The invisible creature attacks again, and this time Jules is hurt badly. When she awakens, she finds out that the exorcism has been conducted…but there has been a complication. Well, great. Yet another bad thing for Jules, I guess.


Overall, this was a fun little episode. It moved the plot forward, got all of the characters back together again, and really involved little trauma in general. Which, hey, is nice, given how this show has been going lately.


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