The Flash S3E15, Review – The Wrath of Savitar

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With team Flash riding the high of their victory over Grodd, victory over Savitar seems to be just a little closer. For the team, it looks like they’ve changed the future in Iris’ favor. Savitar will show them soon enough that isn’t the case, however.

Fresh from their spontaneous engagement, Iris and Barry happily tell the team– to everyone’s surprise. For the most part, the team is happy for the news, except Joe who speaks to Barry in private of his concern. Barry knows the story behind Joe’s marriage, how he approached the father for permission. Why didn’t Barry do the same? I was expecting an answer such as Iris being her own woman– they don’t need his blessing for her choice. Barry explains it was a spur of the moment decision; he was so caught up in the moment he didn’t think to ask permission. That is quite suspicious; no one carries their grandmother’s ring just in case a spur of the moment proposal happens. Joe doesn’t seem too convinced, either, e but lets it go as Barry is called to a robbery.

Up to this point, Wally has done so well with his training he is fast enough to save Iris from Savitar’s hold. That’s great news for the team who feels empowered from their consecutive wins. The feeling doesn’t last for too long as what Wally has been going through sets off a series of secrets coming to light. Wally has been seeing Savitar, someone no one else can see, in a sequence of hallucinations. The fear sets Barry off, banning Wally from being around them and demands that Julian let the team into his head to talk to Savitar.

By now, Barry should realize being ruled by his fear helps no one. It stresses the team out, and violates their trust in him. Instead of someone speaking out in Julian’s defense, or asking Barry to be rational, they all go with the plan. It’s Caitlin who appeals to Julian to go along, as she realizes it’s his fear of being seen as a monster by her that is his biggest road block. I can’t see that being the only reason– knowing Savitar can still be channeled through him is enough of a reason for Julian to say no.

Caitlin’s talk did the trick, and Julian agrees to sit down and let them speak to Savitar. Speaking in vague answers, Savitar does little to tell the team how he will get out of his prison. He does take enjoyment out of insulting most of the team, hitting them right where it hurts. Desperate for any clues, they locate a group of Savitar’s followers who are in possession of the box that held the philosopher’s stone. Nothing is inside, but the leader makes it clear Savitar has all he needs.

Team Flash has no idea how Savitar will make his way out of his prison, in fact, they don’t know where he’s imprisoned. As they examine every possibility, Wally is left to his own devices. He’s effectively separated from the main team, training on his own with H.R., who is worried about his decline in performance. Wally believes he’ll do better if he sees the moment play out, seeing Savitar attack Iris in person will make him better prepared. The two convince Cisco, who deems it a terrible idea, to vibe him to that moment.

Not only is Wally so affected by seeing his sister die, but he realizes Barry has been hiding another secret from them. In front of everyone, Wally calls Barry out on the truth of his proposal. In the future, Iris has no ring, which means Barry only asked Iris to marry him to change her future. While logically we all know Barry loves Iris, and it was inevitable, the revelation hits Iris so hard she walks out. No one can blame Iris– they two have moved so fast in their relationship, and this only confirms it was done out of fear. Not even Iris can deny Barry loves her, he’s doing this to change her future, but marriage is a serious commitment and shouldn’t be done out of obligation.

While everyone is entitled to their secrets, one that holds pertinent information about a bloodthirsty Speedster should not be kept. Julian seeks Caitlin out for support through the chaos.  He feels responsible for Savitar’s appearance and believes he may be the one who is the key to his return. Caitlin assures him he’s not, revealing she holds a piece of the Philosopher’s stone. That is a huge piece of information being kept to herself, and it affects Julian most of all. Caitlin believed she could use the stone to get rid of her powers, not knowing it could help Savitar return to Central City. Julian sees further than that: the real reason she pushed to have him on the team was only to help her find a cure. Julian leaves, clearly frustrated and hurt as he had strong feelings for Caitlin. Whether Julian leaves the team for good or not is not clear, as Cisco hooks him up to reach Savitar once again. They want to see if they can track him through brain waves. It’s another failure in the mixture of distrust amongst the team.

While team Flash grasps at straws to locate Savitar, Wally has fallen by the wayside. Jessie picked up on this and seeks him out to help. He’s lucky she’s so devoted, as Savitar pushes Wally into another hallucination. Savitar manages to goad him into running right into his plan, leaving Jessie unaware and terrified of what is about to happen.

Through this crisis, Iris is still unsure how she feels about the engagement situation with Barry. Thankfully, Joe is the voice of reason to talk her through it. He raised them both; he knows Barry’s thought process. Yes, Barry does love her, the proposal is out of fear. While talking with Barry, Iris explains how she feels the proposal is tainted; their relationship will be different now and it’s unclear how they will move forward.

Somehow, while talking out relationship troubles with Iris, Barry realizes where Savitar has been trapped: the Speedforce. The best part is that the Philosopher’s stone is caught in the Speedforce with him as well, but without the whole stone he cannot come out. Or so Barry optimistically thinks. However, Savitar has a way with words, and attacking an insecure young man such as Wally was an easy target. He manages to get Wally not only to open the portal into the Speedforce, but throw the piece of the stone in as well. Barry cannot help him in time as Savitar trades places with Wally and re-enters their world.

Barry is in no condition to fight Savitar, and while Savitar seems to go easy on Barry, he is still left battered and beaten. Combine that, with the emotional collapse of the team, and the guilt must be weighing heavy on him. Where can he go from here? They can’t leave Wally in the prison of the Speedforce, Barry’s guilt would never allow it. But with Savitar back on the scene, how exactly will Central City be protected? This team has a lot of planning to do.

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