Riverdale S01E06 “Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!”

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“Chapter Six: Faster, Pussy Cats! Kill! Kill!”

Warning Contains Spoilers

This week we received much needed answers to some questions surrounding Jason Blossom’s murder. We keep getting closer to uncovering the truth, but there are still puzzle pieces missing.

Something that helped this week was finally meeting Polly Cooper. Betty and Jughead find out where Polly is being held, so Betty finally gets to see her sister and what does she find? A very pregnant Polly! Yes, Polly is in fact carrying Jason’s child, so the lies continue. Apparently she was going to run away with Jason and start their family together away from Riverdale. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper had other plans, however, and intercepted Polly, sending her to live at this facility. They wanted to cover up her pregnancy and maintain their image. It also didn’t help that they hated Jason and his family with a fiery passion. Polly also tells Betty that their parents told her Betty didn’t want to see her! These parents are nothing but lies and deceit. I mean it’s one thing to put your daughter away, that’s horrible enough, but also keeping sisters away from each other is just too much! Where did they learn about parenting? Polly also did not know that Jason is dead. When she finds out, it devastates her.

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper try to lie to Betty by saying that Polly doesn’t know what she’s talking about– they say that she’s delusional. Betty doesn’t really have any reason to believe them with all the lies they’ve already told her. She actually asks her father point blank, if he killed Jason, and Mrs. Cooper bursts into laughter as if this was all just a complete joke. This woman is out of her mind; I’m so glad the children in this town are level headed. I feel so much for Betty– she just wants the truth. The two people in her life that are supposed to teach her deceive her with every chance they get.

Remember last week when Jughead and Betty had an almost romantic moment? Yeah well, that happened again this week: Jughead kissed Betty. Why?! This does not need to happen. They do not need to happen. They are better as friends, and Jughead should be in love with food not Betty! Not to say they aren’t cute together, because they are, but this just seems completely forced; it reminds me that this is a high school drama.

Luckily their moment doesn’t last long. Betty remembers that Polly told her Jason had left a car with supplies for them to run away together. Jughead and Betty find the car and inside is Jason’s letterman jacket and the supplies Polly mentioned. They also find drugs that confirm Jason was dealing. Polly was telling the truth. This whole car is a crime scene and they are touching everything! Seriously, neither of them thought to use gloves? They are able to tell the Sheriff, but when he gets to the scene, the car is up in flames with all evidence being destroyed. Someone was watching them. When they went to tell Polly they believed her, they find her window broken and she’s not there– it seems she ran away..


This week was also the annual Variety Show and Archie wants a slot; his stage fright has other plans, though. He freezes up and runs off stage, not able to complete his audition. Luckily, Veronica convinces Kevin (the director of the show) to give Archie a slot since he’s heard him sing numerous times. She also reveals that she can sing too and offers to sing with him so he’s not up there alone. One thing that continues to bother me about this show is that they are spending a lot of time on the Veronica and Archie relationship and spending almost no time on Betty and Archie. The love triangle is almost non existent– which is fine if they hadn’t spent time saying how much Betty and Archie mean to each other; all I ask is for a little consistency.

They didn’t forget about the connection Valerie and Archie started last episode. They make sweet sweet music together– or at least a song! This week Valerie has a disagreement with Josie and actually quits the Pussy Cats! So Valerie and Archie began singing together without telling Veronica she’s off the hook. Archie thought she was only doing him a favor by singing with him, but she actually wanted to sing and perform; Archie was a typical teenage boy and didn’t listen to her. So she joins The Pussy Cats instead! Josie wants to get back at Val and Veronica has a lot of aggression she needs to get out in songwriting, so it’s a win win. They had an epic strut down the hallway to show off the new group!

This week we learn a lot more about Josie’s home life, which was a welcomed addition. Lately we haven’t seen much of Josie other than her incredible talent and bossiness, so it was nice to see why she acts the way she does. Her father is a successful jazz musician who doesn’t approve of Josie’s pop music. She wants nothing more than to please her father and have him be proud of her. So she creates this new arrangement for the showcase to impress him, but he leaves before she’s done. No wonder she is such a perfectionist when it comes to her band. Valerie knows about Josie’s tough relationship with her father and they makeup; she returns to the band just in time for the performance, but don’t worry, Veronica was able to still perform with them too! Veronica and Archie even makeup and she convinces him that he can perform. He plays his song solo and kills it! That KJ Apa has an incredible voice! As a reward for getting over his stage fright, he and Val kissed! There’s a relationship that doesn’t seem forced!

Last week Hermione Lodge embarrassingly turned down Fred Andrews and this week they are kissing! She works for him now and they shared a moment together. He apparently has put in a bid to run the construction on the drive-in lot. Fred puts together this nice presentation for the Mayor just to find out they are going with another company. The Mayor wants Fred’s bid, but needs shareholder signatures to override the deal. Since the Lodge’s are shareholders, Hermione asks Veronica to sign, but she refuses. She has it in her mind that when her father is released they will be a family again and doesn’t want Fred messing that up. Hermione forges Veronica’s signature. Their close relationship took a big hit this week. The parents in this town are so immature and deceitful! I love how involved they are in the conspiracies of the town, but some of this hurt to watch!

Well, who set the car on fire? It can’t be anyone who was at the variety show, which only really leaves the Coopers and the Blossoms themselves. Those choices are too obvious, but sometimes the obvious choice is the right choice. Whoever set fire to the car didn’t necessarily kill Jason, but they know who did, and are protecting them. There’s a lot of crimes committed in this town for the reason of protecting others.

It’s really fun to go along with the investigation– we get to be detectives ourselves. I love tv shows that keep you on your toes and guessing each step of the way; it makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience. It’s almost as if we get to participate. The ending narration talks about fear and I think a lot of the fear in this town is fear of the unknown. In a town full of darkness, secrets and lies it’s nice to have answers every once in awhile.

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