The Flash S3E14, Review – Attack on Central City Pt. 2

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Love is in the air; Central City is peaceful enough the team can enjoy each other’s company and lament over relationships they have or don’t have. Grodd’s defeat has brought a calm optimism for the future and is a win for saving Iris’ future.

Except Grodd always thinks ahead and the while the team is taking it easy, they have no idea Central City is about to be attacked until Gypsy arrives. She’s poised to attack, and no amount of talking her down is getting through to her. It’s not until Harry manages to knock her out with one shot from a gun, is she ready to talk. It soon becomes apparent she’s a victim of Grodd’s mind control, and he’s going to carry out his plan to attack Central City. She refuses to help despite the horrors she saw– this is their world, not hers. Cisco, a little down after watching the couples pair off all morning, tries his best to charm her into helping, but there is just no helping the situation. They have to do this on their own.

The team knows they have to manage to get one step ahead of Grodd, but for an adversary who thinks of everything, that seems nearly impossible. Not so much with Cisco on their team, with a little help from Harry they can harness Cisco’s power to jump just a little bit into the future to pinpoint where Grodd will launch his attack. It looks like a win for the team until they get there: Grodd anticipated this and took control of Joe’s mind. He nearly manages to get Joe to kill himself, but all it does is prove that it was a distraction from his actual target– a General with nuclear launch codes.

While Team Flash is made up of many brilliant minds from various backgrounds, Grodd is just too smart for them. Every time they think they’ve got him, he is quick to prove how wrong they are. The losses weigh down on Barry over and over, who is obsessed with Iris’ future. He’s lost so many people in his life and losing Iris would be one of the most devastating, especially if it was by the hands of Savitar. Iris has had her fears as well, aggravated by Barry’s obsession and facing her mortality. She’s still able to step back and see the bigger picture. They’re not enjoying their lives in the present, and even with all they face, they can still enjoy each other in the now.

Barry’s fears are eating him up so much he’s considering killing Grodd. KILLING him! To Barry, it’s the best way to ensure the future doesn’t come true. Iris is scared; his humanity is what makes him a hero and what they admire about him. It’s not until a talk with Harry does Barry realize he doesn’t have to stoop so low. Yes, Harry has killed, but it’s not something he’s proud of and must live with that burden every day. While Barry has faced worse, Grodd’s presence seems to hold such a heavy presence of Iris’ future.

Barry is not the only one facing his fears. Harry has the face the reality that Jessie is going to move from Earth-2 to be with Wally. They’re clearly happy and devoted to each other, but Jessie is all Harry has. At first, he seems oddly calm and okay with it, but when alone with Wally, he reveals the only reason is that he’s dying. Harry seems completely sincere, and after losing his mother how could Wally not believe him? ¬†Well, Jessie doesn’t believe Wally and calls Harry out for lying to him to get her to stay. He doesn’t exactly deny it but doesn’t put up much of a fight. Good on Jessie for standing up to what she wants– Wally needs her as more than just someone he likes.

Luckily, the team isn’t out for the count just yet when it comes to defeating Grodd. By tapping into Joe’s memories, they can attempt to get a lead on his true victim. It works! Joe produces a headshot, one they put through a database to match and get General ¬†Matthew McNaly. You know, the one who has nuclear missile clearance. At this point, Team Flash is only catching up, Grodd has just launched the nuclear missiles, and they have to push it if they have any hope of deactivating its launch.

With Barry at the helm of attempting 90,000 different deactivation codes, everyone on the team knows he can do it except himself. His self-doubt is bubbling to the top, and it almost gets the best of him, but he’s Barry! He always finds a way, and he manages to get the correct combination to deactivate the missiles.

To Grodd, it is only a small bump in the road; he’ll still manage to destroy Central City–or so he thinks. For once, Team Flash has managed to think ahead. Cisco manages to talk Gypsy into helping them, and together they bring Solovar to their Earth to challenge Grodd. Now he wasn’t exactly expecting to see Solovar again. It’s an easy challenge for Solovar, and he nearly manages to kill Grodd until Barry begs for his mercy. Earth-1 will prison Grodd and keep him away; a notion Solovar can live with as long as they return to their world.

Now Team Flash can claim victory! They can go back to celebrating, to enjoy their lives with their loved ones. It’s a win especially for Barry who can finally breathe a sigh of relief. If anything, the whole ordeal has shown Barry there is always another way, and for now, he should enjoy his with time Iris. It was so impactful, he proposes to Iris with his grandmother’s ring! They clearly care for each other, so why not make it official?

As Team Flash grows larger, Barry doesn’t have to carry the weight of Central City’s fate on his shoulders. He may take the possibility of Iris’ death as his fault, but he won’t face the challenge alone. When Savitar returns, he has a much better chance of defeating him.

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