Ding-Dong someone’s dead….probably. S1E10 Review: No Place Like Home

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Emerald City: No Place Like Home

Original air date: March 3rd, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Photo from the episode “No Place Like Home”

Well, the season is over. I feel the show finally hit its stride just as the season was winding down.  Some questions were answered, some were not, and boy oh boy do we have bunch of new ones. There hasn’t been an announcement of a season two or not—so maybe we will get the answers next season.

The Wizard has lost his power and may be dead. He was shot, and lost consciousness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he died. Ozma/Tip took control of the Emerald City, with the help of West and other witches. Tip’s first order of business was to punish Eamonn for betraying the royal family. Tip casts a spell on Eamonn’s family and they forget who he is, then banishes Eamonn from Oz.  Justice was given without violence, a vastly different approach to ruling compared to the Wizard.

Photo from the episode “No Place Like Home”

Before the Wizard lost his reign, the battle between him and Glinda came to a head. Glinda brought the young witches to confront the Wizard and he shot them. This only slowed them down—for only a witch can kill another witch, even when it comes to bullets. At first I thought this must mean Dorothy is a witch, but I don’t think that is the case. I think it is that East pulled the trigger, killing herself—a witch killed a witch.  If I am wrong, then how is she a witch?  Did Mombi visit Jane while she was pregnant? It still isn’t clear how baby witches are made.

Photo from the episode “No Place Like Home”

This leads me to the big reveal—Jane is Dorothy’s mom, not Karen.  Okay, I mean I just assumed like we were lead to that it was Karen, but having it be Jane doesn’t seem like a big deal. I guess this is so that Dorothy would have a reason to return to Oz. If there is a second season, I would assume we would see more of the events that took place twenty years ago– like how Karen escaped with Dorothy. I am guessing the machine that sent Dorothy home was the one used before. Jane got Karen and Dorothy home, but the Wizard stopped her before she could go.

Photo from the episode “No Place Like Home”

Dorothy does get back to Kansas, but was only gone ten minutes. Huh?  If time worked differently in Oz, then how do twenty years in Oz line up with the twenty years in Kansas? Was her being home just a dream? Did she not make it home, but rather was still in Oz, maybe in the Prison of Abject or some other confinement? Lucas/Roan’s appearance to summon her “home” could be an attempt to break her out of her confinement or spell, or is maybe exactly what it appeared to be.

Photo from the episode “No Place Like Home”

As Jane was sending Dorothy home, Glinda and West appeared to almost settle on an uneasy truce; but right before things could get settled, the Beast Forever arrived. I totally called the dude from the Prison Abject being the beast forever! But who is he? I have some theories—first I think it may be Ugu the Shoemaker. I know random character, but in the Oz stories, he is a powerful sorcerer that kidnaps Ozma. Dorothy is the one that ends up defeating him. She uses the Nome King’s magic belt and turns him into a dove. This, probably won’t happen in the show, but leads me to my second guess for who the Beast Forever is: he is the Nome King. This fits in a couple ways, first the Nome King lived in a mountain, the Prison Abject—is in a mountain. Second, Ozma and Dorothy have run-ins with the Nome King and Dorothy defeats him when she takes his magic belt. If this is the case I hope the people of Oz have lots of eggs ready. (The Nome King is really afraid of eggs).  Lastly, as a big stretch, the Beast Forever could be a Rak. The Rak is described as a magical, flying beast that can talk—so maybe.

The finale episode left the fate of many of our characters unfinished. Eamonn was leaving the Emerald City, but when he sees the Beast Forever fly over, will he return to the city? Why was Lucas/Roan the one sent to get Dorothy? Jack was left in pieces and last we saw Langwidere, was not operational. Jane was kidnapped by the Beast Forever, so this leaves an opening to introduce the characters, Smith and Tinker. In the Oz stories, they worked for the land of Ev and created Tik-Tok. I could see Tik-Tok finding Jack, picking up his pieces and bringing them back to his makers. This could also tie into who made the guns when Jane refused. Also, Mombi, the one behind all the young witches, we need to see her again. A reunion between her a Tip would be very interesting.

As it is, I hope there will be a second season. There are too many questions left unanswered.

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