Arrow S05E15 “Fighting Fire With Fire”

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“Fighting Fire With Fire”

Warning Contains Spoilers

“Fighting Fire With Fire” was a huge improvement from last week’s episode. The plot definitely progressed and we received an answer to the biggest question of season five: who is Prometheus? It’s not who anyone would ever expect and if you did, more power to you!

So I won’t bury the lead: Prometheus takes off his mask this week and reveals himself to be none other than District Attorney Adrian Chase. This was one of the biggest surprises Arrow has had in quite some time. While I’m not too happy with their choice, I have to hand it to them– this was a shocker. Adrian is the Vigilante in the comics, and all signs pointed to him reprising this role in the show. Arrow can be very predictable, so this was very refreshing. I still wish Prometheus had been someone from the past, but with how they handle old storylines it might be for the best. I’m just glad it is someone we know. The significance of Prometheus’s identity was very important for the show moving forward.

So what does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that Oliver’s blind trust in people will fail him again. It also means that we still have no idea who Vigilante is. My money’s on an Earth 2 doppelgänger scenario and it’s not a totally far fetched idea– look at Black Canary. Maybe Prometheus brought his Earth 2 counterpart to Star City as another way to get to Oliver by having him kill criminals, but he went rogue. They actually have a showdown, since Prometheus isn’t happy that Vigilante is going after Oliver. This is when Prometheus reveals himself as Adrian. I actually had to rewind it to make sure, because I was so convinced he was the Vigilante that my mind did not register this revelation. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

Meanwhile in the Mayoral world, Oliver is facing impeachment for covering up that Green Arrow killed Billy Malone. Adrian knows that the public just wants someone to blame, so he offers up his name–this was before we knew he’s Prometheus. Oliver, of course, didn’t even entertain this idea seeing as he just trusts everyone these days and doesn’t want to go the sleazy political route. Thea suggests throwing Billy under the bus making him look like a dirty cop. She also gets blackmail from Felicity’s Pandora on one of the congressmen who has the swing vote. Oliver didn’t want any of this; he wants to keep the office, but not this way. If he loses the office, Prometheus wins, but he also doesn’t want to keep it at anyone’s expense. If he lets Billy take the fall, Felicity would never forgive him and he could never forgive himself. So he does the only thing he can do and throws Green Arrow’s name in the ring. He tells the public that Green Arrow has gone dark, has become a criminal and should not be trusted anymore. That is such a weird thing to do. There really wasn’t any other way, but the ramifications of this are off the charts. Now he can’t go out as Green Arrow and save this city anymore. He is still Mayor, but is he still Green Arrow?

Dinah is the only one that has become suspicious of Adrian. After a run in with Vigilante, Oliver’s limo flipped over injuring himself, Dinah, Thea, and Adrian. Dinah began working the scene gathering evidence and finds a piece of Vigilante’s visor that she was just going to pocket, but Adrian sees her and said he would package that for her while she finishes looking around. I could see in her eyes that the whole situation did not sit right with her. Later, at the police station, he leaves the evidence just laying about and she, thinking he’s distracted, takes it away; he knows she did this and smiles to himself. He left it there for her to steal; maybe to incriminate her later or to incriminate Oliver– or to seem on their side. His plan right now isn’t really all that clear.

At the end of the episode he actually kidnaps Susan, which is definitely to get a rise out of Oliver. Oliver is still hung up on Susan, he wants Thea and Felicity to make it right. You don’t ask your ex fiancé to help you get back together with your girlfriend. I know they are past everything, but still some things are sensitive. I still don’t understand why Oliver is so keen on her after all he knows. I know Thea and Felicity planted evidence that got her fired, but she still has all this other information about him on her own. Felicity does send a retraction to Susan’s job and she gets it back, but again I don’t understand why he needs her. How long were they actually dating anyway? I guess long enough that Prometheus knows to use her as leverage.

Felicity actually joins Helix this week! I’m so excited for more Dark Felicity. She has been so good for so long, that it’s time for her to let her freak flag fly. Diggle doesn’t like the sound of the Pandora files she’s been using for blackmail. He tells her not to fight fire with fire (title of the episode), but she throws back that she’s seen all of Team Arrow constantly do just that, so why can’t she? He throws in that she is grieving over Billy and wants something she can control and she dismisses that notion. She has decided it’s her turn to have some fun and she will fight fire with fire by joining Helix! Felicity is not utilized as much as she deserves, so I’m glad they are giving her this story line. I’m anxious to see what she’s going to have to sacrifice for Helix.

Thea decides to leave the Mayor’s office once and for all. She doesn’t like the person she is becoming or the decisions she’s making. She had blood lust in a different way. Instead of killing, she wants to emotionally destroy people and she wants to nip that in the bud. I wonder if this is her way of leaving the show too? What other purpose does her character have anymore? She’s not on Team Arrow, she’s not working for Oliver, what will she do? It’s a shame because she has become such a strong character over the years and they have pushed her aside just like they did Laurel.

Remember when Curtis had a husband? Arrow brought that back up this week in the way of a divorce. I didn’t buy how upset Curtis is about Paul giving him divorce papers. It’s been a few episodes since Paul left Curtis and he really hasn’t been all that sad. If anything he’s only gotten happier. Hopefully they show his heartbreak a bit better now. There’s so much going on in Arrow that it’s hard to fully flesh out each character all the time, but at least check in more often.

It would have been great to have Tommy Merlyn be Prometheus even if they had to recast, but I’ll take it being someone we at least care about. They’ve spent a lot of time on Adrian Chase this season, building his relationship with Oliver, so I’ll be interested to see how it plays out. We have a little break before next episode so hopefully they come back with another strong one. One things for sure, I hope that if Thea is actually leaving for good they give her a better send off. She is an original character and deserves more than a throw away line.

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