Shadowhunters S2E9, Review – Bound by Blood

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By now, one would expect a battle or two to be won over Valentine. Time and time again he has been several steps ahead of our favorite Shadowhunters. Their future continues to look bleak as Valentine continues forward with his plan to rid the world of Downworlders.

The realization that Clary has Angel blood has not quite set in, as Clary is busy making out with Simon in the boathouse without a care in the world.  It’s likely his jealousy that has Jace so focused on keeping Clary away from Valentine, but he isn’t wrong. With Luke in agreement, the four know they have to find Valentine and get the sword away from him.

Quickly, any safety they thought Clary has begun to crumble. It’s kicked off with the blood oath Clary made to Iris. As it’s currently unfulfilled, her hand decays and Magnus warns her unless she finds Madzie, it’ll reach her heart and die. We know Valentine has Madzie, and this all just seems like one big trap to hand Clary over to him. To make matters worse, an attack from Maia proves Clary does not have quite as many Downworlder allies we might’ve hoped. She’s determined to kill Clary but ultimately fails as Clary holds her own against her. Maia was at the party, she knows Valentine’s plan and to protect her pack, and every other Downworlder, Clary has to die. Just one person knowing isn’t so bad, but that isn’t the case. Practically everyone knows and will soon be out to get Clary.

Luke steps forward to try and keep the peace;afraid of Maia lashing out and harming Clary, he locks her in a supply closet. It’s the ultimate betrayal– Maia’s greatest fear is being locked in closed spaces. She immediately panics and soon loses control of her transformation. It allows her to escape, but I’m sure her next plan is to find Clary and kill her.

Thinking Maia is locked away from doing harm, Luke asks Magnus, Raphael, and Meliorn to attend a meeting. It’s to address the rumors of the Soul-Sword and Clary, but Raphael and Meliorn seem to already know the truth behind it. Meliorn is vocal about saving his people; killing Clary is the logical choice, and if it weren’t for their attachment to Shadowhunters, they’d agree with him as well. Luke and Magnus I understand, but Raphael? It seems he’s been spending a lot of time with Isabelle– Meliorn is no stranger to her perfume after all. Caught red handed, Raphael quickly agrees with Meliorn: they can’t protect Clary.

While Magnus may be concerned of his fate as a Downworlder, the most pressing issue is Raphael’s little secret coming to light. Like a good partner, he reveals this to Alec in hopes they can address Isabelle’s addiction. She’s apparently addicted to Vampire venom, and Raphael is just as addicted to Shadowhunter blood. Magnus doesn’t have the greatest timing, Alec has been looking for Isabelle like crazy and feels Magnus hid this dark secret for him. Alec had been doing SO well keeping his emotions in check, but when it comes to Isabelle, he ultimately fails.

A forced intervention for Isabelle and Raphael is headed by Alec who nearly beats Raphael to death for feeding on his sister. Magnus stops him before any real damage is done, and in his anger, he drags Isabelle away. Isabelle immediately puts a stop to it, while impaired from her high she points out to Alec she’s been like this for a long time. It’s too late now, she’s not just his litter sister, and this is what she wants. On the flip side, Magnus tries to calm Raphael. Of course, they can’t force the two apart, but Valentine’s threat is going to force them to face reality sooner or later.

Finding Madzie is way too easy for Clary, Simon, and Jace. They all know it’s weird, but they don’t have a choice as Clary is close to dying. It’s Jace who approaches Valentine at a restaurant, telling him of the effects of the blood oath. It’s either give up Madzie or let Clary die, and to his frustration, Valentine lets Madzie go. Briefly, it seems Jace finally has the upper hand on Valentine! We should know at this point they’re not smarter than him. It’s Madzie who betrays them, proving her strength as a Warlock as she opens a portal and takes Clary back to Valentine.

Jace enlists Alec’s help to locate Clary who utilizes the Shadowhunters at the Institute to come together and find her. At the same time, the Downworlders Valentine experimented on are running amok and killing Mundanes without cause. Aldertree attempts to put a stop to Alec’s leadership, but Alec is ready for him. It’s clear Aldertree knew he was poisoning Isabelle and has essentially ruined her. With the threat of informing Idris, Aldertree steps down and lets Alec get to work.

A brief beatdown of a Downworlder reveals Clary’s location to Jace and Simon which, again, seems way too easy. No one is ever going to learn not to run into traps, because even as the boys save Clary, Simon gets taken in the process. Valentine is very smart; he now has the key to ensure Clary will walk right up to him and do whatever he wants.

Valentine is on the winning side, and without the Clave getting it together to join with the Downworlders to defeat him, he will win. He clearly doesn’t want to just destroyed all Downworlders– he wants ultimate power over all.

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