Black Sails S4E5: XXXIII

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Warning: Spoilers


This episode was, at its core, two men making choices that will forever change the course of the show. Silver and Rogers both take matters into their own hands, altering the fates and lives of those they claim to care about. The theme of this episode, of sole-decisions, is shown early in the blocking of Silver leaving the Fort tunnel. He’s in darkness, his silhouette shown in stark relief against the brightness of the outside.


Once back with the main group of pirates, he shares the situation with Billy, who hates it, of course–and will most likely refuse to go along with it. Silver knows already that he’s going to have to make some hard decisions going ahead. Billy rightfully points out that Eleanor is getting the better end of the deal in getting their treasure, and forces Silver to admit that Flint made the choice for him. It makes him look weak, but again–he really has very few options at this juncture.


After Billy leaves, Madi demands an explanation as well–she states that for what Billy did at the Underhill estate, he should be ‘removed’ –aka killed. It’s in this moment that Silver realizes that Billy was right: Madi is being consumed by the same fervor as Flint. I genuinely feel bad for Silver, in this moment. He’s been pulled in so many directions, and Madi, the one person who he thinks loves him, refuses to say that he would be enough for her if they ran away from the war, right now. The fact that she won’t answer is an answer within itself, isn’t it?


We check on Eleanor and Flint, now, who are discussing the past. Eleanor realizes that no matter what she’s done, she’s always had a man behind her, trying to manipulate her. She’s sick of it–and I honestly don’t know if it’s going to stop anytime soon.


Billy goes to talk to Silver again, saying that he would follow Silver, that his men would follow Silver, but he will still fight against the giving up of the treasure. If they keep fighting, they are bound to lose eventually, so they need to stop before it costs them everything. Israel Hands has an entirely different tactic with talking to Silver: he slaps him in the face and tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. He needs to make a decision, no matter how painful it is. I would like to note that Silver states that Billy was his closest friend–and I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that? But hey, character insight.


Mrs. Hudson, meanwhile, has reached Rogers, and relays the situation to him–he, of course, refuses to listen to the plan, and continues on towards Nassau. Without knowing how else to stop him, Eleanor has the fort fire upon the ship multiple times until he turns around. He isn’t heading for Port Royal though, as the plan states–he is heading for Spain. Well, shit. He apparently thinks that regardless of whomever Eleanor thinks she is doing this for, it doesn’t matter–he isn’t going to give up Nassau, no matter what. Since Mrs. Hudson has a contact within the Spanish, Rogers plans on using that to get to the Governor in Cuba, and get him to join the fight. It’s an interesting strategy, one that could definitely bite him in the end.


Rogers lays out his entire situation to the Governor: if Nassau falls, Cuba could fall as well. However, the guy isn’t so keen on helping Rogers because Rogers killed his brother under a flag of surrender. Which–serious dick move there, Rogers. Still, Rogers presses on, finally mentioning the treasure of Spanish gold that is involved, and the chance to gain that back. That gains the Governor’s attention, and he says that he’ll join in. Rogers asks that he keep the fort safe–the rest of Nassau can burn, for all he cares. I genuinely don’t think this is going to go as well as Rogers thinks it will, but he’s desperate, and determined not to lose. I don’t think he cares, at this point, what it takes to get Nassau back–he’s going to do it.

Billy finally lays things out for Silver: he’s going to kill Flint to stop this madness, and he just doesn’t want Silver in his way–he cares about his friend and thinks he is doing this for the betterment of all Nassau. Silver looks like he’s going to cry, and frankly, with the decision he’s about to make, he should be crying. The pirates believe the gold has arrived, and send word to Flint and Eleanor.


So here is the set up. Billy is lying in wait, wanting to kill Flint himself, as Silver watches on. We see Eleanor and Flint walking in the undertombs of the Fort…but with the way it’s set up, there is clearly something wrong. One of Billy’s men comes up and says this isn’t right–we first believe that he’s talking about killing Flint, but no, it’s about killing Billy. Silver has turned Billy’s men against him, and this was all set up to kill him. Well, damn. Guess we now know how the Treasure Island situation got set up, guys. This breaks my heart completely, and after taking out the one man still on Billy’s side, Israel Hands incapacitates Billy, and Silver wants him to be taken to the Underhill estate to face retribution.

So where did Flint end up? On a beach! ….where Rackham is, not the gold. See, they thought the ship in the harbor was the pirates coming back with the gold, but it was really Rackham and his pirates coming back from their harrowing ordeal. He’s furious when he finds out what Flint agreed to, because, like Billy, he understands how things truly work. Rogers will never surrender, and never give up. Just then, Max spies Rogers returning with the Spanish. Well, fun is over, guys.


The real fight’s begun.


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