“You are capable of more than you know.” #EmeraldCity Review S1E9: The Villian That’s Become

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Emerald City: The Villain That’s Become

Original air date: February 24th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Photo from the episode “The Villain That’s Become”

“For me.”

In this starter season of Emerald City, we have heard a lot of “for Glinda”, “for the Wizard”, “for Oz”– this is right up there with the word “should”. Never has there been a more condescending word— “you should…” “she should…” “he should…” “they should…” always begins the sentence of someone that thinks they know what is best for everyone. Rarely is that the case and sometimes “for me” is the best cause one can fight for.

West, thought Tip/Osma should stay a girl once he had the ability to shapeshift into the male form he prefers. Tip refused and, at first, West had a hard time processing the refusal; but she did change her mind and accepted Tip for Tip. Something, I think, she wished others had done for her. West gave Tip power to help her cause, but she was looking out for her interests. I think West is trying to atone for the past. She’s been beating herself up for all the witches that died trying to fight the Beast Forever. By taking a stand against Glinda and the Wizard, she is taking a step towards healing—she is fighting for herself.

Photo from the episode “The Villain That’s Become”

Tip admitted that he got what he wanted– his goal was complete. For him, his whole quest was to have his exterior form match how he felt inside. This goal was achieved, now he is fighting to reclaim his birthright and relate to the family he never knew. His fight against the Wizard and Glinda is just as personal as it is for West. I knew they could be good for each other! I think their friendship has helped both grow and will help them heal from past hardships.

The two released most of the witches from the Prison Abject and once Tip literally showed them who he was, the witches vowed to serve King Pastoria’s heir. At first I had some issue with  this. Tip shapeshifted back to his female version to prove, along with the vision of his parent’s death, who he is. After obtaining allegiance from the witches, why didn’t Tip morph back into his male version? I think the choice to stay his female version mirrors the masks Queen Langwidere wears or even the Wizard’s wig. To gain power, they must hide their true selves.

Photo from the episode “The Villain That’s Become”

Dorothy now has control of the Stone Giants. First, she granted Lucas/Roan’s wish that he never met her. He tried to kill her and she stabbed him and strung him up just like she found him—wish granted. She then went to Ojo to release his wife from the Prison Abject. Nahara was still there—she was part of the sick and dying that West left behind. She and a few others remained, most notably, the skinless dude tied up inside the tree. Dorothy wanted the giants to prevent a war between Glinda and the Wizard. She wants to go home and to take the Wizard with her. The last scene had her approaching the Wizard with a Giant in tow.

I know Dorothy doesn’t want to kill the Wizard, since he is her ticket home. If she ran into Jane, that might change. If these two meet I think it would be mutually beneficial. Dorothy’s presence interrupted the Wizard’s execution. Until Jack, the Wizard’s plan was well played. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time someone unsuccessfully tried to double-cross him and I am sure he has been on the other side of a double-cross plenty of times. I wonder if Jack had not interrupted, would the Wizard have killed Queen Langwidere? I am sure he would have escaped and controlled the guns.

Photo from the episode “The Villain That’s Become”

Jack’s poorly planned assassination attempt resulted in the Wizard’s capture and the revelation about Queen Langwidere’s true nature.  The Wizard used Langwidere as a human shield and she died instead of him. It turns out, she is a lot like Jack. She died the last time the Beast Forever rose, and her father commissioned Jane to bring her back. The masks were to hide the fact she never aged.  Jane can basically rebuild a person, but the step too far is adding some wrinkles every couple of years?

In this episode, I am praising West, Tip, and Dorothy for fighting for themselves; because they are fighting to be themselves, not to be selfish–there is a difference. The Wizard’s fight is selfish. I agree that Jane treated him poorly, but well-adjusted individuals don’t dangerously sabotage work. The Wizard risks other’s lives just to gain and maintain power. He also fights out of  fear. Magic is something he can’t control, so he wants to destroy it. If a person is no longer useful, he locks them up or kills them. That is a big difference between him and the others.

Photo from the episode “The Villain That’s Become”

We only have one episode left this season and while a lot of things are coming to ahead, there is on new plot line that has me very curious—the dude from the tree in the center of the Prison of Abject, the one who had been there longer than anyone—could he be the Beast Forever? Or will this be a story arc for season two? Maybe he was locked up for a reason.

I will say, however, I think NBC should keep the show around for a second season, for me, please.

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