Riverdale S01E05 “Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness”

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“Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness”

Warning Contains Spoilers

Jason Blossom is finally laid to rest, but the secrets and lies in the town of Riverdale definitely were not. They only keep growing with each episode. The lives of the characters of Riverdale keep getting weirder, too.

The Blossoms live in the creepy house on the hill–every small town has one. I loved this house and it was very reminiscent of horror films. It was dark, mysterious and perfect for such a strange family. We got to see a lot more of the Blossom family. Mrs. Blossom only cares about image and Mr. Blossom only cares about business. Jason’s memorial is in a few days so preparations are in full swing. They invited everyone on their list–a list of suspects for Jason’s murder. What a weird memorial service– I mean it was at the house with the casket right there inside; it was very old fashioned. I guess it’s more convenient being next to a cemetery and all.

Cheryl isn’t taking her brother’s death very well, and why would she? Jason was her twin and they shared everything together. Not to mention she was the last person to see him alive and she just left him; she must be feeling quite guilty. Her mother isn’t helpful with the grieving process, either. I know everyone grieves differently, but this woman is cold. Her daughter wants to write a eulogy for Jason and she says she doesn’t want her to embarrass the family. I really felt for Cheryl this week; I know she’s the resident mean girl and she isn’t nice all the time, but getting to see her home life made me understand her a bit more.

Veronica reaches out the Cheryl and asks if they could be friends or well, frenemies. I liked this: normally with female rivalries in a high school show they fight back and forth until there’s “mutual destruction”. In Riverdale they understand each other and agree to disagree. Riverdale continues to break these common tropes, which makes it stand out amongst the shows of it’s genre. They even have a sleepover the night before Jason’s memorial. Cheryl tells Veronica that she chose her for the sleepover because she helped her through her panic attack at the pep rally. Veronica is such a nice person and wants everyone to be okay and will make sure they are; she definitely breaks the rich girl stereotype.

At the memorial service, Cheryl walks up to do the eulogy dressed the way she was the day of Jason’s disappearance. I loved Kevin’s reaction to this he just says “yes!” and leans closer. This is exactly the reaction I would probably have, just pull out the popcorn and watch the show! Mrs. Blossom wants to put a stop to this, but Veronica mouths to her, “Don’t make it worse”. Good on Veronica, she knows how to handle a situation. Mrs. Blossom was still visibly angry at Cheryl, though, and  later, she yells at Cheryl that she wishes she could send her away to boarding school, but no one wants her. What a nightmare of a mother– this woman makes Mrs. Cooper look like a saint! You can really feel for Cheryl in this moment; she is just a girl who lost her brother trying to get through it, without any help from her family. Maybe her mother also blames her, like she blames herself.

Archie is still in his “High School Musical” dilemma: music or sports. He is training very hard to take Jason’s place on the team as captain, while also working with a new songwriting mentor to perfect his writing. He has put music aside a little since Miss Grundy left and was focusing way more on football. He is wearing himself too thin. He doesn’t want to choose though because he knows that football can help him get into college and where he can study music. Val, one of the Pussy Cats, helps him by getting him this mentor that hammers in that he should be practicing more. Val played a big role in this episode and it was cool to dive into her character a bit more; she is more than just a member of Josie and the Pussy Cats. There is also some romantic sparks developing between these two. They are both really passionate about music so it makes sense and she’s his age! It is a matter of what is really important to him: football or music. If he’s not able to fully invest his time in both, he has to choose which one he needs more. In the end he chose music, but still will be on the football team– just not as captain. This decision was very grown up of Archie. He isn’t letting his team down, but he’s also not letting himself down.

Betty once again is playing Nancy Drew, this time to solve Jason’s murder. Kevin and Jughead are helping her, well mainly Jughead, but Kevin did help them recreate his father’s murder board. This board is quite intricate and pretty much everyone’s a suspect. Betty really just wants to know the truth about Polly and why Jason meant so much to her. There are so many secrets surrounding Polly’s breakdown and every time she tries to talk about Polly to her mom, she changes the subject. She asks her dad, who tells her that after Jason and Polly had a fight, he found her trying to hurt herself in the bathroom. He said she had been doing better in the facility, but after learning about Jason’s death she took a turn. Why would they keep that from Betty? Seems like something a sister should know. It’s her family– it’s her business.

Jughead and Betty go to Jason’s memorial together. There was a moment when they were leaving together, where is felt almost romantic. Please don’t do that CW, keep them friends! Betty has enough going on on her love life. Anyways, they go to the memorial in order to sneak into Jason’s room and get answers! When they go into his room, a creepy grandmother in a wheelchair startles them like a ghost! She also scared me quite a bit– the Blossom’s are a creepy bunch! She thinks Betty is Polly and tells her it’s so good to see her and talks about an engagement ring. Surprise! Polly and Jason were engaged!

Betty confronts her dad about the engagement and he knew already! So many secrets in this family! He also tells her about how the Blossoms and the Coopers have history. Apparently Cheryl’s great-grandfather murdered Betty’s because he wanted control of their business. They stole their source of income and that’s why Mr. Cooper hates Jason. Mr. Blossom and Veronica’s father also have a shady business past that the Blossoms take out on Veronica and her mother. Fred Andrews, Archie’s dad, also asked Veronica’s mom out on a date and got shot down on the account they are both married. Is Fred married? I know they cast Molly Ringwald as Archie’s mom, but she is never mentioned. We learned so much about everyone’s past tonight! We got some answers to the mystery of why the parents hate each other.

Betty’s dad will protect Polly no matter what the cost; it is revealed that he was the one who destroyed the Sheriff’s murder board. He would only do that for two reasons: he killed Jason or Polly did. My money’s on Polly, but we haven’t met her yet. At the end Jughead said, “we need to talk to Polly”. We may get to meet Polly next week! I’m so excited to get her side of the story!

I’m a little surprised by some of the information we learned about Jason this week. On top of learning about the engagement, we also learn that he was selling drugs before he ran away. Why would someone with all so much money need to sell drugs? I guess maybe he was trying to get a clean break, but why? Is Polly pregnant? Is that also why they were engaged? There is so much left unanswered! Good thing this is only the fifth episode!

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