The Flash S3E13, Review – Attack on Gorilla City Pt. 1

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Gorilla Grodd has been one of the most intelligent villains to be featured on The Flash thus far. His last run in with Team Flash did not go quite as smoothly as the team might have hoped, but they did manage to get him out of Central City. Unfortunately for them, Grodd always thinks ahead.

It’s a panicked Jesse who initially brings word of Grodd to Team Flash. Her father, Harry, was originally invited to Gorilla City in good faith, but that quickly turned sour. His team of ten was later found dead, with him still missing. There is no question; they have to help get Harry back. It’s not entirely because they consider Harry family– Barry believes this may be linked to the headline he saw in the future. If they can stop a gorilla attack before it reaches Earth-1, it may change Iris’ future.

The mission to Earth-2 is lead by Barry, who is joined by Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian. The first two makes sense, but not Julian as he has no emotional connection to Harry. Initially, I believe him, he is an archeologist, and a city lead by gorillas in a parallel world is an amazing sight to see. But, after he is initially told of the expedition, his questions pertained only to Caitlin’s well-being. He wants to protect her from becoming Killer Frost while she’s away. I admire Julian’s determination to keep Killer Frost at bay. The team’s focus is saving Iris; I feel Caitlin’s concerns regarding her powers have frequently been swept under the rug. Having Julian’s watchful eye should prove to be useful if she loses control.

With half of Team Flash on Earth-2, Wally and Jesse are left to take care of Earth-1 in their absence. Barry isn’t worried, Wally is a capable speedster, as is Jesse. What is worrisome is Jesse’s suddenly cold reaction to finding out Wally is a speedster like her. It’s confusing, she clearly feels strongly for Wally, and he feels the same. Why is there suddenly a wall between them? For one, Jesse’s father is currently missing in Gorilla City which is clearly stressful. Another reason is her doubt of Wally’s commitment to her. With a parallel-fatherly talk from H.R., Jesse and Wally sit down and talk through their issues. Healthy relationships are refreshing and endearing, even more so when they work out their problems!

Earth-1 is strangely calm without Barry, who has fallen into one of the easiest traps laid by those of Gorilla City. The four find themselves captured, with powers dampened by Grodd’s psychic powers. The good news is Harry is there, alive and well. The bad news is he was taken as a lure to bring Cisco to Gorilla City. Grodd has a lot to say, as it was Solovar’s plan as the leader to plan an attack on Earth-1. If the team promises to help Grodd become the new leader, he’ll make sure an attack won’t happen. After all, Central City is his home too.

This psychic gorilla is a fantastic liar because when Barry takes down Solovar in a one on one showdown, the truth comes out. With Grodd as the new leader of Gorilla City, he reveals the entire ordeal was apart of his plan. With the gorillas witnessing how strong humans are, they are scared and ready to follow Grodd to attack Earth-1. That’s right, Solovar never intended on attacking the humans, it was Grodd all along! Everyone was desperate to believe Grodd, for the sake of saving Harry and changing the future.

Grodd is a step ahead of the team; if they can’t come up with an intuitive plan they’ll be victims before long. Despite Julian’s protest, they utilize Caitlin’s powers to freeze Barry to near death. If he gets out, he can free Cisco, Caitlin, Julian, and Harry and they can make a run for it. For once, the plan works! Once free from Gorilla City, Cisco can open a portal and make it back to Earth-1, scott free.

It’s never that easy, though, not for Team Flash. With Jesse and Harry reunited and the rest of the team happy to see the mission went well, Grodd thought ahead. With Gypsy by his side, looking void of life just like Harry and Cisco when Grodd controls them, he has a way to Earth-1. It leaves Team Flash unprepared for the assault that’s about to hit Central City.

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