Arrow S05E14 “Sin-Eater” Review

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This week’s Arrow was probably the weakest of the season so far; it was all over the place. They tried to bring back storylines that even the characters have forgotten about. This season of Arrow has been the best since season two and this week they slipped back to their old ways. I hope this is just a blip and that they get back to the path they were on– a path that made sense.

Last we saw sleazy-reporter Susan, she had been given more evidence that Oliver was the Green Arrow. This episode she jumped right in and asked Oliver if he is Green Arrow. Oliver immediately says “yes” and I thought “wow he really is just revealing himself left and right! Does he really trust her that much?” He quickly played it off as if he was joking. Oliver needs to be careful; this is a reporter for crying out loud, she can twist any information to her advantage. Also, did she really think he was just going to tell her he was a crime fighting vigilante, just like that? She’s pretty and manipulative, but that would be too easy. I still don’t understand why he trusts her so much; I’m not sure she’s done anything to deserve that. But really, Oliver is always influenced by beautiful women, just look at his record.  

Oliver tells Thea about Susan questioning him about his identity and Thea goes into overprotective-sister mode. Is it really overprotective, though? Oliver thinks so, but I think she’s just being smart. She was waiting for this day to come and boy was she ready: she took out the big guns, and by big guns, I mean Felicity’s hacking skills! Thea enlists Felicity’s help to take down Susan. I loved that Felicity and Thea were sharing in their mutual hatred of Susan. No one trusts Susan, and that should’ve been a red flag for Oliver. In Susan’s computer they find all of the photos she has on Oliver being the Green Arrow plus photos of his chest tattoos! I know tattoos usually mean something to people and it’s quite the process to remove them, but if you have a tattoo that links you to the Russian Bratva I think you should start that process– especially if you have a secret identity. Obviously a tattoo like that would reveal your lies and deceit.

Susan has all of this information just waiting there to be released–which she definitely would. They can’t just erase everything because her outside source would just supply her more, so instead they plant evidence of plagiarism. She gets fired and her reputation is ruined. I thought her demise would be a slower burn, but I’ll take this. She confronts Oliver about how convenient it is that right after she asks if he’s Green Arrow, she gets fired. She’s smart and can do the math to know that this all can’t be a coincidence. She knows now more than ever that Oliver is Green Arrow. Too bad her reputation is shot because this would be the story to make her famous. Oliver is upset with Thea for doing this. He’s not upset, though, with Felicity who actually did all the dirty work; Thea was just the mastermind. He says Susan would never release her story. Still, after all he knows, he’s playing the Devil’s advocate– Oliver’s forever weakness is beautiful woman.

Oliver tells Thea that he thinks she’s turning into their mother Moira. He sees her as the decision maker, but that she would sacrifice too much of herself (and others) to protect her family. He is worried about her and what she’s becoming. I live for scenes like these where we are reminded that they are brother and sister. These scenes are so intimate, heartwarming and some of the best on the show. This scene made this episode an okay watch.

We saw some familiar faces for villains of this episode. Part of why this episode was so weak was because they reused villains that we don’t care about anymore. We want Prometheus; we want the plot to progress not digress. China White, Liza Warner and Cupid return this week after an escape from prison. I’m not going to spend too much time talking about this, because it was so irrelevant to this season. They tried to tie them in by having their mission be collecting the money Tobias Church left behind. Tobias Church, remember him? We thought he was going to be the big bad of this season, but Prometheus killed him very early on. Plus, tracking down money is very out of character for these villains, so none of this made sense. They completely changed their personalities. I love Cupid, always have, but she wasn’t herself. If they aren’t going to be who they were, why bother bringing them back?

I guess having this battle for the team solidifies Dinah’s place as the Black Canary, since she knocks them all down with a single cry. Honestly though, that could’ve been shown with any battle. I guess there was also the blast from the past moment when Liza–an ex cop who Quentin talked into changing her ways by reforming in prison– says that she wanted to go back to crime because she saw a news clip of him working for Damien Darhk; this makes him think he failed her and wants to make it right. During this he doesn’t go off the rails, which shows real growth. Still, I feel this could’ve happened with any battle. He gives Dinah permission to wear Laurel’s mask and continue her legacy, which was a huge step in the right direction for him, so that alone, could’ve been the thing to show his growth. Laurel is everything to him, and to give this blessing was a big deal and should’ve been focused on more.

The quest to find Prometheus finds it’s way back into the show, but wasn’t the focus of this episode. Felicity finds the address of Claybourne’s mistress–suspected to be Prometheus’s mother. Oliver goes to the address to speak with her as Mayor Queen and not as the Green Arrow. I guess he was trying the “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” approach. He fails miserably though, and we find out that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This mother is also quite out of her mind and was trying to justify her son’s actions and wouldn’t give Oliver his name. Luckily Felicity has a fall back plan and has Oliver take a device with him that captures hard drive information from any room it’s in. So when he returns to the lair, she’s able to hack into this lady’s computer. There is a ton of information for her to decypher and she acts like it would be hard, but I’m pretty sure Felicity (who hacked into the Pentagon) can handle it.

Prometheus also leaks to the SCPD information that incriminates Green Arrow in Detective Billy Malone’s murder. Which isn’t wrong information, Green Arrow did kill Billy Malone, but the police don’t need more reason to capture him. Remember Billy Malone? Felicity’s boyfriend who Prometheus tricked Oliver into killing? Yeah, I forgot about him too, so did the team–including Felicity. He hasn’t been mentioned since we got back from winter break; she got over him very quickly. Why bring him back up now? When it hasn’t been touched on in quite some time. This was just the episode for bringing back up information we don’t need anymore, I suppose.

Oliver tries to reason with Frank Pike, the ACU chief, saying that Green Arrow needs to do his job to help protect the city. He uses the same phrase to Pike that Arrow says to him later. Oliver is really getting sloppy with this whole keeping his identity a secret thing– these slip ups can’t keep happening. He’s able to get the Medical Examiner’s report changed so that Arrow is no longer linked to the murder. The point of all of this was revealed when it was leaked to the media that Oliver falsified the ME report, putting his administration in jeopardy. Just when Oliver is getting the swing of this whole Mayor thing, it might be taken away.

I’m very disappointed with this episode. I got to the point that I was excited to watch Arrow again. Hopefully this is just a one off and the rest of the season finishes strong. We are just so deep into the season that you would think we would be a lot closer to some answers about Prometheus. At least they touched on him this episode, so it wasn’t a total bust. We have access to the supposed mom’s hard drive, so we’re close, just not enough. Let’s all follow one of the themes this season and move on.

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