The Walking Dead Episode 710 “New Best Friends”

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That smile! That smile told us everything we needed to know: Rick’s back!  At the end of last week’s episode, we were left with many questions, with the most important being, “who is this new group that has seemingly captured our group?” After being turned down by Gregory at Hilltop, and King Ezekiel at The Kingdom, Rick was still bound and determined to take down the Saviors no matter what. However, when the large group presented themselves to Rick, that smile took over. He knew that even if neither Hilltop or The Kingdom would help, there would be a group out there who would assist. There are many speculations that Jadis is actually Alpha, the leader of a group of people who actually wear the skins of the dead, not just as a defense, but as a well-planned offense as well. The fact that Jadis pushed Rick into a pit with an armored walker proves that she will do whatever it takes to make sure her group survives, even if it means taking someone else out. She wants to see that Rick is not only serious, but that he can handle himself in a tough situation.  


Thankfully Rick has recovered from his Negan-induced shock and is fully ready to take on this walker. Jadis, like Rick, wants what is best for her group, but she also shows echoes of Shane. Rick simply asks people three questions, “How many walkers have you killed, how many people have you killed, and why?” Jadis, on the other hand, would rather see your potential up front rather than taking the time for you to convince her with words. After Rick proves himself, they reach an agreement to supply the group with guns and half the pantry. The problem now is that the Alexandrians need to find guns. Rosita wants to go out looking for them; she doesn’t want to regroup. Tara still holds the secret about the cache of guns at Oceanside– the question is, of course, will she spill the beans or not.



Things aren’t going very peachy for Richard or Daryl at the Kingdom. Richard wants so desperately to help Rick and the Alexandrians, however King Ezekiel still insists that they won’t. Even after several pride-blowing hits to Richard by Jared, one of the Saviors, Ezekiel will not allow them to fight. Daryl is eager to help Richard, and they make a plan to take out some of the Savior’s cars on the road. Richard didn’t tell Daryl that they were setting up, “a woman who wants to be left alone”. Daryl knows that something isn’t right and he immediately begins asking Richard who the woman is.  After several attempts, Daryl gets angry and demands that Richard tell him. When the word Carol comes from Richard’s mouth, Daryl immediately begins to attack him saying that nothing better happen to Carol. With the knowledge that there is a trail leading to Carol, Daryl leaves to find her.


Carol thinks she wants to be left alone only because she thinks there is no other option. However, when she sees Daryl, she breaks down and immediately hugs him. Melissa McBride did a fantastic job of showing the stages of emotion that Carol was feeling. Now that Daryl has found Carol he is surely going to tell her about Negan killing Glenn and Abraham so that she will become her bad-ass, protector-of-all self again, right? Nope! Daryl knows the conflict that is raging inside of her, and he wants to save her as best as he can– even if it means having to leave her out of the fight. Such a sacrifice on Daryl’s part!

There is always a chance of Carol finding out about Glenn and Abraham on her own, though. Morgan knows as well and he hasn’t spoken to Carol since he spoke to Rick, so he might tell her. The question is, “where does she go from there?” When Carol finally finds out the truth, what will she choose to do: Fight or Flight?

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