“True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid.” #EmeraldCity S1E8 Review: Lions in Winter

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Emerald City: Lions in Winter

Original air date: February 17th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Photo from the episode “Lions In Winter”

This episode showed me that this show could be the show I knew it could be–finally!. This episode is my favorite. For the first time, the show surprised me. I got to the end of the episode and found myself wanting more. There were crosses and double crosses, deaths and resurrections, a childbirth and an attempted murder. We only have two episodes left and Emerald City is finally hitting its stride.

Dorothy (at last) showed some gumption. I am not saying killing someone is the right answer—but I think we all know how I feel about Glinda. I was cheering Dorothy on; however I’m glad Roan stopped her. She already (sort of) killed one witch– killing another out of anger probably would not have sat well with her after the fact. But the fact that she went for it, and controlled the ruby gauntlets at the same time, made me proud. I said last week I wanted someone to cheer for and I got it. EC—you are winning me over.

My favorite moment was towards the end when the Wizard goes to Ev to collect “his” guns and they turned on him. Just the Wizard’s, “You’re joking” was priceless. I am sure they aren’t going to shoot him—but that would be a twist. What if at the beginning of next week’s episode, they kill the wizard and the rest of season is Queen Langwidere and the witches vying for control of Oz?

Photo from the episode “Lions In Winter”

Queen Langwidere released Jack from his servitude. It looked like he was about to leave when the Wizard came; I wonder if his presence will disrupt the any plans to execute the Wizard? Queen Langwidere believes the only way to know if someone loves you is to own them, so she released Jack to prove a point. I don’t know if I was Jack, if I would have left. I mean, living with her he is safe, fed, and oiled.  How far will he get on his own? Also, I am stubborn: if someone released me and said they knew I would leave—I would stay just to prove them wrong,. Jack may feel it is more important to be independent or to find Tip.

Photo from the episode “Lions In Winter”

Tip learned the truth of her heritage and with West’s help, possibly gained a lot of magic. I would have been surprised had Tip (Ozma) stayed dead and I will be more surprised if West dies. In the last few years the Witch of the West has become less wicked and more misunderstood anti-hero. I want really want this West to get her act together. I think she is taking steps in the right direction. I think she will be the one to bring witches back to power. Tip now has the East’s magic inside him and this (per West) is something that has never been done before. It will be interesting to see if Tip can control and use the magic inside him. If he can, then he has the powers of a witch and is rightful heir to the throne—I don’t think the Wizard will be able to top that.

The way West gave power to Tip, I wonder if this is how Mombi makes witches? Previously I posed the possibility of magic being like matter and following the same laws. The law of Conservation of Magic? Maybe Mombi takes the magic of past witches and places it into young children and that is how witches are made. Glinda said Mombi thought of West as her heir, maybe West instinctively knew what to do? Will Mombi really die (not just fake die) this season and have West “inherit” her magic? I think West would use it better than Glinda.

Photo from the episode “Lions In Winter”

I don’t think Glinda is going to be successful in her attack of the Wizard—she seems to be breaking as many witches as she is developing. She has had twenty years to plan this, I would think she would have been better at training young witches by now.  Oh, and Roan, is her husband. Um—rude. It is damn hypocritical to have a husband and then ask for disciples to be chaste. Then to ask Roan to kill Dorothy, jealous much? Okay, I would probably feel the same way, But I just think her time would be better spent not breaking witches.

Lastly, let’s talk Lions—Eamonn is the Cowardly Lion (sort of). He killed King Pastoria and his wife, but spared Ozma (Tip). Why? He is now the character I am most intrigued with—I want some of his backstory. Why did he turn on the King and Queen? Why did he side with the Wizard? Was it to save his own hide (get it?) or to protect his family? Eamonn has been lurking in all the storylines, he has been ruthless and compassionate; he has hunted and helped Dorothy. He knew Roan from before the memory loss spell. Did he know about Glinda? Does he faithfully serve the Wizard or is he waiting to make a move? For the first time, I cannot wait for the next episode.

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