“Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.” #EmeraldCity S1E7, Review: They Came First


Emerald City: They Came First

Original air date: February 10th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Photo from the episode “They Came First”

This week the Wizard is on a warpath. His troops are knocking down doors and taking all the girls of Emerald City and imprisoning them until it is determined if they are witches or not. He has decided since he can’t control magic, he must extinguish it. Sure, he let them go at the end of the episode, but he seems quite satisfied ruling by fear rather than respect. As he says people that are afraid don’t revolt. To spread fear further, he proclaims the witches are the Beast Forever. When he killed the high counsel using the young witch, he left West to clean up the mess.

West, to ease the child’s suffering, put her down. West already feels responsible for the deaths of so many witches, from the previous battle with the Beast Forever, so I am sure this death will weigh heavily on her. West is broken enough as it is, and I doubt this will help her substance abuse issues. Also, I am sure all of this will make her alliance with the Wizard cease to exist. West has been deceived by Glenda and the Wizard, it makes me wonder what her stance will be in the upcoming war– and there will be a war. Queen Langwidere (Lady Ev) will make sure the Wizard has the guns and ammo the he needs to kill witches. Glenda and possibly Mombi are ready to make a move on the Wizard. The two sides are getting ready to attack, but will Dorothy possibly team up with West and Tip for a coup?

Photo from the episode “They Came First”

Why I say Tip and West is because when West recognizes the dagger, Tip stole as King Pastoria’s; I think she made the connection as to Tip’s true identity. Will West help Tip reclaim his throne? Will Tip be the one that can find a way for magic and science to coexist?  I am curious how Tip will deal with finding out if he is a princess.

Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy…. I think my biggest problem with the show is I need someone to root for and right now, Dorothy, who I assume is the hero of this story, is leaving me a little, well uninspired. Dorothy is just one knee jerk reaction after another. She is just stumbling her away along. I don’t expect her to know what to do in every situation, but I expect some growth in her character. She found she can use the ruby gauntlets, if she really needs to, but has yet to practice using them, or try to gain control. She just goes into every situation and hopes for the best and this week that didn’t work out so well for her.

Photo from the episode “They Came First”

Dorothy comes clean to Lucas about her deal with the Wizard– turns out that was a mistake. When Roan, formally known as Lucas, regains his memories, he sides with his main squeeze Glinda.  She should have taken him up on the offer to stay together in the farmhouse. Was I surprised he turned on her when he regained his memories, of course not. It was just a twist on my least favorite plot device—a character getting amnesia. Usually, when two characters are happy, one gets amnesia and forgets all about the love they once shared. This happens (I feel) in every other TV show. Dorothy said “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.” That was the kiss of death for her relationship.

Not that it was that great of a relationship. I’m sorry, but “they came first”; that is right up there with “we were on a break.” If I was Lucas/Roan, I would’ve chosen Glenda as well. If Dorothy is so happy, why doesn’t she stay? Or ask Lucas to join her in going to Kansas. He was right about Dorothy and how she was treating Sylvie—why let her become attached if you planned on leaving? So, when Roan threw “they came first” in Dorothy’s face, I felt she kind of deserved it.

Photo from the episode “They Came First”

Now the use of this anti-amnesia storyline, could be redeemed for me. What if Roan did regain his memories, and still loves Dorothy? He could just be playing Glenda until he can plan his next move. I think he is a little better at planning things out compared to Dorothy. So maybe he is acting like a double agent to buy Dorothy some time. Maybe Dorothy will step it up next week and go on the offensive. Maybe we will see a Cowardly Lion. Because—c’mon Emerald City, we don’t have that many episodes left.

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