The Flash S3E12, Review – Untouchable

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It has been far too long since Team Flash last faced a meta-human that was challenging to defeat. It’s practice for what they’ll have to face with Savitar, and with how they handled Yorkin, I’m not confident Iris will make it out alive.

Wally has wanted nothing more than to be fast, be like Barry, and save people! Now that he’s doing all of that and more, his confidence is plummeting. Barry isn’t negative as he trains Wally, but the gap between their skills is apparent, and he does little to encourage Wally’s development. A fun race between the two to see who is faster exposes one of the biggest gaps; Wally doesn’t know how to phase through objects. The skill came to Barry in a time of need while guided by a false teacher who knew just what to say– recreating that setting isn’t easy.

Barry’s urgency for Wally to learn to phase adds to the stress Iris is putting everyone through. She’s been on the reckless side since hearing the news of her death. Her mere presence is enough of a reminder that Wally has to save her.

Joe has been successfully kept out of the loop, leaving him in a blissful fog as he embarks on his relationship with D.A. Cecilia. The West family manages to come together for a coffee date to meet Cecilia’s daughter, and impressive feat all around that they managed to stay in one place for ten minutes. That might have to do with the meta-human Yorkin coming in search of Joe to harm him. With Barry’s sideline coaching, Wally manages to bring him down before he hurts Joe, but he still gets away.

If you thought Flashpoint was done, think again. It’ll never be over; Barry will forever be reminded of his mistake in causing it and Julian as well for nurturing the Meta-Humans that came from it. Yorkin is a part of an extensive list of casualties that came from Flashpoint. He can force any living or nonliving item to decay at the touch of his hand and is one of the more challenging villains the team has had to face. He’s not tactically smart, but when touch is out of the question, it becomes that much harder to defeat him.

With a power like that, wouldn’t Joe be more concerned with staying safe? Nope, he has two speedster sons, and he’ll be okay. Iris breaks down at the thought of losing him, which forces the truth of her impending death to come out. Joe is devastated, not only because of the impending death but because no one told him! It’s clear he loves his children, but keeping him in the dark does not protect him. It’s not only the West kids who get a tongue lashing, but everyone on Team Flash that feels the weight of his fatherly disappointment.

Joe’s anger would have lasted for eternity if the future didn’t come true so soon. Realizing Iris would be a better target to hurt Joe (apparently he’s harboring a grudge from a different universe) Yorkin attacks her in her home. It’s Wally who tries to save her, but fails, leaving Iris’ arm to decay just like the previous victims.

Emotions run high as Iris suffers through immense pain. It’s not until Caitlin is forced to use her powers to freeze her arm does the team calm down long enough to think of what to do. A heart to heart between Barry and Wally has Barry opening up on a human level. If he doesn’t mentor Wally, his doubt will get the best of him, and he will never move forward. Barry hasn’t gotten this far alone; he’s had his friends and family behind him the whole time. Wally has the same support too– he won’t be getting stronger alone.

Julian needs to learn this lesson the hard way if he wants to be a part of the team, he has to be a team player. Snappy quips will only alienate him from everyone, especially Caitlin who has been his biggest proponent for being on the team. His lack of filter hurts Caitlin, making her doubt herself right away when the team needs her the most. Using her powers gives Killer Frost a chance to take over, and as Iris slips, they almost lose her for good. Tact is a skill Julian has to quickly pick up as he appeals to Caitlin’s humanity and brings her back into control. He’s slowly getting there, but Julian needs to play nice if he wants a future on Team Flash.

Without teamwork, Central City would be a lot worse off. Cisco and H.R. come up with a plan, and the team can pinpoint Yorkin’s next victim to prepare for an attack. Julian knows if they use speedster blood, they can put a stop to Yorkin’s decay-touch. Even with this information, no one could see Yorkin plan a massive train crash as his next attack. It’s another Barry-Wally team up, with Barry leading them by phasing the entire train through debris. Inspired by Barry’s sudden discovery, Wally manages his phase through Yorkin and put a stop to his destructive touch. He even makes good on saving Iris as the blood combination provides an antidote for her.

This isn’t just a victory for Team Flash; it’s one for Iris’ future. Everyone played a part in stopping the seemingly unstoppable Yorkin. Barry can’t put Iris’ future on Wally’s shoulders; this is on all of the team. They will make sure Iris lives.

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