Teen Wolf S6E10, Review – Riders on the Storm

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With only Scott, Lydia, Malia and Liam left in the real world, how exactly are they expected to save everyone who was taken? They’re not. Mr. Douglas has set into motion the merging of worlds to bring the Ghost Riders permanently into reality. Their new mission is to prevent that from happening before it’s too late.

Stressed and let down from Stiles not appearing after their experiment, the pack has a much larger task at hand to save their town and people they care for. Lucky for them, Stiles did walk through a portal and ended up right where he where he was initially taken: his jeep. Only Malia believes it works; she believes in Lydia whose gut is telling her it worked, and off they go to find him.

As luck would have it, Scott and Liam are the ones to find Stiles. He is saved by his bat-wielding skills as he reigns down on Mr. Douglas before he can attack the two. The reunion is bittersweet as they quickly have to subdue Parrish from his Hellhound trance. Exhausted, Parrish is back to himself and reveals Mr. Douglas’ plan to merge worlds so the Ghost Riders can enter it and become his army. But there’s hope! If they can divert the train from Beacon Hills, they can stop it from happening.

The town is covered with railroad tracks and train stations as the crossover begins. An emotionless voice counts down each minute until the train’s arrival through the speakers littered in each waiting room. The pack needs to come up with a plan, fast.

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With Stiles at Scott’s side once again, they head into mapping out a plan of attack. For them, they only see part of the picture, which is locating the train. For Liam, he’s more concerned with how the worlds are crossing over. Right away he knows Corey is the key, who has already proven the ability to bring a Ghost Rider into this world at the party. He vaguely explains his reasoning to Scott and Stiles before running off to their frustration.

What Liam does throws me for a loop. With Theo’s help, Liam manages to grab a lone horse and ride it through a portal into a waiting room. I’ll chalk up his ease of transport to the melding of worlds, but has it been that easy the whole time?!

Liam finds Hayden and Mason straight away; they have been desperately looking through dozens of waiting rooms for Corey but to avail. It’s not until the countdown returns does Mason realize who’s speaking, Corey! He knows everything about him, especially his voice, and by following the wires they track him down to the station master room.

This poor kid has done nothing wrong, he was nothing but helpful to the pack, and his fate is terrible. Hooked up to pipes and wires, Mr. Douglas has been using his powers to merge the worlds just as Liam suspected. Merely existing is painful for him, and Mason is ready to pull everything out. Liam stops him, and Corey agrees: not until the train has been diverted can he be freed. It’s tough to watch as Corey admits his life isn’t worth a whole town. Scott better divert that train.

Lydia and Malia have gathered enough information on their own about the worlds merging. They wander into the school’s library (which is now

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waiting room) and attempt to free the people sitting there in a trance. It’s here they notice Peter, who is just as unresponsive as the rest. I say leave him there, but Scott’s optimism must be rubbing off on Lydia who reminds Malia it’s an emotional bond that will bring him around.

Reluctantly, Malia agrees to reach for an emotional connection. She calls to him, “Dad, please wake up,” and it works. I don’t blame Malia’s aversion; she’s not exactly attached to anyone and Peter would be last on her list. But Peter waking up works in their favor as the Ghost Riders show up to stop them. At first, it’s just Peter letting himself get the crap beat out of him so Malia and Lydia can escape, but Malia can’t let him do it on his own and quickly joins him in the fight.

Scott and Stiles are not faring any better. While they find where to divert the train, they’re quickly sent back to the other side before they can do any harm. At least the worlds are so intertwined that only means being sent back to school. They’re split but find each other briefly before they’re separated again. This time for good as they head into their final challenge alone.

For Stiles, it’s not so bad as he reunites with Lydia instead. It’s everything it needed to be as they embrace and kiss.

“I didn’t say it back.”

“You didn’t have to.”

Wow, I didn’t know how much I needed them to be together until after that emotional journey we took finding Stiles. Their relief doesn’t last long, though, as once they try making their way to Scott’s side Stiles hears his mom’s voice. Except she’s a Ghost Rider version of Claudia and quickly attacks the pair, leaving Scott on his own to face Mr. Douglas.

To his credit, Scott can handle quite a few Ghost Riders on his own as he barrels his way to the forest where the impending train is set to arrive. But Scott can’t handle an army on his own. Mr. Douglas teases what a great Nazi youth he would’ve made (ew) before he sets to attack. But Scott’s not alone anymore! His pack arrives to help him!

Well, Malia arrives from his pack, then there’s Theo who isn’t in the pack, and Peter who isn’t in it as well. Peter manages to deliver the best line he has ever spoken throughout the entire series:

“No one likes a Nazi.”

Alright, we can hate Nazi’s together, but that doesn’t mean I will forgive what you’ve done to everyone. Same to Theo.

The fight is unbalanced as a seemingly endless amount of Ghost Riders head their way. No one gives up or pauses from their onslaught as Scott makes his way to the lever to divert the train. In true cowboy style, he manages to procure a whip from Malia and uses it to pull the lever just in time, so the train misses them.

Scott’s victory roar is Liam’s signal to free Corey and breakdown the merging of walls. It works right away; the townsfolk are popped back into Beacon Hills as waiting stations disappear.

Stiles’ fight against his Ghost Rider mother isn’t over in an instant, but with the Sheriff, and Lydia’s banshee scream powered together, they get rid of her as well.

Just like that, the Ghost Riders put their weapons away and head home to Mr. Douglas’ dismay. His tantrum throwing to get them to listen to him doesn’t quite work, as he’s forced to transform into one of them and join them on the Wild Hunt forever.

The world rights itself as if the wild hunt had never happened. The Sheriff’s office is calm and fully staffed. The hospital is fixing minor injuries as Melissa, Chris, and Mason sneak Corey in to be treated for his wounds. Then there’s the high school.

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Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Malia are sitting in class when the bell goes off, signaling the last day of school. Excuse!? That’s it!? That’s it! Our pack has graduated for the most part, sorry Malia, and are off to college. While Malia finishes summer school to graduate, Lydia is off to her junior year at MIT, Stiles at George Washington University for a pre-FBI program (thanks to Scott’s dad?!) and Scott to UC Davis.

While this is only the winter finale, and we have another half to enjoy the McCall pack, this seemed like a definitive end to the series. Stiles’ parting words to Scott as he gifts him the jeep and master key is a sincere goodbye to the years spent fighting off every supernatural creature thrown at them. I’m surprised by Stiles’ attitude change after months of isolation from his friends, when at the beginning he was reluctant to move forward.

I hope we can tie up more loose ends for this series as we head into our last ten episodes this summer. I’m not looking for miracles, but we did get Stiles’ real name, so you never know.

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