Witches be Crazy #EmeraldCity S1E5 review

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Emerald City: Everybody Lies

Original air date: January 27th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Photo from the episode “Everybody Lies”

I know it would be out of character for the show—but is anyone else really hoping at some point Dorothy says to West: “Witch, please”?  At the beginning of this episode, we find out Ojo turned Dorothy over to West with the hopes of getting his wife released. I knew it had to be about his wife and her being brought up makes me wonder what role she plays in all this. I don’t think it was wise (and I know she said it out of anger) to tell Ojo she lied about releasing his wife.  Ojo doesn’t seem the forgiving type. When it came down to it, could West release anyone from the Prison of Abject if she wanted to? Previously it was said only East could open the Prison of Abject, but West gained some of East’s magic in the funeral ceremony, so can she? Or is the power to do so in the ruby gauntlets, making Dorothy able to open the Prison?

Photo from the episode “Everybody Lies”

From West’s torture and mind games with Dorothy, we go back to look more closely at East’s death. She was traveling to West to tell her something. When she had her run in with Dorothy, she thought Glinda had sent Dorothy to stop her. East was going to tell West something about Glinda.  West is now putting it together and is on the same page as me—don’t trust Glinda.  West’s motivation behind avenging her sister is to find the truth about how she passed and why, but I think it is more about her grief. West lost the one person in Oz she had a true relationship with; I don’t think it matters what Dorothy says or does, West will want her to pay for what she has done.

Last week I was saying how great Tip was, this week I wanted to smack him. When he refused to help Dorothy, I was yelling at the TV. He redeemed himself—but I want to know how they managed to hide the truth from West? West read Dorothy’s memories about East’s death—is it as simple as just recalling a memory the way you want it to be? Or has Tip already learned some magic tricks?

This week we learn some key bits of information about the Wizard this episode. He enjoys Pink Floyd and he knows Dorothy. He says Dorothy, “came home”. I figure that means she was born in Oz, but is she part Ozite? I assume Karen is human, but maybe she isn’t. We don’t know whose Dorothy’s dad is; my guess is the Wizard will say he is, but I don’t know if that will be the truth. He thinks bullets are the way to kill the Beast Forever and he sees her with a gun—he might say anything to get the gun. Lady Ev was very clear that she was not going to help the Wizard; I feel he will do whatever it takes to gain support and maintain his position of power.

Photo from the episode “Everybody Lies”

Lady Ev (aka Princess Langwidere) is a very interesting character. I am glad that like all the other characters of the show, she has a little more depth than her literary predecessor. In Ozma of Oz (Baum’s third Oz book) Princess Langwidere didn’t have a collection of masks, but wore a collection of heads. In Disney’s Return to Oz this character was combined with Mombi to create the villain Princess Mombi. So, I am glad, especially given Jack’s circumstances, Lady Ev is not a villain. I like the relationship development between her and Jack. I think it will help them both to grow.

Photo from the episode “Everybody Lies”

Lucas (aka Roan) is brought into the home of Eamonn. Lucas learns he was a soldier under Eamonn and that he betrayed his brothers in arms over something in a covered wagon. He killed ten soldiers to protect what was in there—I wonder what it was.  My first thought is Sylvie. I think she is a natural born witch and Lucas was taking her to Nimbo to keep her safe. That brings up the questions of why did Lucas disobey the Wizard’s no magic policy and who are Sylvie’s parents?  Then again, maybe it wasn’t a someone, but a something that Lucas was transporting. We don’t have the whole story yet, but I am interested in how and why Lucas went rogue. When Lucas finds out what he did, he turns himself in and leaves Sylvie all alone (well she has Toto). What the hell? I get he wants to atone for what he has done; but he just leaves in the middle of searching for Dorothy. I don’t get it. I would want to get the whole story before I did anything that drastic and I certainly wouldn’t expect to find answers locked in a dungeon somewhere.

In looking at the previews for next week, it looks like Dorothy is going to choose to side with the Wizard or the Witches. Sure, the Wizard tried to kill her, but not directly—I think given how West treated her, (and well, every witch she has run into thus far) she will choose the Wizard. I don’t know if that is the wrong choice. Maybe she will opt to be more like Tip and choose another option.

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