Arrow S05E10 “Who Are You?”

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Warning Contains Spoilers

Arrow is back from winter break and it is time to answer the question on all of our minds: is Laurel actually alive or is she someone else, something else?

The episode begins immediately where we left off, with Oliver discovering Laurel in the Arrow Cave. He is so in shock that he believes the story she tells of how Sara went back in time, teleported her to the Waverider and fixed her embolism with the technology they have on board. He doesn’t really try that hard to question her story and, to be fair, neither would I with all the out of the box things that happen on this show. Felicity, however, isn’t too quick to believe. She creates this party situation as a clever reuse to collect a DNA sample from Laurel’s glass. Pretty edgy idea Felicity– I mean what if Laurel wasn’t thirsty?

The DNA matches Laurel, not surprising seeing as again, crazier things have happened on Arrow i.e Sara coming back from the dead three times, Felicity walking after being paralyzed, Aliens, etc. Why can’t Laurel be back? We all want it, we all deserve it. Unfortunately, Laurel isn’t quite back in the way we all hoped. Felicity realizes after Rory jokes about an evil twin storyline that Laurel does, in fact, have an evil twin from Earth 2: Black Siren. Her discovery is confirmed when Black Siren shows up and destroys the cave with her sonic cries.

I’m pretty disappointed that actual Laurel is still very much dead; it would have been so easy to have her come back with Flashpoint alone. On the other hand, easy isn’t always good storytelling and Arrow is turning over a new leaf this season. The team already dealt with Laurel’s death last season–even though it shouldn’t have happened in the first place–resurrecting her would throw away key character development. I just think they could’ve carried on with the facade for a few episodes; the reveal was too quick for me.

That being said, this episode wasn’t too shabby. It actually pushed along the overall plot quite a bit. Prometheus is behind the Laurel resurface; he wanted to weaken Oliver emotionally even more by bringing back his ultimate guilt. Oliver still blames himself for Laurel’s death and when he sees her again–even though it was her doppelganger–all his feelings come back; he sees this as a way of redeeming himself. He thinks if he saves this Laurel it will make up for actual Laurel’s death. So this was a very smart plan on Prometheus’s part.

Felicity is the smartest of the group, questioning everything that happens and with all she’s been through I don’t blame her. After her boyfriend was killed last episode she begins her grieving this week. Losing him and then having Laurel just show up, it was all too good to be true for her. A part of her probably hoped it was Laurel, but the logic in her knew it couldn’t be true. She knows Oliver more than anyone and is able to call him out when he tries too hard to see the good in Black Siren. It’s become a flaw of his to see the good in everyone because he wants to save everyone. Felicity goes behind his back quite a bit and it was for the better. They actually almost got Prometheus because of decisions she made. She even gets a good punch on Black Siren which had me cheering.

Curtis was having trouble getting past his relationship ending after his husband Paul left him last episode. He is kind of whiny about it though. Curtis is upset that he is constantly getting his butt handed to him on missions. He wonders why he should even bother if he keeps losing everything–including Paul–to be a vigilante.

But let’s be honest: he chose the vigilante life the vigilante life didn’t choose him. It did create some nice moments between Curtis and Wild Dog. Wild Dog acted like an actual genuine human being–I was quite proud. He told Curtis to suck it up and focus on his strengths which is making tech for the Team! I don’t know why Curtis didn’t think of this before; it was his day job after all (not to mention requires a lot less hospital visits). He created a device this week that subdues Black Siren’s powers: that’s more than he has contributed in weeks. Thank heavens for the guidance of Wild Dog right? Can’t believe I just said (wrote) that.

District Attorney Adrian Chase plays a big role this episode when he saves Diggle from being taken by the Military Police. Before the break we saw Diggle being arrested when the Military found him again. This wasn’t too surprising to me, seeing as he wasn’t exactly hiding himself too well. Oliver asks Adrian to help; he does more than that, he saves Diggle’s life. If the MP’s had taken him in he would’ve been killed. Adrian goes toe to toe with a three star General and wins using loopholes and lawyer speak. Diggle is safe for now but he’s still in jail, so I wonder if there’s going to be another prison break heist!

The flashbacks didn’t serve much of a purpose other than to introduce a new character that we’ve all been waiting for: Talia al Ghul, the eldest of daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. She saves Oliver from the beating he was getting in Russia. I hope she finds her way to present day. I can’t wait to see more of her other than “hey Oliver my name is Talia.”

During one of Black Siren’s screaming matches she destroys the statue honoring The Black Canary. I’m personally glad that statue is gone: it was very weird looking. Oliver tells Felicity that now that the statue is gone, he feels like he hasn’t fulfilled his promise to Laurel about continuing Black Canary’s legacy. I guess he thought he was doing this with Evelyn but look what happened with her–betrayal. So now he’s more motivated to find a new Black Canary. Then we see a girl in a bar sending these guys through a window with a cry. So I guess that’s the new Canary just off in another city waiting to be discovered. I still feel the betrayal from Evelyn so I’m not quick to trust whoever this new girl is but hopefully I can after she proves herself.

Not a bad start to the second half of the season. I’m anxious to see what Prometheus does next or who he uses next to break down Oliver. Everything he does is smart and completely planned out with every single detail. Prometheus is evil incarnate and he isn’t stopping until Oliver is stripped down to his core. He or maybe she (we don’t know yet) could just kill Oliver and be done. He doesn’t want that though; he wants Oliver to be nothing by the time he’s done with him. It’s pretty psychological and I love it! I’m not sure if I want to know who Prometheus is yet, the unknown is kind of fun. I also keep wondering though; who did Oliver hurt this badly to merit all this evil against him? Who are you, Prometheus?

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