Teen Wolf S6E9, Review – Memory Found

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We’ve seen the pack desperate before, but this is on another level. With only Lydia, Malia and Scott left to figure out what to do next, the future is not looking good.

At this point Beacon Hills resembles the ghost town, Canaan, now more than ever. The Sheriff walks into an abandoned police department,  no one answering the radio, no one at their desks. They’re gone. Not a good sign for the town when Ghost Riders are looming around. The Sheriff and Liam are there for one reason: to get Theo. It doesn’t take long before the Ghost Riders to show up and ensure the Sheriff disappears, leaving just Liam and Theo to go on an important mission– keep the Ghost Riders out of Lydia, Malia and Scott’s way.

The trio is currently trying their best to remember Stiles; if they do it may open a portal straight to him. This is a last ditch effort to save not only their friend but all of Beacon Hills. If there were more people around, would there be better options? Lydia is extremely smart and capable, but maybe experience is the way to bring the townspeople of Beacon Hills back. They are all Beacon Hills has, and relying on a chance occurrence is a huge risk.

Scott goes first. He enters the chamber Parrish uses to cool down and he freezes himself into a hypnotic state to reach into his memories. It’s a painful process that overwhelms him, reliving meaningful experiences between the pair to find that one memory that invokes the greatest emotion. Lydia and Malia gently lead him through his mind while ensuring he doesn’t freeze to death. It almost works, but Scott has to be pulled out before he could get any deeper. It leaves a mark– to him, Stiles is now someone tangible. His revelation does little to help them on their way to Stiles, however.

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Malia is next into the chamber and has better luck. While Scott remembers Stiles as his brother, Malia remembers Stiles as the first person she connected with. Her grasp on her memories is much stronger, invoking an almost portal before she’s pulled out of this hypnotic state to prevent her from freezing to death. She feels the same as Scott, but it’s obvious who has to be the one to remember Stiles.

Lydia, whose love for Stiles is the strongest connection out of the three. Even Malia wistfully admits Lydia and Stiles have a deep connection, and it has to be her.

With the Ghost Riders putting their energy into going after Liam and Theo, the trio has the luxury of time to exercise and work out their next plan. With Liam’s urging, he and Theo head to the hospital to hide from the army coming after them. For the first time, we see Liam take charge and throw himself into his mission full force. He knows Theo will betray him, and as much as he regrets resurrecting him, he will be ready to use him as bait as well. Theo boasts he’ll run away the first chance he gets, and he won’t be captured.

They’re bluffing. As straight-faced as they both are, neither is capable of being total dicks at a time like this. Especially Theo, who is being tortured with his sister’s death every day. Facing erasure by the Ghost Riders has him terrified. Liam has no one to rely on, other than Scott who he’s protecting, and as much as he hates Theo, he can’t follow through with using him like that. When the moment comes to call out their bluffs, both fall into an unconventional team and save each other from close calls over and over.

Both boys hold their own against the Ghost Riders; it looks natural as they fight wave after wave of horsemen. It isn’t until Theo shoves Liam into an elevator and sacrifices himself as bait does it seem to stop. Being selfish for once in his life does not redeem Theo, and I’m not convinced he isn’t doing this to get to the other side for some particular reason.

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Their relentless fighting pays off as Lydia falls into a hypnotic state to access her memories, thanks to Scott’s soothing voice. He guides her through her memories of Stiles until she can remember the most important moment. It’s their first kiss, one she stole from Stiles during a panic attack. That’s when everything changed for her– that kiss left a huge impact on her. While Lydia cries, she realizes she was there with Stiles in his last moments before the Ghost Riders took him. It’s here he admitted he loved her, and she couldn’t say it back.

Great. She’s crying, Scott’s crying, I’m crying! But it worked! This memory is their ticket to the other side. A portal opens up, revealing an indistinctive figure. Stiles?!

We won’t know for sure until next week’s winter finale! It’s a lot to mull over in the next week, and I’m certain that we’re in for a whole lot of surprises before we head into the second half of season six.
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