The Hall of Magic

The Magicians: Hall of Magic

Living in NYC has given me a special insight into the world of The Magicians, or so I thought. Syfy has proved me wrong with The Hall of Magic that opened this weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Magicians: Hall of Magic

The Magicians has had quite the way with visuals; the world of Brakebills and Fillory opens up infinite possibilities of what can be done. Who hasn’t wanted to jump into the story and take up residence at Brakebills?! The Hall of Magic brings alive the story of The Magicians so well that you can easily understand Quentin and Julia’s glee when they finally make their way into Fillory for the first time.

From the outside in, the creative forces behind the Hall of Magic have done a fantastic job of meticulously creating the world inside of a mansion. Not even the lobby has been forgotten in the design; the magic starts right here the moment you step through the doors. A creative art installation called The Infinity Boxes has been carefully designed and are a centerpiece for the lobby.

The Magicians: Hall of Magic


Before heading in, you have the option to equip yourself with Snapchat specs to record your journey. It allows you to enjoy and document your journey throughout the large mansion. I had a bit of difficulty pairing my account to the specs, but with help from staff, I was able to get the ball rolling.

After walking through a portal and emerging outside of a clock, I was welcomed into a long bright hallway with quite a few doors to chose from to

begin my journey. I started with a library where books are the walls and ceiling, making you feel as if you are stepping into a room in Brakebills. That’s just the start, as each door opens into another world.

What’s next? You may find yourself in the apothecary where your guide will let you know of what magic you specialize in, and assist you in releasing your magic in a special potion. You are free to walk around and pack a bag of tea before continuing. There is a room set in a forest where you are welcome to lay down on soft grass and watch the night sky.

I don’t want to spoil the entire experience; the rest you must discover on your own. The care that went into creating this mini world of The Magicians is clear. It’s as if you’re pulled into the story with everyone. You’ll even get to learn a little bit of magic while you’re there!

The Hall of Magic is open every day until January 29th! Do yourself a favor and catch this before it disappears.

Here is a video from my snapchat story featuring the use of specs!

Photos above, and some below, curtsey of Syfy!

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