Shadowhunters S2E4, Review – Day of Wrath

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In just three episodes there has been numerous losses all around. People, relationships, situations– everything has changed drastically. In a short time, we’ve watched our favorite characters adapt to their new situation so quickly they have no time to think. Tonight is no different.

I mention Alec a lot regarding dynamic character changes. Seeing him giddy and excited while talking to Magnus, reminding him of their date that never happened, is surreal when he was just giving Clary the silent treatment. He’s going through a rapid change where he can now live for himself instead of his parents or the Clave. At a first glance, he seems to be handling it well, but his sour mood returns the moment the pressure is on, which proves he can’t exactly get away from his old habits. Despite this, I’m proud of Alec for taking Clary along with Isabelle when a mission comes along. Instead of throwing a tantrum and refusing Clary’s help, he utilizes her strengths.

Clary needs a supplemental crash course in Shadowhunter 101 with Valentine on the prowl. Getting practical experience is necessary if she wants to grow and develop as a Shadowhunter. Alec shines as a teacher; he even seems excited to show Clary how to track down a Mundane-killing demon. After all, she’ll need it if she’s heading to Idris.

With all her relationships turning upside down, of course Jocelyn would order to be relocated to Idris. The problem is Jocelyn wants Clary to come with her to show her where she came from. This would mean she could start new and get away from Valentine’s watchful eye; it’s very tempting but she’d be leaving behind a lot.

Number one on her mind is Jace. He’s currently locked up in an underground prison, ready to pay for his mistakes. Clary visits him right away; she feels responsible for his imprisonment and asks how she can help. Jace makes it clear: don’t come back and stay far away. Clary is his weakness, one Valentine can use against him. It sounds like them being siblings has done little to quell Jace’s love for Clary and he’s trying to stop himself.

Despite Jace being imprisoned, Aldertree’s focus is still on finding Camille. Is there a link between Valentine and Camille? It’s never mentioned as he drags Raphael into his office and tortures it out of him. Aldertree knows torture is against the Accords, but merely calls it motivation before continuing. What is Aldertree’s goal? It seems so far from stopping Valentine you have to wonder what he’s aiming for.

No matter what is the goal is, Raphael is caught in the middle. He’s burned across his face and left to suffer as he seeks out Magnus’ help to heal. Aldertree demanded Raphael bring Camille to him within 12 hours, or his whole clan will burn with him. It’s a substantial threat, and is practically impossible to complete until Simon enters just as frantic. Then it all comes together– the mysterious box Simon can’t open has Camille’s grave dirt, so she can easily be summoned!

Except… Camille is someone special to Magnus. She was there at his lowest point, and capturing her to send her to her death is a massive betrayal. It’s a difficult choice, as Magnus admits Camille hasn’t been herself the past two hundred years and letting a vampire run around killing Mundanes helps no one. It’s a painful choice, but after sending Simon and Raphael away on a fool’s mission he summons Camille and delivers her to the Clave. To see Magnus torn up like that is painful, but he did what he felt he had to do.

Compared to what the Shadowhunters are going through, sending Camille to the Clave was a piece of cake. The demon the Institute is after is a demon of possession, using its hosts to rip hearts out of its victim’s chest. If that alone isn’t terrifying, it manages to get inside the Institute and start possessing different Shadowhunters to kill others and steal their heart as well. It’s clear this demon is a Valentine experiment; it can cloak its presence to make it through the Institute wards and immediately causes havoc. What’s even worse? Aldertree can’t be contacted due to Jace’s trial.

It seems like perfect timing– seemingly undetectable demon running through the Institute and killing highly capable Shadowhunters while Aldertree tends to Jace’s trial. It couldn’t be a distraction, right?

While everyone is on high alert, Clary comes to the realization that she doesn’t want to go to Idris, but instead wants to stay in New York with her friends. There isn’t anyone in Idris who can teach her how to fight in five-inch heels, after all. Her mother takes it well, understanding that Clary’s place is in New York and the tension between the two seems to be relaxing. I’m sure it helps Luke is very willing to relocate his life for Jocelyn and will be joining her in Idris as well.

Jace and Aldertree have no idea what is happening above them as they head into questioning. It seems all Aldertree is concerned about is Jace’s love for Clary and hardly asks him of his involvement with Valentine. In the end, Aldertree commits to having Jace imprisoned for life, but how long will that last? After the trial, it becomes apparent that Valentine is cutting his way through the prison to Jace’s cell. He acts as a loving father, willing to free Jace, but his son refuses, and the battle is on. He admits to letting a demon lose in the Institute as a distraction to save Jace, but his sincerity is, of course, fake. Angry, Jace manages to free himself and take on Valentine’s men. Noble, but useless, as Valentine escapes with the mortal sword.

Events above in the Institute have gone to hell; the demon can possess indiscriminately, and Jocelyn becomes the latest victim at the hands of Alec. It’s a terrible scene, one Clary stumbles upon as Alec begs for forgiveness. Through her pain, Clary becomes incredibly focused, and after tracking the demon to possessing Isabelle, extracts and kills it. Just as quickly as she kills the demon, the dread of losing her mother weighs down on her, and we’re left wondering where she will go from here?

Seeing Jocelyn’s heart ripped out was brutal, and having Clary be the one to discover her is even worse. However, seeing Clary take charge and act like a Shadowhunter was so worth it! I know she’ll never be back to her cheerful self after seeing her mother killed, but I can only hope Clary will be able to harness her pain into kicking Valentine’s ass.


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