What’s a God to do? #TheLibrarians S3E10 review: And the Wraith of Chaos

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The Librarians: And the Wraith of Chaos

Original air date: January 22nd, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

The showdown between the Librarians and Apep came to head and we learned (much to my relief) that Eve and Flynn used D.O.S.A to get Apep to the Library and to keep the artifacts safe. Iust want to say the scene with D.O.S.A agents loading the Ark of the Covenant into a wooden crate might be my most favorite thing ever. This past week, I was really worried the big reveal was going to be that Eve had turned against Flynn and her friends. When I thought about it, I felt queasy—I really get way too into shows. Her just accepting what General Rockwell had to say seemed so out of character, I thought briefly maybe Eve was possessed by Apep.  This was not the case and all is well with the world. The episode ends with the Librarians deciding only to use magic as a last resort. Apep’s demise took with him the evil he released and the magic from the lay lines. Seems balance is restored.

Wow, the past ten weeks have flown by; how can this be the season finale? Wasn’t it just last week they were all in a cave singing together? I will freely admit, I got a little teary eyed when the Librarians got together to save Flynn and destroy Apep.  They made Apep human– a human that could be sacrificed instead of Flynn for the Eye of Ra. By giving Apep a heart, a soul, and thought, Ezekiel, Jacob and Cassandra showed the role they play in the Library. This episode beautifully tied this season together, coming full circle from the first episode, reiterating that they are stronger working in harmony than any one of them is alone.

That message seems more poignant than ever. There is more than one way to solve a problem. Some may see a problem and are quick to protest, some post memes. Some people don’t see a problem. Some wait and contemplate. Everyone reacts differently when presented a challenge—some react with their hearts, some react with their souls and some rely on thoughtfulness. Seems to me embracing (not judging) our differences allows for a fuller understanding of the situation. What may appear to be chaos is really a pattern we were not fully looking at.

What is truly beautiful about this show is that the characters don’t stagnate; they are constantly growing, learning, and adapting. They have learned over the three seasons to accept and embrace each other’s differences. Flynn is becoming better at leading and teaching; he still has some room to grow—but as Eve stated he learned over the years to be alone, and it will take him some time to learn to be part of a team. I hope Flynn sees now, that there are always options.  Eve is also adapting.  She isn’t pushing them as hard to become their future selves, but instead allowing them to learn to grow in their own way, which has proven to be much more fruitful. I look forward to seeing them become the Librarians of Eve’s vision, but I am more looking forward to see how they get there.

We saw Ezekiel and Cassandra both have possible relationships outside the Library group, which I would like explored more next season. Maybe a return of Cindy and Estrella? Flynn and Eve’s relationship is evolving and I would like to see more of them together (I know I was a little angry at Flynn for while—but I’m over it). Jenkins pledged his heart to Charlene, but now that she is gone will we see him take more interest in the world outside the Library?

Now I have months to wonder about next season; I liked the idea of new artifacts being created this season, but will it continue if the lay lines aren’t full of magic? Will next season see a return of them seeking artifacts that are well known through mythology? What or who will be the big bad of next season? Why do I have to wait so long?

Finally, why can’t there be more shows as spectacular as this one?

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