“If only you knew it, you are in luck not to have a heart.” #EmeraldCity S1E4 review: Science and Magic

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Emerald City: Science and Magic

Original air date: January 20th, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Photo from the episode “Science and Magic”

Science and magic. Heart and brain. Nun and whore. This episode is rife with warring dichotomies. Anna tells the Wizard (and us) that this Beast Forever will come from the sky and have a heart and a brain—this could be Dorothy and Lucas, but maybe this means opposing forces will tear Oz apart.

The Wizard is in the middle of the science versus magic issue. As the power-that-be, he believes science is supreme over magic. If anyone disagrees, he burns their village, threatens their children, or throws them in a magic prison. I am glad that he pulled Anna out of detainment and put her to work instead of killing her. When she inspects the possible magic portal the guards found in Nimbo, why the heck did she touch it?  Something tells me (like, every other show ever) that if this is magic, something is up with Anna. I feel there is more to Nimbo than we have seen; it was where Dorothy found Lucas and now we meet an Alderman that is very pro-magic (until his daughter is threatened) and he also seems pro-Beast Forever. A purging cleanse is right up his alley.

Photo from the episode “Science and Magic”

Lucas’ struggle is within. He seems torn between knowing who he was while clinging to who he is. The one thing he is clear on is keeping Dorothy on track and safe from the Wizard’s guard. Dorothy, meanwhile, does her best to get caught. I want give some advice for characters on the run: act natural. Don’t slink around all suspicious-like, looking like you just stole the Wizard’s wig. Blend in, maybe sit at a table looking bored or caring for the child with you. Speaking of—what’s up with Medusa Jr. (Sylvie)? Is she a witch? Is she cursed? Does she have something to do with the Beast?

Dorothy escapes the clutches of the Wizard’s guard only to be knocked out by Ojo (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson), the Munchkin that showed her the yellow brick road. My guess is that he thinks she can help him free his wife from the Prison of Abject. I wonder is his wife is the one that controlled the giants for the Wizard? Maybe he just changed his mind and decided to kill Dorothy like he wanted to in the first episode.

Sticking to the episode’s theme, we have Jack. He is in the middle of a good news/bad news situation. Good news: he’s alive. Bad news: he is now more “tin” than man. He accepts Jane and what she did, just in time to get sold (or given?) to Lady Ev. I am extremely curious to see what is going to happen to Jack– and if he and Tip will meet again.

Photo from the episode “Science and Magic”

Tip! He is my favorite character. He is given two choices from Glinda and West; he can be a nun with Glinda or a whore with West. Tip doesn’t accept this false binary and opts for a third option—he wants West’s magic. Seeing West “glamour” herself to look like someone else, I assume he wants to do the same thing. Tip doesn’t accept how things are and is actively trying to change his situation. I hope this serves him well and gets him back to how he wants to be.

I wanted the two to meet, but West making Tip work for her was my big fear. Does West know what is up with Tip? Is that why she is trying so hard to get him to come with her? I feel she should be able to see Tip’s past and even that he is the rightful leader of Oz. If she doesn’t, is that because Mombi placed another type of spell on Tip, in case this sort of thing happened?

Glinda—I still don’t trust her. In the Oz books, the girls she trains are soldiers; they are her army. It makes me wonder if the council she provides the Wizard and the others she train are just waiting to stage a coup. I want to know what Glinda’s motivations are; is she content to be at the side lines? Does she want to rule Oz? Or does she want to bring balance back to Oz?

Photo from the episode “Science and Magic”

I also wonder if Anna was sent to aid and seduce the Wizard on Glinda’s orders. Anna seems to know exactly how to manipulate the Wizard. Even her challenging him seems to be a ploy to make him trust her and confide in her. He has already told her he didn’t control the giants. She stated the Beast would use secrets to topple him—maybe she was telling him her plan. Maybe I am giving Glinda too much credit; maybe there aren’t any Machiavellian schemes up her sleeves—I’m just saying if I was the Wizard, I would watch my back.

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