Teen Wolf S6E8, Review – Blitzkrieg

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Mieczyslaw Stilinski. That’s Stiles’ real name, Mieczyslaw Stilinski. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We don’t find out this much sought after information until the end. This whole episode is a rollercoaster of emotion with important dialog from the Sheriff as he breaks down his reality.

Before any of this happens, we dive into more of Mr. Douglas’ back-story. By now we know he’s the real villain of the story. Since WWII he has been on the search for the Ghost Riders to harness their power. His flashback shows us he was an officer of the Nazi party, killing anyone who laughed at his plans but it’s Theo who fills in the holes.  At the Sheriff station, while Liam, Mason, and Hayden reel from the loss of Corey, Theo sits in a cell taunting them with more information. He’ll talk as long as they destroy Kira’s sword.

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You’d think that this is a no-brainer– there’s no way they’re breaking Kira’s sword. You’d be wrong, of course, because Liam is incapable of well thought out plans. He breaks the sword to Hayden’s dismay, and Theo spills the beans. Mr. Douglas is a Löwenmensch, part lion/part wolf, who has been after the Ghost Rider’s power for years. He turned to the dread doctors to get stronger and while he was tortured, he did get what he wanted. Now that Mr. Douglas is back, he can create his personal supernatural army through the Ghost Rider’s power.

The story now starts to come together: both Mr. Douglas and Scott’s pack are looking for the entrance to where the Ghost Riders appear. When Scott, Lydia, and Malia locate it in an underground tunnel, it’s clear anyone who pushes past it will be burned alive.

Mr. Douglas knows this from personal experience, but he has a plan. He needs someone who won’t be burned through the barrier. Parrish is the first one to come to mind. Tracking down Chris and Melissa to lead him to Parrish is almost as easy as threatening them to give in. Their entire exchange I held my breath, hoping he wouldn’t kill either of them when they got to Parrish. Mr. Douglas has waited long enough to get what he wants; two humans won’t stand in his way. Not even Chris’ shotgun is sufficient to take Mr. Douglas down. With the Ghost Rider’s whip, both Chris and Melissa are taken from this world and sent to the other side. Thankfully they weren’t killed, but we know Scott will be feeling their loss later.

Preoccupied with finding their way to Stiles, Scott doesn’t have a clue what has happened to his mother and Chris. He has a plan after all; once they make it through the portal, Scott will give Stiles the bite and bring him back. Peter is eager for Stiles to get the bite, but he’s the only one who feels that way. Truth be told, Peter would rather outright leave Beacon Hills and save their skins than worry about anyone else. It’s disappointing to hear, but it’s Peter, so not at all surprising.

When the trio finds the portal, they’re not alone. Mr. Douglas comes along fairly quickly with Parrish by his side.

The Ghost Riders aren’t too far away either, in fact, most of them are at the Sheriff’s station taking everyone away. I’m surprised at how much of a fight Liam and Hayden put up when Mason is taken away. They manage to knock one to the ground and get a few good hits, but it’s obvious they are overwhelmed. Once Hayden is captured, she encourages Liam to run to Scott and tell him of Mr. Douglas’ history.

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Liam gets to Scott’s side just in time for Mr. Douglas to try and charm his way into working with Scott. It could’ve worked– Scott desperately seeks the best in people, so why not Mr. Douglas? Liam’s warning works well enough, and there is a brief showdown between Scott and Mr. Douglas. The Löwenmensch has the upper hand with the Ghost Rider whip and pushes Scott back so Parrish can open the portal for them both.

The moment the two are through the portal, the Ghost Riders appear and go after Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Liam. It’s clear they’re not trying to make them disappear; they want them dead. Two unusual events occur while they’re on the run. For Malia and Scott, Peter sacrifices his freedom so they can run away. But for Lydia and Liam, the Ghost Rider lowers his gun and lets them pass. What gives?!

With all the action going on, the Sheriff has been working on his memory of Stiles in his newly uncovered room. Every scene with him had me on the verge of tears. It’s clear his love for Stiles is strong, as his memories with his son override any memories he had with the stand-in, Claudia. She finally disappears as the Sheriff recites her last day with him and Stiles.

With the pack home, Scott sits in the kitchen, trying to call his mother’s cell over and over. Her line is disconnected. It seems all hope is lost as her loss sits on him heavily. Virtually everyone they know is gone, and those who are left are completely on their own. Or so we think. The Sheriff walks in, announcing he has a son. His name is Mieczyslaw Stilinski, and after reciting a couple of memories, the Sheriff gives the pack one last bit of hope. By remembering Stiles so strongly, he was able to see him. A rift opened up, and he was there, but only for a moment. Is the key to rescuing Stiles remembering him?

The whole Mr. Douglas portion of this plot has been uninteresting to me. Seeing the character development thus far is what is drawing me in. Chris and Melissa’s growing relationship is natural and endearing. Seeing the love the Sheriff has for his family was hard to get through. Right now he’s alone, but so is the rest of the pack. Just when you think the pack hits rock bottom, they keep getting lower.


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