Teen Wolf S6E7, Review – Heartless

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Bad decisions are a common theme in Teen Wolf; no matter how many are made, no one learns from them. Instead, they are repeated over and over until luck kicks in. I don’t expect good choices to be made by teens, but with supportive adults in their life, one would think they’d have enough sense to point out bad ideas.

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Resurrecting Theo? One of the worst ideas anyone could have had next to helping Peter. We just ended a season of why Theo is a terrible guy, and no one should want him back. Malia’s violent beating of him on Scott’s kitchen floor is one of the better ideas, next to killing him; they should go with that instead. Scott, at first, seems in agreement that Theo being back is a bad idea. But Scott is weak, and Liam uses his mistakes as an example of why they should see this one through.

Everyone has made terrible choices, but Scott shouldn’t be guilted into letting Theo live because of it. Well, one mention of Theo helping find Stiles is enough to break Scott down and agree to let him live.

“I can’t lose Stiles.”

Scott’s hurting for his best friend; he’s lost so many people throughout the years, including Stiles, so it’s an easy sell to keep Theo alive. While Malia has been the voice of reason, she doesn’t put up much of a fight when the decision is made to keep Theo for now. Her only consolation is she has another idea to find Stiles; it may not be better, but it isn’t Theo.

It’s Peter. What an even worse choice to help find Stiles! Malia convinces Melissa to help her heal Peter from his wounds, and thankfully Melissa issues plenty of warning. He’s a con man who is only after himself! Malia knows this, but she’s just as desperate as Scott to find Stiles, her anchor. Without much of a deal, they heal Peter and drag him out of the hospital.

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I miss the team ups Scott was able to orchestrate in desperate times. But with his pack so small, and with them all splitting up in different ways to find Stiles, he’s left with little choice on how to proceed. With Liam, Hayden, Mason, Corey, and Theo, the pack decides to utilize a transformer Theo told them of to lure one of the Ghost Riders to a lightning resistant cage in order to capture him. It’s not thought out, and I’m sure it’ll go terribly wrong, but it seems the only way.

Luring the Ghost Rider there is no problem, and while there’s a snag in closing the gates, they manage to get it done. Great. Now What?

All the while Lydia is at home, going over the events in Canaan. I don’t blame her taking it easy: finding out she may be the last one after the wild hunt is enough to leave anyone emotionally exhausted. Even with her mother’s support, it does little to energize her. That’s not the only realization she’s come to after leaving Canaan. Lydia believes Claudia may have been conjured by the Sheriff to fill the void left by Stiles, just like Lenore did with her son Caleb. It’d explain Claudia’s aversion to digging deeper into the Stiles mystery because it’d mean her presence is unneeded.

We’ve seen Claudia shut down any step towards the truth about Stiles just as quickly as it’s been opened. Up until now, the Sheriff has been with her the whole way. That is until he pulls the wallpaper and plaster down to reveal the extra room he had no idea of, one he’s sure is Stiles’. He can’t leave it alone no matter how sternly Claudia tells him to.

The shock is enough to bring Lydia in, revealing that the room was there when they moved in. He and Claudia would have to had known about it as it was on the blueprints. Lydia can see it all; Stiles’ desk, bed, even his investigation boards. She knows this is his room, and the Sheriff knows he had a son.

It’s a lot to take in for the Sheriff, even as Lydia explains her theory she discovered while in Canaan. How could his son have been taken and Claudia be fake? In fear he calls her a deeply disturbed young woman as Lydia insists she’s holding Stiles’ lacrosse jersey.  I’m ready for her to be asked to leave, but instead, she throws it to him, and he catches it. That’s right, the Sheriff caught Stiles’ jersey, it’s real! His son is real!

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There’s been a breakthrough, but, dealing with the Ghost Riders is proving to be more complicated. Malia’s plan is to bring Peter to the spot Scott and herself found him locate the portal to the train station. He declares it impossible to go back; she shouldn’t care so much about some human and to let it go. Malia reminds him he came through immense fire to make sure the pack remembered Stiles, which means he cares for the same human as well.

Peter’s all full of love tonight, as once the Ghost Riders make an appearance he forces Malia to run away and stay as a distraction. Lucky for him, they stop short of recapturing him and ride off in a different direction. Peter can’t die as a hero just yet; he may be roped into helping Scott soon enough.

The plan to capture the Ghost Rider is going terrible; they can’t communicate with him and they are sure more will be coming to assist him. Mason realizes Parrish can speak with the Ghost Riders, and without hesitation, he comes in to do just that. In case you thought the McCall pack had hit rock bottom, you are wrong. While Parrish can communicate with the Ghost Rider, his answer is incredibly vague.  

“We are the wild hunt; we are forever. Those who hunt with us hunt forever.”

Not only that, the Ghost Rider manages to get Parrish into Hellhound mode and nearly frees him! Things only get worse from here, as Scott and Liam stronghold Parrish out of the area, Mr. Douglas steps in to approach the Ghost Rider. Full accent on, he grabs Theo with his claws and forces him to break the mountain ash so he could take a bite out of the horseman.

A literal bite, just like the victims we’ve seen with crushed skulls. The Ghost Rider fights back, but it means little to Mr. Douglas! Once he has his snack, he takes his leave. Unfortunately, he’s not done. His parting gift is using the Ghost Rider’s whip to grab Corey by the neck and force him to disappear.

Things are bad for Scott’s pack. While they’ve been struggling to fend off Ghost Riders, the real threat is Mr. Douglas. I am not going to rule out Theo and Peter from the threat list as well; one good deed does not erase prior infractions. Without a breakthrough, I can’t imagine Scott’s pack making it out of this one.


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