Shadowhunters S2E2, Review – A Door Into The Dark

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No one is catching a break while Valentine strengthens his Shadowhunter army. The Institute is concerned, but Jace’s capture remains priority number one. Only a handful of people seem to care about Jace’s well-being, and none of them can get along.

Jace is not in a great place emotionally. It seemed as if he was playing into Valentine’s hand, but it’s quickly revealed this isn’t the case. Jace knows he was goaded into killing Maria, but Valentine is not phased and insists it’s for the best. The Clave’s rules aren’t rough enough on those who’ve broken the accords.

Valentine is out of control, and Jace seems incredibly passive as a prisoner on his boat while Valentine’s army increases. It isn’t clear if he’s aware Valentine is kidnapping Mundanes from fight clubs and dojos to add to his army. What’s clear is Jace is free to walk around, talk to those new recruits, and does little to stop them.

On the flipside, we have Clary who is anything but passive. She’s aggressively upset with Jocelyn for trying to kill Jace– with good reason. Clary now knows most of her life has been a lie, one created by Jocelyn to give her a normal life. There are a lot more secrets that are still hidden that Jocelyn won’t reveal. How is Clary suppose to trust her mother when she won’t be open?

Bless Simon’s heart for being the realist through Clary’s breakdown. His world has fallen apart, and he still wants to support Clary by reminding her Jocelyn only has her best interest at heart. Not something Clary wants to hear when she’s hurting, but she needs to.

Emotions are high at the Institute as Clary can’t talk to Alec as she once did. He’s hurting without his Parabatai, regressing to his unthoughtful self as he unleashes a slew of hurtful half-truths to Clary to push her away. He blames her for Jace’s capture and will not accept her help.

Luckily for Clary, Isabelle has a great head on her shoulders and clears the air between them. She’s there for Clary, lending a shoulder to cry on. Clary and Isabelle have fantastic chemistry together, and with Isabelle’s calm personality she has become an excellent guide for Clary through her toughest times. ¬†Isabelle reminds Clary that being a Shadowhunter is a gift; she should be proud. However, with Valentine on the prowl Clary has to be vigilant as she is a huge target.

Unluckily for Simon, he has no support in his journey as a vampire. He’s so utterly pathetic that even Luke’s wolf pack picks on him. As if things couldn’t get lower for Simon, Rafael shows up and is none too pleased with him. Aldertree interpreted Simon’s lack of vampire information into Rafael being in charge of the den Maria was a part of. The truth is, Camille was Maria’s sire just like Simon. Rafael tasks him with locating Camille and bringing her back to Hotel Dumort, or he can be tortured just as Rafael will be.

Camille is not easy to find, but with Magnus’ help maybe his luck can turn around? They visit one of her many houses and Magnus uses the opportunity to collect art she hadn’t returned to him while Simon looks around the grand house. Simon is terrified; he still views himself as the weak, awkward human he’s always been instead of the powerful vampire he is now. Magnus gently reminds Simon that he is tougher than he looks, hoping to light a fire in him to embrace his powers. Surprisingly, it works! Simon manages to turn a fire-breathing snake away as he explores Camille’s home, winning his first fight! Go Simon!

After the visit, Magnus opens up to Simon on their return to his apartment. Magnus was once in a similar position with no one to teach him how to become a warlock and offers Simon what he never had; guidance. Simon has been pathetic when it comes to being a Downworlder, and with being left on the backburner of everyone’s agenda, he really could use a helping hand.

Simon is the only one facing an uptick in luck, as Valentine’s moves become bolder. With Clary out at the Brooklyn Academy of Art, getting a taste of what could have been, she’s targeted and brought back to Valentine’s boat. While I believe she could have defended herself, it was Dot who dragged her back to the ship, revealing she had been alive this whole time. Dot is one of many Downworlder victims on Valentine’s boat that has been experimented on as evident by her face markings. Resisting Valentine means a fate worse than death; torture.

Jace has no interest in joining Valentine’s army– going out and hunting Downworlders for sport isn’t appealing to him. The fix is simple, with Dot utilizing her magic she’s able to manipulate Clary into believing she sees the future and lets her cry to Jace that Downworlders will destroy their world. It’s up to Jace to prevent this with his demon blood. Valentine knows Jace’s weakness, and it works like a charm.

With that, it seems Jace is lost to his friends for good, but they won’t give up so easily. Despite Jocelyn’s aversion to Jace, she loves Clary and will do anything to get her back. With Luke’s hidden charm, Adamas, they’re able to utilize Alec’s Parabatai bond with Jace. Isabelle’s mask cracks when she realizes she may lose Alec too if he’s pushed too far, but nothing is getting through to her brother.

While Alec reaches out to Jace, Clary has already orchestrated an escape route for them both. She convinces Dot to help them break through Valentine’s barrier and free them from his boat into the open waters, leaving us curious to what will happen next.

Simon is the only person to make it out of this episode with a bright future. While Jace and Clary have made a break for it, their future is still bleak. Being free from Valentine’s ship means nothing when the institute is after them both. Jace’s only allies are his few friends, as even his mother wants nothing to do with him.

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