Sun-tanned Vampires and a Brain-Grape have it in for #TheLibrarians, S3E8 review: And the Eternal Question

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The Librarians: and the Eternal Question

Original air date: January 8th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers

This week we take a break from Apep and deal with some sun-tanned vampires, in an episode directed by Noah Wyle and written by Noble Rodrick and Nicole Ranadiv. The vampires in question are a mostly peaceful bunch that can wander in daylight due to some meteorite infused water. For most of the vamps, running a spa retreat for terminally ill people and living off the land is perfectly wonderful, but a few want more and try to make a meteorite formula that allows them to leave. The Librarians dust the bad vampires and the good ones continue to run the retreat. Most notably Estrella, who offers Cassandra the opportunity for eternal life, instead of dying from her brain tumor. Which leads me to the heart of the story—Cassandra and her tumor.

Cassandra—Wow! So much happened for her. She was about to die from the tumor– she knew it was only a matter of time, but was afraid her “gift” of math would be gone if the tumor was removed. She finally relented and had the surgery and she is now more “gifted” than ever.  I admit the brain tumor weighed heavily in the back of my mind. I was worried this was leading up to her using magic to cure it, or to her sacrificing herself for the Eye of Ra. I am so glad it played out this way instead. This is great; I can’t wait to see Cassandra in action, but what I really want to talk about is her two blossoming relationships.

First, she asked Jenkins out! Um, is it just me or is this shipping random, but awesome. I could see them being a great couple. Sure there is the age difference of a thousand plus years, but does it really matter? (maybe being from L.A. I’m used to seeing bigger age gaps.) Jenkins is Galahad, the virtuous and chaste knight. So, is he really into the whole dating scene?  Jenkins said he swore his heart long ago to someone and she chose another, and I have a couple of theories. First, Galahad was originally Lancelot’s name. He changed it when his son (Galahad) was born. So, Galahad (Jenkins) could be Lancelot and he could be talking about Guinevere. Or, he is just Galahad and the person he is talking about is the Holy Grail, assuming we are going with the theory that the “Grail’ was a person not an object. Whatever the case may be, that could be big obstacle for Jenk-andra (or Cassankins) to overcome.

Cassandra’s other possible love-interest is Estrella—she is only like a hundred years older, so not as big of an age gap. Estrella could be good for Cassandra: she seems Zen enough to maybe balance out Cassandra’s energy. Also, the kiss they shared was such a sweet moment.  I like both options, and I would be happy to see her in either relationship. What really makes me happy is that Cassandra, like Ezekiel, is forming a friendship outside the Library clan. I think it shows growth in character that they are both able and open to it.

Speaking of relationships—Eve and Flynn. I did think it was sweet that Flynn made a romantic getaway for the two of them; and I love that Eve saw through it and knew Flynn was hiding something. I was so proud of Flynn that he was going to tell her about the Eye of Ra, but of course that is when Eve gets the call about Cassandra. So now the question is: will he still tell her? Or will he talk himself out of it? I hope he tells her– I would like to see him implement the change he said he would make a couple episodes back. With only to episodes left, I know things are about to get heavy for the Librarians. I know they will defeat Apep, but how it will it impact all of them? Ugh, now I must wait a whole week until the next episode.

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