Love is in the air for #TheLibrarians S3E7 review: And the Curse of Cindy

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The Librarians: And the Curse of Cindy

Original air date: January 1st, 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Apep and D.O.S.A return this week to cause some big problems for the Librarians, in an episode written by Gareth Roberts (He wrote some of my favorite Doctor Who episodes) and directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado. It all starts with a love potion. See, love potions aren’t really love potions– they are obsession potions. (C’mon folks—Genie in Aladdin told us, magic can’t make people fall in love.) The Librarians think the Clippings Book sent them to a cult that is using a magical artifact, but really it is just little ol’ Cindi—also known as Cindy (before the love potion), and a bottle of some powerful perfume.

The love potion was created by a witch (possessed by Apep) for Cindi when she was voted off a reality show. The witch (Agnes) was a makeup artist for the show, and the question arises as to when did Apep possessed her… and did he interfere with the show or did he jump on an opportunity that presented itself? Also, why is an ancient Egyptian god hanging out around a reality TV show? I mean besides the fact they are pure evil.

The D.O.S.A. agents arrive on scene before the Librarians and fall under Cindi’s spell. They are helping Cindi spread the love by building a missile that will disperse the potion over the entire population. Why is Apep doing all this? Hello—God of Chaos. If the whole world is obsessed with one person, things will get massively chaotic. The last scene shows that Apep’s Sarcophagus is in D.O.S.A.’s possession– do they know what they have? Are they in cahoots with Apep like I said last week?

The best scenes were when some of the Librarians inevitably jumped on the Cindi love train. Both Flynn and Jake were hilarious when they were expressing their love for Cindi. I would have been right alongside Ezekiel filming them: that is pure gold right there.  Ezekiel, though exposed to the potion, is unaffected and Jenkins thinks it’s because he is so self-involved—Jake thinks it is because Ezekiel already was in love with Cindi. Ezekiel watched the show and liked Cindy, and he felt for her when she was voted off.  It is his real connection with her that convinces her to stop with the potion.

Stopping Cindi doesn’t stop Apep, though. He just uses the potion on the body he is possessing and makes D.O.S.A continue launching the missile. So why didn’t he just do that to begin with? The Librarians triumph and Jenkins creates an antidote for the potion so Apep has to leave the body to fight another day.

Okay, brief time-out from the episode. Last week we find out that to use the Eye of Ra there must be a sacrifice.  I assumed that meant Flynn will give up his life; what if to defeat Apep, they must kill the body he is possessing? If this is the case are they going to lure Apep into possessing one of them?

Back to this episode, I will admit that the final scene between Ezekiel and Cindi made me giddy—giddy.  I hope we see more of Cindi. I also thought this was a great way to show growth in Ezekiel; he is doing a lot for other people this season and I like the way he is developing. He still is full of the self-love, but there is now room for others in his life.

By far my favorite scene is when Jenkins doesn’t get the love potion antidote right and Flynn and Jake start getting googly-eyed with each other. They were too funny.  I don’t know if they ad-libbed the comments they made to each other or if they were written, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I imagined a blossoming bromance, the two of them sipping beers and arguing over Corinthian versus Ionic Columns. Yeah—maybe I think about this show too much.  Nah.

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