Flynn’s a little testy in #TheLibrarians S3E6 review: And the Trial of the Triangle

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The Librarians: And the Trial of the Triangle

Original air date: December 25th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers

Alright—this episode—loved it. The cast becoming  characters from Alice in Wonderland (or Through the Looking Glass) was awesome.  Also, it was great to see Flynn return and get the swift kick to the rump that he needed–it was the Christmas miracle.  Noah Wyle not only returns as Flynn, but he also wrote this episode. I tip my hat to him; it had humor and depth—Jonathan Frakes directed and brought to life. I think it is one of the best episodes thus far.

This week Flynn returned, looking for the Eye of Ra. Turns out it is hidden in the Bermuda Triangle. Which (for the show) happens to be a wormhole.  Flynn travels through the wormhole alone, because he is being a punk-ass and goes behind everyone else’s backs. Once there, he finds himself in a Lewis Carroll inspired environment, and must do some self-reflecting before he is worthy of the Eye.

To get the Eye of Ra, Flynn must answer four questions truthfully. The questions:

  • Is he a good teacher?
  • Is he even tempered?
  • Is he a good friend?
  • Is he humble?

Faced with the need for the Eye and the fear of getting lanced, Flynn reveals the truths he has been hiding– even to himself.  He hasn’t been the best teacher or friend to the other Librarians. He hated the way he used to be—insecure and scared. He built up a veneer of bravado to hide the fact that he is on the verge of freaking out at any given moment. Flynn realizes that maybe this is not the best way to approach things. Speaking the truth grants him the Eye of Ra, but to use the Eye a sacrifice must be made—a life must be taken. Flynn is ready to give up his life when the time comes. When he returns to The Library, he apologizes to the others and starts to modify how he interacts with them. Yet, he doesn’t tell them what will be needed to use the Eye of Ra—so how much has Flynn really changed?

The Librarians are in the middle of the ultimate fight between good and evil, and Flynn needs to lay all the cards on the table. I think the others could handle him saying, “Hey, to use this I might die.” This could lead to finding other options, or being prepared to deal with the worse-case scenario. Now, I knew Ra was going to show up in some way: and it makes sense that the Eye of Ra will require a sacrifice.  I mean in most mythology creation is not a gentle process. Ra was killed at the end of each day and traveled through the underworld to be reborn the next morning and to repeat the process. So yes, a death may be required to use the Eye of Ra, and Flynn is willing to be that sacrifice; it doesn’t mean that death will be permanent. I’m just saying.

This week we also got to see a little more of D.O.S.A. and of General Cynthia Rockwell. They know who the Librarians are and interfered as such a little this week. I want to see more. There has been enough build-up– let’s get them to fully interact!  I want to know if D.O.S.A is going to end up helping the Librarians, or are they agents of evil? I mean they could be; that could be why they have been studying the Librarians and trying to stop them.

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