#TheLibrarians S3E5 review: And the Tears of Clown

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The Librarians: And the Tears of a Clown

Original air date: December 18th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers

This week’s episode of The Librarians has Jonathan Frakes in the directing chair and we take a step away from the ancient mythology and look to a more modern mythos. This episode finds the cast trapped in a traveling carnival. Sean Astin and Felicia Day guest star as the evil doctor—no wait—the evil magician and the girl he loves. The episode starts with Jenkins saving Eve, Jake, Ezekiel, and Cassandra from being freak show acts and ends with them returning as clowns to take down a newly created artifact.

Now this isn’t the first time Jonathan Frakes has directed an episode of The Librarians, and usually the episodes are awesome. So maybe I was expecting too much. I’m not saying the episode wasn’t good, it was—I just wanted a little more. I wanted it to be my favorite episode ever.

I feel flashbacks are being overused. We just had an episode last week that relied on flashbacks as the gang regained their memories; to do that again seems repetitive.  Had it been a straightforward timeline, the episode may have worked better. Maybe they could have gone to the carnival undercover as clowns, then get turned into the freak show act, and then end it with Jenkins coming to help them to defeat Kirby.

I say that because it seems a shame the transfiguration of The Librarians and Eve into freak show acts wore off so quickly. Eve’s second head was hilarious– I wish we got to see more of her (I could have seen more of Ezekiel’s abs as well, I won’t lie). Cassandra as a mermaid and Jake as the strong-man were perfect alter-egos. I think it would have been amazing had they stayed transformed and had to fight Kirby (Sean Astin) that way. Maybe I’m saying that because, like most everyone, I hate clowns. Having said that, the cast did make some bad-ass clowns.

Sean Astin did a great job, even if he and Felicia Day seemed a bit under used in the episode. Again, I wanted just a little more. The scenes between the two were great; I guess I just wanted more interaction between their characters and the main cast. To see Kirby toy with The Librarians while he woos the girl could have created more of the scenes I enjoyed. Kirby trying to impress Charlotte (Felicia Day), and keep it together and not show his true colors (you know-that he was cray-cray), were great scenes.

What I did love about this episode was the concept of new artifacts. All the artifacts that The Librarians have searched for so far have been ancient ones. Now that magic has been re-released into the world, new artifacts popping up seems to make sense.  The idea that the Library has a new and very large storage area for new artifacts suggests we will be seeing more of them in future episodes. They probably won’t have the same cool names as the old artifacts—I mean the Squirting Flower of Kirby (That’s what I named it) versus Excalibur… it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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