Teen Wolf S6E5, Review – Radio Silence

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After Stiles’ dramatic departure from Beacon Hills, we haven’t seen or heard much from him aside from his name. It’s about time we got to drop in and see his fate. This episode flowed smoother than previous ones, letting us focus on those taken and the search for Stiles.

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We return to Stiles sitting in a dark, dank, and decrepit train station, and his expression is nothing more than a dead stare. At first glance, he looked like his possessed nogitsune self, but he is just in a comatose state. Actually, most of those around Stiles are in a similar state. When Stiles attempts to find out what is going on, he is given little information. He knows he’s waiting for a train, as is everyone else, but the circumstances make even less sense.

As Stiles investigates his surroundings, most of the inhabitants hardly acknowledge him or seemed concerned for their current predicament. That is until the Ghost Riders show up, riding through the tunnels, and dropping off their latest victims and riding off again. Then it’s back to sitting around, waiting for a train that will never come.

It feels as if Stiles has hit a roadblock…until he finds Peter in a similar state. Further questioning reveals Peter has no memory of arriving or anything beyond waiting for a train. Leave it to Stiles to pry hard enough that Peter snaps out of his stupor and realizes just how strange this all is. The truth is, he has been gone three months and not one person noticed. For good reason! No one wanted Peter around to begin with. At least we know Derek must be living in peace without having Peter on his mind.

With Peter aware of his surroundings, he attempts to help Stiles find a way out but to little avail. The biggest clue comes from a young man who seems to have been in the train station for quite a while. Together they follow the tunnels that the horseman take to enter the station. It leads them to the portal the Ghost Riders utilize to move between worlds, giving the three a way out of the station. Or so we think; as once the young man attempts to use it, he is immediately burned to death. Their one valid escape route will kill them, which destroys any hope either had of escaping. Peter’s anger and despair bubbles up until he lashes out at Stiles. It forces the normally realistic teen to step into Scott’s shoes with unwavering hope that he must escape.


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Back in Beacon Hills, a tow truck brings Lydia’s attention to Stiles’ abandoned jeep in the school’s parking lot. While a mere touch doesn’t bring back Stiles’ memory to her, she is drawn to it. With Scott’s help, she pays off the tow truck driver to buy a little more time as it brings her a step closer to finding Stiles.
For Stiles, Peter’s outburst does little to dampen his drive to escape from the train station. Which is great for both of them as he discovers a link: a ham radio that may be able to reach out to Lydia, Malia, and Scott. Maybe he got his hunch from ‘Stranger Things’, but the connection between himself and friends is very real. So far we’ve watched as Lydia presses forward, discovering the jeep just in time to open that connection between their worlds. She may see it as clues to a person who is becoming very real for her, but Malia and Scott are far more skeptical and don’t quite support her.

After searching Stiles’ jeep, the registration is found linking the jeep to the Stilinski’s. Lydia’s meeting with the Sheriff and Claudia gives her vague answers; the beat up jeep was Claudia’s in high school, but stolen not too soon after. The conversation doesn’t go very far and is quickly shut down to Lydia’s dismay. As she faces a breakdown, Stiles is dealing with a similar disappointment as the Ghost Riders have destroyed the radio, successfully cutting off his only option to contact his friends. The parallels between the two presents a strong link that brings Lydia and Stiles together. Similarly, Claudia and the Ghost Riders seem to know just when to build up walls between their worlds to prevent either person from digging too far.


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Surprisingly, despite the setbacks, the push to make their way out of the holding pattern in the train station is initiated by Peter. At first, it seems entirely selfish and typical as in Peter fashion he only wants to save himself. Yet, with gentle prodding from Stiles, his goals become clearer. Peter knows if nothing is done, Beacon Hills will be wiped clean. Furthermore, Malia’s well-being seems to be of great concern for him. This suddenly caring Peter is frustrating and still has me suspicious of his true motives. But he’s all Stiles has to make it home, leaving little choice but to believe him. For now. Off Peter goes, attempting to jump through the same portal the young man tries earlier. While for Peter, being a wolf helps him get through to Beacon Hills, but he is left charred and just as injured when he was first introduced.

It’s a price he pays to get the information across to Malia and Scott– both who do not recognize him right away, but once they do they help him. After all the pain he has put them through, I can’t imagine why Malia of all people would be so willing to ease his suffering. They’re rewarded with the keys to Stiles’ jeep, a surprise to everyone when Peter was staunch on his stance that he would not help Stiles get out.

With Stiles’ keys in hand, Lydia starts up the jeep with Scott by her side. They seem to know what they’re doing, without knowing why. It’s enough to get a connection sparked between Stiles and themselves as his voice suddenly comes across the police scanner. It’s an odd reunion– Lydia and Scott do not really know Stiles, but not knowing the specifics seems to give Stiles comfort. How much Lydia remembers is still hazy, even if she can repeat his last words, we do not know how much of Stiles she truly remembers. Before the radio cuts out, Stiles leave the duo with a parting clue; find Canaan.

It was fun having Stiles’ back and seeing his connection with Lydia flourish makes his absence all the more painful. It’s become obvious that Beacon Hills is next on the list of towns about to go missing. Finding Canaan may not help find Stiles, but it could help stop the Ghost Riders from taking others.

Having Peter try his hand at redemption is too little too late for me. He has burned every person who has shown him one ounce of compassion, and helping the McCall pack by delivering Stiles’ keys is hardly enough to make up for it. I had hoped Scott would hold strong, but it’s in his nature to help. I would have preferred to let Peter pass on there, but knowing him, he will live to see another day.


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